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    Hello everyone!
    I just moved in with my boyfriend and have a good deal of stuff to go through. He also has a good deal of stuff to go through and we are combining our stuff to fit into (mostly) our bedroom. The room fits our queen bed, two full sized standard bookshelves, and the built in closet. The rest will have to be magically tetris-ed into the remaining spaces (e.g., above the bookshelves). The remainder of the house is shared with 3 more people (so 5 of us total) in a family style community of sorts.
    What i’m wondering is this:
    Do you guys have any good tips for combining belongings with others?
    Or combination storage solutions?
    How fast should I get through all my boxes of stuff (sentimental included)?
    What do I do if clutter becomes of problem with my boyfriend (his clutter, not mine)?

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    While before combining your space or stuff with others it is very essential to know them and their nature.Some people don’t like to be in a place where they have to share something.

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    Alexandria Friedman

    I think it depends on the item itself. Some things like collections need their own space; my boyfriend is a big toy collector and he won’t let me mix my stuff with his displays, and I don’t think that would work too well anyway! I think the first thing to do is look at what each of you have and see which of them can safely be stored or displayed near each other, and then figure out what you might want to get rid of after that.

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    Personally I can’t do clutter and thankfully neither can my husband. It can be hard when you are not on the same page. That being said I would prioritize your items and display the items that are most important and that fit. The rest you can toss, donate, or put in storage.

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