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    There is one task that I find more daunting than the others when it comes to cleaning up my on-line life: accounts. It can be very difficult to find information and facebook is one such example so why not collect links and comments on what we find? I’ll go first.


    Kindly borrowed from the discussion on Facebook earlier in the forum (thank you, thank you, thank you! Had some gaming accounts to Farmville but some of them got deleted by FB and I didn’t want to play daily anymore so out the rest go too):


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    [b]Google Accounts


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    I have one at UK/Ireland but I’m sure it works about the same for the other local versions of Yahoo, as well. Please not that also Yahoo is complex in that it is not just the email account you might delete but a bunch of others.


    Follow the link “Account deletion page” and act accordingly.

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    Go to Tools, then Delete site. Choose “Permanently delete the blog name and all content”.

    This will delete the blog but your WordPress account will never be deleted. Nobody else can use it though so that is a perk, I guess. (I still think it sucks that you have no power over these things unless you read the fine print and chose not to start up an account in the first place. I will use my magnifying glass a lot better and more often from now on.)

    Before you click the confirm link in the email from WordPress, check how you leave your Gravatar profile. I have chosen to hide my profiles before deleting finally so there is no permanent information out there.

    Go to Users > My profile and click on “my profile” in the text. Then “Hide profile”. Only after this I have clicked the delete link in the email. I can still log in after this but instead of the Dashboard stuff there is a text “Register a blog”. Only if I clear all history, including cookies etc., can I log out however. Otherwise it leaves me logged in even after having quit firefox and restarted it. A bit odd I must say.

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    Closing and/or deleting accounts


    I just noticed that you can delete only your Flickr account, then start over with your old yahoo ID. I first deleted everything on Flickr, then my yahoo account. Hopefully this “double-erased” everything.

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    Go to edit profile, then click Inactivate. This one was easier than many others.

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    Closing and/or deleting accounts

    Thanks for reminding me I needed to close a 2006 blog that i keep getting spam from!

    Log into your blogger dashboard

    On the Manage Blogs panel where your blog is listed, click on the Settings button.

    Once you are taken to the settings panel, there is a tab that says either Basic, and directly under that button in the list is a section that says Blog Tools.
    To the right of that is 3 links Import Blog – Export Blog – Delete Blog.

    Click the link that says Delete Blog.

    I think it asks you to confirm that is what you want to do
    (thanks to Whimisical http://www.google.com/support/forum/p/blogger/thread?tid=23656a19f14bbfff&hl=en)

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    Closing and/or deleting accounts

    Resurrecting this for personal purposes. Another WordPress blog plus Gmail account going down… Maybe I can encourage others to clean up their online lives, too? 😀

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    Closing and/or deleting accounts


    Hover on account avatar > Account status > Delete account

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