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    I try to document nearly everything. Since my job is an ADD dream job, and I am on no less then 10 different projects at a time, I benefit from the wonder of technology to conveniently store all my data.

    I am curious how other capture their meeting notes to reference later.

    right now I use just a txt file in a “meeting notes” folder. (I use Google desktop for searching.

    I don’t have Microsoft Onenote, but I use Outlook Tasks for all my jobs. It doesn’t quite fit the meeting notes idea though.

    Any suggestions?

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    Capturing Meeting Notes.

    I can’t wait to hear what others do. Frequently, we end up mapping out something on the white board, then, since none of us want to rewrite it, we take a photo of it. It’s not the best.

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    Capturing Meeting Notes.

    I use the picture of the Whiteboard all the time. I would save recordings too. However, it would be an incredible breach of security.

    Since most of this is just for my own documentation, I really didn’t even consider the email idea (I could just email it to myself.) However, I feel it is just as efficient with Outlook Tasks.

    A set format of meeting content like trilli suggested is pretty sweet idea.

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    Capturing Meeting Notes.

    What I do for important notes, is I scan them and put them in the computer folder for that particular project, usually in a subfolder called Basis. Although scanning your notes is an extra work step, it gets rid of paper files, and it’s important to have records for other people who work on the project, or may have to follow your trail long after you’ve moved on to other projects or companies.

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    Capturing Meeting Notes.

    funny that you bring this up, this week we could try our new service

    paper,pen and phone

    it is so super cool, you write down your notes and once finish you take the little tag, swipe over the send mark and you have everything in the web portal
    from there you can process it further, text recognition, re-send etc.

    works like a charm


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    Capturing Meeting Notes.

    I take a photo if all notes are legible on a whiteboard 🙂 Even my own paper notes, I photo and scan to Evernote on my iPhone and send out that way. Works great.

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    Capturing Meeting Notes.

    Try Zim desktop wiki. Free, cross-platform, simple and incredibly flexible. Everything is stored in text files so no worries about data portability.


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    Capturing Meeting Notes.

    Hi, I’m Lauren from Springad. Notetaking in Springpad is really easy. All of the notes you enter are automatically synced between the web app and iPhone app; and what’s really great from an organizational point of view is that the note can be then be added to any Springpad app, list, and/or shared.

    Springpad is a free web application that helps people quickly save anything they want to remember, and access it from anywhere (ideas, notes, recipes, books, restaurants, wine, etc. We just launched a new web site and an iphone app last week, so you can capture and save anything—notes, recipes, shopping lists, books, movies and more. All feedback is welcome. We want to hear from you. http://springpadit.com

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    Capturing Meeting Notes.

    We use a webcam on our whiteboards as often as possible, even if we may never need it. Getting in the habit of setting it up for any mtg encourages us (a) to get discussions on the wall and (b) get it down to disk to encourage referring back to them.

    I also use Outlook Journal religiously. Auto time-stamp, auto category, rich text edit, easy to forward to the other people in the mtg, etc. And since I’m in Outlook all day anyway, I’ve found the Journal is easier than yet another app. Although MindMap does look slick…

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    Capturing Meeting Notes.

    I hate paper!!!

    However nothing seems to be faster at recording notes than paper and pen. Not to mention the freedom to draw pictures and arrows.

    So for every meeting I grab printer paper. I write the meeting name and date at the top, then take notes. At then end I snap a photo with evernote on my iphone. Not only does that duplicate my data on every device I own, but it also captures the time and location of the meeting.

    My notes are duplicated on every computer, and device and I don’t have to carry them around.

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    Capturing Meeting Notes.

    Some great ideas here. Especially if you can control the software that is installed on your computer. I cannot install software at work, so this get a little harder. I am supposed to be getting OneNote later this month (been waiting since April). Hopefully that will change my note taking process.

    Thanks for the great ideas. Especially the ones about the pictures.

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    Capturing Meeting Notes.

    After some time, I have found that Tomboy notes works the best. With the dynamic linking, and great search feature it seems to work the best for integration with both projects, personal notes, reminders, and meetings.

    Tomboy allows me to sync to the web, more specifically my Ubuntu-One share. I used to use both Dropbox, and Evernote, (still do all the time) but our work firewall is increasingly strict. Since I work and play across multiple computers, and operating systems, this has worked out the best. It’s like a personal wiki that follows me around.

    I must add however that I tag the notes, as well as indicating which project it is related to.
    Additionally, if there are any files or data other then unformatted text that needs to be captured, I still must add it to my Outlook Task (for work, Evernote for everything else) by hand. Keeping track of that is as easy as Wiki-Tagging “[_] Added to Outlook?” so at the end of the day (or week) I just right-click the “[_] Added to Outlook?” note, and select “what links here.” I put an X in when it’s entered.

    I like OneNote, but it’s not an option. I STILL write all kinds of things down. Plus take pictures. But for speed, search-ability, and syncing, I use Tomboy notes. ZimWiki looks really cool, but the work stuff needs to be encrypted. Without getting into it, it doesn’t play well with PGP. I once used my own home wiki for a while. But had to stop for the same reason. Outlook Journal works well, but I don’t like putting too much personal information in the company Exchange server, nor can I access it from anywhere.

    I should mention, that I also shamelessly use AutoHotkey in Windows and AutoKey in Linux for shortcuts, text expansion and quick pick menus. This keeps the tags, frequently used lists and formatting all the same.

    Thank you so much everyone.

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