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    Whoops – late start on ATAD September…Here you go and welcome to the thread. I agree that too much available storage can foster clutter.

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    Out perfectly good leather flats that now hurt my feet. I kept saving them just in case, but the reality is that my feet are a different shape now I am older…I will never be able to wear these for more than 5 minutes. On to someone who can use them. Two more pairs in the closet with the same issue. I need to steel myself to just get rid of them.

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    I was rooting around in my drawers on Wednesday and found two pairs of lightweight beige slacks that I never wore (I know this because the legs are about 3 inches too long) and that I had had for a long time (I know this because one pair is very large in the waist). I’ll take them to the Salvation Army this afternoon.

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