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    Just getting things ready for November uncluttering.

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    Wow – November all ready???? 3 paper bags of miscellaneous stuff for Goodwill (including about 6 bubblegum paperbacks.) Where does it all come from???

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    Not only is it November, but we’re a third of the way through!

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    well, I took a clock down to the Salvation Army Thrift Shop and I bought a sweater there. I tried to buy a shirt as well but discovered just in time that it was ripped from shoulder seam to armhole. So I still don’t have any new shirts (sigh). All the places that sold ladies shirts either have gone out of business or don’t have them any more. Even the mountain equipment-type shops don’t have the, just women’s blouses. My plans to unclutter by making quilts with my leftover fabric is on hold. My sewing machine has stooped working. I cleaned about 25-years worth of fuzz out of it but it still doesn’t work. I will have to take it to the repair shop. This was not a good month for uncluttering..

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