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    Since the website change, the ATAD thread seems to have fallen off the wayside. I initially joined unclutterer for this, I love the people who post here, and it keeps me accountable. So even though its mid-May, I’m bringing it back.

    Out today: Letter to bank
    Partial out: Internet connection USB (must transfer ownership independently)

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    Good for you to step out and bring it back. I miss it, too. I haven’t posted before but here it goes!

    Out: Dropped off 2 Xbox games at UPS for Amazon Trade-in account credit.

    I guess that wasn’t so hard after all.

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    A book into the donation bag …

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    One huge bag of assorted things to mom’s handyman, including:
    – Packet of construction paper
    – Large ziplock bag of chalk
    – Free 12 pack of color pencils
    – Tissue box holder (a box to hold a box- save me!)
    – Some assorted jewelry
    I’m sure there were other things, but I can’t remember them. Mom has also agreed to let the stash of paper and plastic bags go, so one large paper bag out. We’re really on the right track as a family to unclutter right now!

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    Sash – I like to keep plastic bags, too. My husband sneaks (or should I say takes them out without me nagging him!) them out to the garbage every so often.

    We’ve been uncluttering for about a year thanks to this website which keeps me motivated. A neighborhood yard sale is coming up this weekend; I’ll be interested to see if the attendance numbers are the same as last year’s number (which was quite large).

    To the post office: Professional photos of the kids to their grandparents. That darn box had been sitting on my counter for way too long.

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    I’ve missed atad!

    punch bowl and cups
    2 paper towel holders
    5 pairs pantyhose, never opened
    fleece top
    pair of shoes
    sewing basket
    wooden thing with nails on it to put apples and greenery with a pineapple on top at Christmas. It’s a Williamsburg thing.
    2 sectioned glass bowls
    6 small pyrex bowls

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    Out: a short wave radio my mom and dad bought me when I was 16 years old so I could pick up French Canadian radio stations from Wisconsin. (I was in love with anything French and was learning the language.)

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    Out Let, ATAD stands for….a thing a day.

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    Out: – A broken watch
    – VHS version of Clue

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    A free wedding dress

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    a package of Lapsang Souchong tea. Although I enjoy foods and drinks of all sorts, I’m pretty sure my taste buds could never get used to that smokiness!

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    A package of lapsang souchong tea. I enjoy most food and drink but I doubt my taste buds could get used to that smokiness!

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    Hi, Just jumping in for the first time…. My ATAD is a bankers box full of paperbacks to the local thrift. I have always kept a donate box in the “office” but am now trying to use it daily. Also uncluttered bottom kitchen cabinet of 4 large plastic bowls and 8 placemats.

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    Took four bags of toys and clothes to Goodwill. Earlier this week I freecycled four metal brackets that I’d bought from Home Depot but never used.

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    I used to be britannia but had to change my name because of the #$^&$^$%^*&^& format change. I had given up on the Forum but have decided to come back because I stopped being an Unclutterer (my head hangs in shame).

    To Salvation Army: 1 cloth bag, 1 bath mat, 2 eyeglasses cases, 2 hand weights,1 change purse, 1 luggage strap, 1 pin cushion, 1 pillow case.

    Lost on vacation in England: 1 pair of prescription glasses (but I managed to buy a pair of 2.5 magnifier glasses that work just as well).

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    Forgot to mention three measuring cups to the Salvation Army.

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