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    OUT: a clipboard
    IN: a cookbook I found in the “exchange” area of the garbage room in my condo
    FOUND: a set of 10 dividers so now I don’t have to buy a set for the new “I’m in control” book I’ve started to take control of my life

    So I guess the count is even for July so far.

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    Week 1 of July almost done. I bought two replacement pot lid knobs to replace the one that melted in my oven and a new watchband to replace the one that broke but I’m not counting those as Clutter. I also bought two 3″ bright orange plastic things to attach to the handles of my suitcase so I can spot it more readily at the baggage claim. I don’t think that qualifies as clutter either (or does it?). So I’m still even IN/OUT for July.

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    OUT: a TV stand/credenza
    RERECYCLED: I turned a pot lid rack into a quilting rulers stand back into a pot lid rack.

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    Banker box full of misc. stuff….from kitchen, clothes closet, bookcases. I have an ongoing “out” box and this one has filled past the limit by the time I got it to Goodwill. Happy to get it out of the house even though I don’t really see it behind the loveseat in the den/dining room. I feel “lighter.”

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    OUT: Nothing (sigh).
    IN: 2 books (which I will give away after I’ve read them). So far this month, it’s 1 OUT, 2 IN. Not good.

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