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    2 big bags of books to Goodwill and large bag of XL clothes to the hospital rehab that I work for part time. We periodically need clothing suitable for clients to wear in the gym and the reality is that most of the therapists/nurses donating are just not the larger sizes needed… so glad I can help, though it would be nice to be a smaller size as well… 🙂 That is another story.

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    OUT: 8 books and 4 DVDs to the Community Centre book sale. I’ve been trying to donate them since Jan. 2 but have been thwarted by a) procrastination, b) a torn ligament in my left foot and c) insane cold/snow.

    I have been thinking that it’s a pity that we can’t get rid of pounds this way. Imagine just picking off a few pounds and dropping them off at the pounds recycling centre.

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    Omg, declutter pounds would be great! How long has the ATAD project been going on in your lives?

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    Hi Marina, glad to see you working toward your goal of less clutter! I have been slowly uncluttering for the past 5 years or so. On this forum for about a year (first as an observer an now as an active member.) My progress is at times very slow, as I have a sentimental/ what if I need it streak. That is OK with me, I am glad to feel my environment (home and work) slowly become more authentically ME. This has been a process that involves introspection on my part as what I feel, want and need have changed over time. Hope you enjoy your journey to less clutter. Welcome to the site.

    Hi Ottowa, Hope that ligament is healing well. That is a painfully slow process. Glad you are out and about to Community Center.

    Uncluttered a bunch of leftovers into dinner. Not a bad mish mosh. Fridge is more manageable. Next goal it to blitz the p

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    OUT: a pair of pyjamas-bottoms (with hole) and a plug adapter (that fell apart in the mail to me and I didn’t know how to get it back together). The latter was a pity because it was free (from my travel agent) and they cost $20 or so. Now I’ll have to buy one of my own, because I’ve bought a Kindle. I discovered a hole in the other pair of pjs, so I’ll have to buy a new pair (I hate shopping).

    IN: two DVDs, which, having been watched, are in the Going Out pile. So I’m still 12/2014.

    I’ve been giving a lot of thought to my books and I think I’ll sort out the ones I haven’t read lately and will never read again and call in a used book dealer who I saw advertising in the Community Centre’s newsletter. I did visit their shop several times back when I had a car so I know they’re legit and run a quality shop. That will be a big job.

    Day-lily: the foot is okay now – just occasional twinges.

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    OK, I’ve been out shopping (for necessities). IN: two pairs of pyjamas, 2 dish towels, 4 dish clothes and a pair of socks with red maple leaves and “Canada” on them. I’m really excited about the socks. It’s how I express myself.

    OUT: one pair of pyjamas, with hole.

    So, I’ve dropped back to 5/2014. (And I ordered a pair of shoes!) I don’t think it’s supposed to go this way.

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    Hi all (ottawa, daylilly, and Marina so far this year – hope everyone has a wonderful 2014),

    I thought I would join in the ATAD decluttering effort as one of my goals for this year is to be able to move from a 3 bdrm house to a 1 bdrm apartment * if * I get a good job offer to relocate. My pile for January left the house Friday as one of the charity trucks was making the rounds in the neighborhood. I’m not sure if my tally was actually 31 items as I did not count, but it was pretty close. Out: one set nested suitcases, briefcase and gym bag, second suitcase filled with clothes, sleeping bag, and reusable grocery sack of basket, small kitchen items and small electronics.

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    ArJa – Glad to see you. Good luck with the downsizing and job search. I will be excited to follow your progress.

    In – nothing!!, Out – extra flatware (about 20 pieces) – trying to get to a point that we do not have so many dishes piling up because we can just reach in a cupboard or drawer for clean… (DH actually noticed this….but was OK when I explained the purpose.) Will look at china next. It is not that we have too much for the cabinets, rather too much for the dishwasher (mainly me.) 🙂

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