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      Quote from a similar thread I started in January 2016

      ATAD 2016

      Former regular Unclutterer forum participant here. Used to be known as PJ, but because of the forum program/design changeover a while back, my account was lost. So I’m calling myself StillPJ and I’m going to try to get back on track with my decluttering efforts.

      If you’re a new reader, then you’ll need to know how this works … operating on the theory that the best way to eat an elephant is one bite at a time, ATAD means “A Thing A Day.” If your home or your office is cluttered, and you want to see that change, but the task seems too daunting, take heart – just take care of ATAD! And before you know it, your home will be a place of peace and calm. Or at least legitimately a work in progress.

      I only kept up that thread for a couple of weeks before “life” intervened. My dad was ill and ended up hospitalized, then he died in early February 2016. That led to a lot of family busyness for a while. There has been some uncluttering going on since then, just without returning to the forums. I’d like to ramp up my efforts though, so here I am again!

      To kick things off, I’m going to go do a 27 fling boogie, a la Flylady style, and then report back:

      27 fling boogie

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      Ok, quick update:

      Not sure that I quite hit 27 things, but this time around I focused on items for the garbage/recycling. Won’t list them all, but a few examples:

      Paper gathered from various spots around the house – each cluster of paper cleared counting as 1 item
      Clothing tags (from recent thrift store purchases) that had been left sitting on the dresser when clothing went into the wash
      Empty lotion bottle – last little bit emptied out onto my hands!
      Tiny metal dog figurine that broke off a keychain – not repairable
      Purse (originally bought at thrift store, used on and off for 2 years) whose patent leather style handle did not hold up well under more recent daily use
      Packaging from Christmas chocolate just finished up last night
      Leftover rabbit treats, used to catch some abandoned domestic rabbits last summer (rabbits were taken in by a rescue group and re-homed – they didn’t want these “junk food” type rabbit treats!)

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      It’s been a few days since I posted, so I am playing catch-up!

      6 books sorted out from a pile on the end table. 5 in the donation or sell pile, 1 to return to my mother!

      Oh, I have so many books. And spend so little time reading 🙁

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