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      Husband and I are redoing floor and repainting walls of captive bedroom (approx. 11’x 6′)which I use for a home office. Am in mid 60s & had worked full-time, one of those folks who researched and bought the best for my changing interests, also am an information gatherer & have loads of pre-computer era info and books, which I have winnowed over the past 5 years to the creme de la creme. Still, it’s a lot of stuff, expertly packed into this area. Also, please note I have very limited income since retired. It would be prohibitive or impossible for me to replace items (such as large paper cutter, hole puncher for craft books, lovely artists’ paper, one of a kind thrift store unique cut-out book finds for gesso and painting; as one small example) if I wanted to replace them later. On one hand, I can see that my good excuses may be just excuses, which is an issue for another day. I plan to store most of this stuff in my adjacent bedroom. Any suggestions for an orderly moving and indexing process, knowing that most of this stuff will be moved back after renovation? Will welcome all observations. Please note I have read thread here at unclutterer about releasing identities by releasing stuff–my interests change fairly often and many times I return to a prior interest.

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      Any thoughts re: moving/storing during renovation?

      ahhhh, renovations.
      they really require as much work on the inside, as on the outside!
      in mid december we had our entire home tiled, quite quickly, over two weeks, by a team of four.
      we didn’t get a lot of notice that they were coming. we couldn’t move out because i work from home and we have six cats who wouldn’t take kindly to be re-housed temporarily.
      so, we just bit the bullet and moved half the house into the other half….then back again.
      i won’t lie, it was a lot of work. it wasn’t at all rganised or tidy or clean….it was ghastly, but it only took two weeks.
      and it didn’t cost us anything but some sweat and time.

      if you have a while handy room next door….i wouldn’t consider anything BUT moving everything in there.
      as you wish to keep everything, then why not just move one section at a time and put it together exactly as it is in it’s current location?
      this gives you a chance to handle every.single.thing (i think this is a really important step), clean or repair it if neccessary, and generally consider it.
      you get to do this twice….moving out, then moving back in.
      if there is a lot of built-in shelving or other unmoveable, permanent storage, then you will need a heap of moving boxes.
      i don’t think it is massively important to index and label boxes for such a short trip….i wouldn’t waste any time on that.
      i’d rather spend the time just getting down to packing.
      the packing can be a little haphazard….you aren’t moving fragile china dishes across three states, so you won’t need loads of wrapping.

      it sounds like a great project! a fresh look in a room you obviously enjoy spending time in, is going to be lovely!

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      Any thoughts re: moving/storing during renovation?

      Take pix of your work room as it is. If you have room for it in your storage area, pack by area. For example, everything on the desktop goes in the same box. Everything by the printer goes in its own box, etc. Then you simply label boxes by the area/location.

      Another idea is to pack by function, so that all items needed for certain types of tasks are in one box. Larger items, like the paper cutter, could then be stored with the box that they ‘go with’. Pack unfinished projects, along with whatever is needed to finish, in the same box.

      Keep a master list in your computer, and/or in a colorful binder, whichever you’re more likely to grab when you need to find something.

      As bandicoot says, it’s not a long separation! I’d suggest making some clear deadlines for having the boxes unpacked and re-stocked by a certain point, say a week after your renovation is finished. Promise the empty boxes to a good cause, like putting them on Freecycle or CraigsList. Start thinking now that the renovation isn’t complete until everything is unpacked, in its place, and the boxes are gone. Good luck!

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      Any thoughts re: moving/storing during renovation?

      bandicoot and writing all the time,
      Thank you so very much for your helpful suggestions. After talking it over with my husband, we are going to progress over the next few months doing bits and pieces of the renovation. Painting will not happen until we have the full warmth of the spring. I’ll have plenty of time to put your suggestions to work. If possible, I’ll put an update on this thread. 🙂

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      Thanks to everyone for your great ideas. As life would have it, unfortunately for my spouse, but fortunately before I started moving any stuff or my computer setup to the next room, spouse sustained a rotator cuff injury. We are finally through the entire process of surgery, rehab, recovery, etc., so now are back to square one. Hoping to go forward w/ project in 2014. Thanks to Erin Doland, Administrator for finding this thread on old Forum. 🙂

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      Renovation is the best time to de-clutter the home or offices. Before packing process, remove that items which are not in use now. As well pack the items in the organise way so that while unpacking you can unpack your items easily.

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        Packing can be done in efficient ways only if you have reusable bins or storage boxes in which you can place the items and then wrap and pack it.

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      I think the end to the physical remodel MAY be in sight. I have a white magnetic magnet displayed prominently on a metal storage cabinet. In black lettering, it reads: “everything is progress”. Emptied out the room close to a month ago (3 days worth of moving stuff & furniture). The contractors who were to put up ceiling drywall bailed out before arrangements were ever confirmed. We abandoned dry wall of entire ceiling & just corrected one ceiling trouble spot. Have decided to paint entire room in Swiss Coffee, which was purchased yesterday. Paint tomorrow. Trim later in week. To take up rug & do flooring within a week or so.
      Have discovered a few new small ways to organize, store and use space. Unloaded & donated several pounds of stuff. Found that I love the empty room & the easy journey to walk to and look out the window. Will miss that.
      While room is empty am going to do Open Room Exercise, an interesting concept. I plan to carry into room individually some of the larger, pricier craft items & other items & sit with them.

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      Alexandria Friedman

      I don’t know if this will help you at all, but I read a blog post last month when I was planning a couple remodels that might prove useful: http://blog.theshelvingstore.com/2016/08/how-to-stay-organized-during-a-home-remodel.html

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