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    I have been on a mission (due to a health crisis 2 years ago/diagnosed with Celiac’s Disease) to modify my diet to bare essentials. It wasn’t easy initially and I felt REALLY cheated and deprived, however, now it is a breeze because there is SO MUCH at the grocery store that I don’t even have to look at…this makes my shopping trips incredibly quick! No fast food, no processed food. Simple, easy food prep. Thirty-plus symptoms and maladies that I had for 47 years began to disappear within 7 days. For me, it is a win-win situation! πŸ™‚

    Current Food List:

    Fresh, frozen or canned (organic when possible) veggies
    Fresh, frozen or canned (organic when possible) fruit
    Organic chicken, fish or bison
    Olive Oil
    Gluten-Free Flours
    Gluten-Free Tortillas
    Organic Milk and Cheese
    Gluten-Free Condiments
    Green Tea
    Stevia or Izze Carbonated Drinks (occasionally πŸ™‚
    Gluten-Free Ice Cream (also occasionally πŸ™‚
    Dark Chocolate (more than occasionally!!!)

    I thought it would be hard to come up with a varied meal plan (didn’t want salad EVERYDAY), but it has been quite easy.
    Going out is difficult, but not impossible…and we only go to places that we know will take care in the food prep…and they are WONDERFUL about it!

    What have you done to un-clutter your diet? What works, what doesn’t? Why did you do it?

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    An Uncluttered Diet

    I’m trying non-wheat flours and experimenting with them: almond flour, spelt flour, chestnut flour. Do you bake/cook with alternative flours? Any tips or recipes for this newbie?

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    An Uncluttered Diet

    I don’t have any food allergies but in an effort to improve my health (various problems including but not limited to fibro, myofascial pain syndrome, foot issues, depression, anxiety and roseacea) I’ve made some big changes to my diet.

    It’s too soon to tell for sure what impact it’s having but I know I can’t go wrong with eating as many fresh, unprocessed foods etc as possible.

    One thing I discovered that really worked for me was to make a good printable list of foods I CAN have as opposed to only dwelling on the negatives of what I CANNOT have. It has helped immensely in making this transition.

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    An Uncluttered Diet

    I’m getting a book from the library called Crazy, Sexy Diet. I doubt I’ll be able to follow it strictly because I live with a guy who thinks there are only 2 food groups: meat and starch, but I’m going to incorporate as much as I can into my diet.

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    An Uncluttered Diet

    funny, I think I live with that same guy.

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    An Uncluttered Diet

    My DH is very good about eating mostly whole, fresh and unprocessed foods. In fact he grows a lovely garden, includng strawberries, raspberries and currents. πŸ™‚

    One of the blogs is read is Gluten Free Girl, not because I am gluten intolerant, but because she has great views on food and great recipes. Also a wonderful perspective on dealing with a disease that eliminates a whole food group.

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    An Uncluttered Diet

    My favorite bit of diet decluttering lately has been making old-fashioned, steel cut oatmeal for breakfast. It’s relatively cheap, simple and super good for me! Plus, I was never much of a fruit eater before, but after a few days of plain old oatmeal, some strawberries with breakfast look pretty darn tasty.

    For a gluten-free treat, may I suggest your gluten-free bread of choice topped with hazelnut-cocoa spread (also gluten free). I picked this stuff up on accident thinking it was generic Nutella and it’s AMAZING!

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    An Uncluttered Diet

    hey Artgal,
    I’ve tried to limit wheat & dairy, as a homeopath think it’ll help my skin. From choice, I cut out/down on sugar (only homebaked treats – no added sugar, no crisps/soups random items processed with sugar). Then yesterday the acupuncturist suggests no/low alcohol + no squid/calamari/prawns/lobster! I mean, it seems like a lot of ‘no’. But really, when I cook for the family I can make tasty healthy meals that seems ‘normal’ to them! Vegies and meat are good for you and ok to eat (at least at the moment, under the current guidance!). It’s snacks that make it hard – but I learnt to write all the times I’d snack, and had a replacement for each ‘occassion’ (ie home from work, boredom, sweetie after dinner) and find by being prepared with the good stuff, I can tackle this ok.

    I agree, going out is where it falls down, but given none of these things cause great discomfort if I DO eat them, I just go with the flow out, and stay good the other 90% of the time. That being said, I think I’m getting less tolerate of things now that I’ve cut them out (when previously I ate them with no ill effects). Makes me question what my body’s doing that’s for sure!

    Definately up for good recipes, I’ll check out Gluten Free Girl!

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    An Uncluttered Diet

    The best thing I’ve read in regards to food is the following quote by Michael Pollan (author of “In defense of food”.

    “Eat food. Not too much. Mostly plants.” (found here: http://www.nytimes.com/2007/01/28/magazine/28nutritionism.t.html)

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    An Uncluttered Diet

    That’s a great article, Nina. Thanks for posting it.

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    An Uncluttered Diet

    @needtocleanhouse…yes, I use alternative flours…the best baking mix I have found is from Silvana Nardone’s book “Cooking for Isaiah”
    …she also has an excellent blog called Silvana’s Kitchen. I consider her the pro on alternative and gluten-free baking and I follow her tips and tricks religiously (the donuts in the book are AMAZING!!! πŸ™‚

    @ luxcat…GOOD IDEA! I tend to dwell on the “can’t-haves” rather than the “CAN-haves!”

    @JuliaJayne…yup, I have the same guy! But he has been following my diet and feels SO much better than 2 years ago…I started with small changes for him because I knew he couldn’t take an immediate leap…there’s hope! πŸ™‚

    @pkilmain…that is an excellent blog, thanks!

    @ Parsifal…I will be looking for that spread PRONTO!

    @snosie…when I eat out I always google the name of the restaurant and then “gluten-free”…nine times out of ten a gluten-free/allergen-free menu will pop-up. I print it out and take it with me to show the server specifically what I want…this used to make me feel like a pain, but feeling sick for three days after a meal is way-worse! πŸ™‚ Yes, the way it was explained to me was that once you eliminate the toxins that your body has built a resistance to, when you have them again, it reacts quicker to the poison (it’s trying to tell you “HEY, THIS IS BAD!!! πŸ™‚ My tolerance for bad stuff (wheat) was very high two years ago but I was sick all the time, and then WHAM, my body began to shut down rapidly…it’s horrible to get to that point! I am glad that you are sticking with it! πŸ™‚

    @Nina…I LOVE Michael Pollan’s books…thanks for the article!

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    An Uncluttered Diet

    Artgal – I just watched Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead. It was a real eye opener.
    I’m going to turn it on one of these evenings, so the husband can see it.
    It’s on Netflix.

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    An Uncluttered Diet

    i don t like to have breakfast, not at all, but my body needs some energy. the only things that i am not disgusted about before midday are fruits. unfortunately peeling of fruits is quite stressfull if you are tired and not hungry and i found a way to unclutter the breakfast-problem: i buy frozen fruits, already cut and prepared, take a portion out of the freezer in the evening and thats it. i just have to eat in the morning.

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    An Uncluttered Diet

    I’ve been working on a low-carb diet, not that I’ve been strict about it, but it has kept me from gaining a pound in months. Funny how must faster it is to shop! There are whole aisles in the grocery store that I just don’t go down anymore. The chip aisle, the candy aisle, the cereal aisle…I just walk on past.

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    An Uncluttered Diet

    Oh JuliaJayne, yes! My husband and I watched it about a month ago and we did the detox for a week and a mostly veggie/fruit diet since…I’ve lost 15 pounds, he’s lost 20! And we are eating more than ever (just the right stuff!) I didn’t think that when I was watching it that my hubby would have the least bit of interest, but he got hooked on it, watched it, and has started watching his diet (on his own! πŸ™‚ This is a man that drinks cola like water…he’s cut it down to 2 a week! This is a man that had to have meat at every meal…he eats it as a “condiment” 3 times a week. AND FOR THE FIRST TIME EVER IN 25 YEARS OF MARRIAGE…he ate a piece of fish!

    If you get a chance, also watch “Food Matters” (also on Netflix.) What an eye-opener!!!

    @jbeany…Yes, it’s amazing the aisles that I skip at the grocery…AMAZING…and what a time-saver!

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    An Uncluttered Diet

    Artgal – that’s amazing about your husband and gives me hope that I can reach mine, and my son too. He eats way too much fast food.

    I will watch Food Matters. Thanks for the tip.

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    An Uncluttered Diet

    Thank you for the information Artgal!

    Here’s a link to an article on the paleo diet:


    There’s also the blood type book which talks about different foods benefiting or harming different blood types:


    And one for gluten free from a person who also has celiac’s:


    The anti candida food plan devised by a naturalpathic doctor had a wt loss side effect too.

    a bit scattered – in a rush rt now.

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    An Uncluttered Diet

    @needtocleanhouse…I like the looks of that Paleo Diet…Very NIce πŸ™‚ Thanks!

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    An Uncluttered Diet

    Artgal, I watched ‘Food Matters’ last night. Excellent.

    I asked the husband to watch Fat, Sick and Nearly dead so he’d have a better understanding of why I want to go on a vegan diet. He was amazed, and seem motivated, but we’ll see. I seriously doubt he’ll give up meat and cheese. He wants to go on juice fast to drop 25 pounds. I’m sure he can do that much. I’m going to get him to watch Food Matters this weekend because I want him to have more information.

    I decided to follow Dr. McDougall’s 12 day Vegan diet plan from his website to see how it goes. I don’t know if I’ll be a strict vegan, but I’m shooting for at least 80% of my diet to be vegan. I might have the occasional hard boiled egg, maybe an occasional veggie pizza with cheese, and I’m not sure if I can ever give up chicken fajitas from our favorite Mexican restaurant or even the ones I make at home.

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    An Uncluttered Diet

    Hi Julia
    If you husband wants to lose weight I wouldn’t do a fast as it just messes up your metabolism. Your body goes into starvation mode and it will most likely end in gaining weight after the fast is over. I have fasted in the past and was never able to keep the weight off. In the long run if you want to lose weight you need to change your lifestyle (which it seems you are doing).
    I used to be a vegan and one of the things I liked about it most was that it meant I didn’t eat a lot of processed food, as most of that has some form of animal product in it.

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    An Uncluttered Diet

    Why aren’t you a vegan anymore, Nina? I wonder how I’ll be able to keep it up. I can image the people in my life having fits. My mother who is convinced that milk is a miracle elixir, and refuses to believe that if she’d stop drinking so much she’d feel better and her blood sugar levels would be more stable. Oh, and some of my in-laws, and a friend who will probably feel betrayed.

    I don’t know about the metabolism, or how you juiced, but I asked the question and will let you know how they respond. Otherwise you can go to jointhereboot.com and see the programs.

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    An Uncluttered Diet

    I had been a vegetarian for about a year when I became a vegan, mostly because I felt that I didn’t want to support the way animals are treated just so I could have cheese or milk or any other animal product. To be honest I still feel the same now but I just missed things like cheese too much. After several years of being a vegetarian I even started to eat meat and fish again, even though I think I will go back to being a vegetarian. Being a vegan can be done, but when I became a vegan my bf of the time (and some of his friends/family) where also vegan which made it easier. But I for myself decided that, while being mindful of what I eat am ok with eating dairy/eggs and later meat/fish every now and then.

    So what has prompted you to think about becoming a vegan?

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    An Uncluttered Diet

    We dont eat wheat or wheat substitutes but otherwise its the same shopping lists as Artgal.
    Fresh or frozen (home grown) veggies, including potatoes and corn
    Fresh fruit, frozen berries
    Chicken, fish, beef, pork or venison
    Minimally processed dairy (pasteurised, not homogenised, full cream milk), some cheese
    Olive Oil, soy sauce, vinegar, seasonings and spices
    Coffee πŸ˜€

    Basicly, if it comes in a box with an ingredients list or a nutrition panel we dont eat it except for a few minor exceptions

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    An Uncluttered Diet

    @ Nina, I want to eat vegan because I’m sick. I have highish blood pressure, high cholesterol and am pre-diabetic (aka pre-metabolic syndrome). I feel sluggish, have low energy and don’t sleep well. I’ve tried adhering to the typical diet given to me by doctors; it doesn’t work. I’m suppose to be on high cholesterol medication, but statins are scary. The public isn’t being told the truth about the dangers of the drug. When I asked my doctor about statins slowly melting the circulatory system, and the risks of the statins causing peripheral neuropathy, he said the risks of heart attack and stroke outweigh the risks of the drug. He’s right, but I see the effects of long-term statin use on my parents. I don’t want that future. I also want to eat mostly vegan because our medical insurance plan has a high deductible. It pays for a yearly wellness exam, but all the other extra appointments and drugs that are needed for someone who eats the typical American diet has to pay for that themselves. If that’s not enough reason to eat a (mainly) plant-based diet, I’m 51, which means I’m at the tail end of the baby boomer generation. How is this country going to provide medical care for all of us who have abused our bodies? I can guarantee you that we will not receive the extreme, incredibly costly, mostly free health care that my parents are getting now. I want to be that person who goes for their yearly checkup and hears the doctor say “everything looks excellent, you are in great health, see you next year”.

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    An Uncluttered Diet

    @Julia J, sorry to hear about your health problems. I do believe that a mostly plant based diet is the healthiest and that things like meat and dairy (and this in its purest form, so no processed meat (which is amongst the most unhealthy things you can eat) and organic yogurt or cheese as a “treat” and not the main ingredient in your meals. Another thing is portion control. Even as a vegan, if you eat huge plates of pasta or dark chocolate, you will put on weight.
    I’ve been overweight most my adult life and do remember losing a few pounds as a vegan, but even as a vegan you can eat more or less healthy. For me I had to figure out a way to eat healthily that I believe I can stick to for the rest of my life and not just another fad diet that I only manage to follow for a week or two. And from knowing the limitations a vegan diet does pose I think it might be easy to give it up again after just a few weeks if you eat vegan for health reasons.

    If you like I can tell you what I’ve been eating these past 3 months ? I’ve lost almost 18 pounds, I eat when hungry and never feel sluggish at all.

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    An Uncluttered Diet

    Thank you Artgal for beginning this thread and Needtocleanhouse for the links and everyone for their comments! I was diagnosed with Celiac disease and casein intolerance in February. I had been looking forward to feeling better after becoming gluten and dairy free, but it wasn’t happening, partially in part by still having Graves disease but also because I just learned this week I have high Candida/yeast overgrowth and parasites in my intestines (YUCK!). So now I started treatment for that and there is possibly some light at the end of the tunnel!

    Thank you everyone for your perceptions of food and not looking at what you have given up but what you can eat and be healthy with. The celiac and graves made me lose 20 pounds, but I was underweight to begin with and it has been hard to gain it back. Especially since all the foods are lower calorie than dairy and gluten foods are. But I have gained back 10!

    Food Matters was a really interesting documentary and the other one is on my Netflix list!

    The only food I miss is Dubliner cheese. Adding artichoke hearts and sourkrout to pizza and cassaroles has been a cheese replacement for me. Not sure why, but totally delicious!

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    An Uncluttered Diet

    @ Nina. My health problems are my own fault, but there are reversible. My husband and I went to the farmer’s market today; we got a lot of produce, including Door County cherries. Those are now in two half gallon jars steeping in vodka and a little sugar for cherry bounce during the holidays. Mmmm.

    Right now I am educating myself on a vegan diet, and will welcome anything information you would like to share.

    One thing we plan on doing, which is how I got my husband to buy into all of this, was I will make a vegan meal, and also prepare a meat entree for him, and the vegan meal will be his side dishes. He seems fine with that. He is also looking forward to feeling better.

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    An Uncluttered Diet

    Yes Nina, what are you eating?

    JuliaJayne, what information re statins melting the circulatory system? When I have more time I’ll post re my experience with a statin and what others have told me about! Scary is right. And also possibly unhelpful.

    In the meantime here’s a test for thyroid:

    Oops. Couldn’t copy the test; but if you google “symptoms hypothyroidism” you can find information on it. It may apply to you. There seems to be a lot of it around that people/doctors don’t know about.

    Post more on it when I have time.

    MTMgirl!!! How did you find out and what were the symptoms? What kind of treatment? I think I had candida before and “self-cured” using Candex (the BEST and “only” thing that worked and quickly for me – it kills yeast by dissolving their “skin” and has no die off effect) and Theralac, a probiotic. I also saw a naturalpathic doc who developed an anticandida food plan on which i too lost a lot of wt as a side benefit. Sugar (as is also in fruit) feeds candida (and cancer). I was interested learning about parasites too. I’ll post more when I have more time.

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    An Uncluttered Diet

    Here is the long version to your answer, Needtocleanhouse. At risk of TOO-MUCH-INFORMATION, I am having chronic diarrhea since August 2010. I initally thought it was IBS which seems to recur every August, mostly because I start dreading winter. I was being treated for HYPOTHYROIDISM at the time(me being underweight, but I really was hypo), but the diarrhea, anxiety, extreme nervousness, and shaking kept getting worse. So began lots of MD visits and tests which lead to Celiac diagnosis (via biopsy) and casein intolerance. I cleaned up my diet, was treated for Graves disease and anxiety (probably actually Hashimoto’s) but the diarrhea is still not going away. I also tend to be mucous-y in various locations (I am not saying more-TMI).

    My traditional MD wanted to have me have a colonoscopy to see what was going on. I saw my Naturopath and she wanted me to have a stool test for all sorts of things including bacterial infections, gluten, parasites, and yeast/fungi. I did the stool test and it came back positive for yeast/fungi and parasites. The yeast/fungi ranges 0 to 4+ and I came back 4+. That shocked me, prior to going dairy free I ate yogurt daily and replaced it with a probiotic after that. My Naturopath put me on HLC Synbiotic Intensive and and Para-guard. They are natural anti-fungals, anti-parasitics, and anti-bacterials and also have high doses of probiotics. I will take the HLC for 7 days and return to my previous probiotic. Thankfully,the Naturopath put me a good probiotic after the stool test (better than my previous one), so I am not having much die-off symptoms.

    I have not done a candida diet, although I had asked the Naturopath about it. I have changed my diet so much, I would really like to keep mushrooms! I am looking forward to your info on the anti-candida diet! I always wash my fruits and veges for parasites, but I will be more diligent and break down and purchase a fruit and vege wash.

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    An Uncluttered Diet

    I’ve actually published a vegan cookbook — “Visualize Whirled Peas.” I can send you a copy of it digitally if you e-mail me — get my addie from my web site, http://www.susanives.com (it is in need of updating, so don’t rib me about my site!)

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    An Uncluttered Diet

    What a generous offer, Susan!

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    An Uncluttered Diet

    MTNgirl, I’m thinking of starting a health/anticandida circle on google+ if you would be interested.

    Have you read Dr. William Crook’s book _The Yeast Connection_. It’s a good place to start. Also, mushrooms = yeast so no mushrooms (sorry). To start off with, nothing with yeast, including vinegar, and no sugars (including fruit) and starches; nothing that turns immediately into sugar when you eat it.

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    An Uncluttered Diet

    ntch – I’ve been tested – no thyroid problems. I looked for the article that specifically said it “slowly melted” the circulatory system, but didn’t find it. I’ve been trying to get doctors and nurses to admit that most of dad’s problems are because of the statin, but they won’t. Not his cardiologist, neurologist, internist, not even at the rehabilitation center or the visiting nurse case manager. They all, however, get all twitchy and shifty when I talk about the damage to my dad.

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    An Uncluttered Diet

    At the risk of TMI πŸ™‚ I am posting all of my symptoms that went away after going gluten-free (some are rather odd)…I began keeping the list as a reminder to myself not to cheat on the diet. I have noticed that since we have been cutting out meat as well, I am feeling even BETTER!!! I am hopeful that this list may help someone πŸ™‚


    Sensitivity to noise
    Sensitivity to touch
    Tender-headedness (couldn’t wear hair barrettes without getting a headache)
    Constant, cystic Acne
    Eyes oozed pus
    Teeth oozed pus
    Constant Vaginal infections
    Whitish-yellow coating on tongue (didn’t know your tongue should be pink!)
    Bad breath
    Pale skin color
    Puffy bags under eyes
    Sinus trouble
    Runny nose while eating
    Constant earaches/water in ears
    Hearing loss (it came back!)
    Constant throat clearing and coughing
    Excessive mucus
    Swollen extremities
    Anxiety (to the point of crazy behavior)
    Bad finger/toe nails
    Constant pain on all joints (especially hips, knees, ankles, shoulders)
    Difficulty standing or walking
    Loss of muscle tone
    Severe, constant foot pain
    Digestive trouble – ibs, diarrhea, constipation
    Severe menstrual cramps
    Severe heart palpitations (after meals)…this became constant and SCARY!!!
    Swollen, painful breasts
    Deep muscle aches
    Itchy, painful blisters on hands and fingers (I called them “nerve bumps”)
    Constant, severe fatigue…sleeping 10-14 hours a day (and would still be tired)
    Hair falling out and rapid graying (it is actually coming in less gray now!)
    Bad/Unpredictable temper
    Mood swings
    High Blood Pressure
    Severe intolerance to hot and cold temperatures
    Wounds didn’t heal
    Excessive reactions to bug bites (excessive swelling that lasted weeks!)
    Sensitivity to jewelry (especially my ears)
    Yeast Infections (everywhere)

    THIS IS ALL GONE NOW!!! It was like the powers that be said, “ok, you get a do-over!” Symptoms began disappearing in about 5-7 days and continued for about a year. I went from someone that couldn’t get out of bed to super-energy woman! AND I have NONE of the things my crappy doctor tried to diagnose me with…NONE! The weirdest thing was that my brian, teeth, hair, and skin began to “tighten-up”…that’s the best way I can describe it…I guess from all the water retention and infection leaving the system. Hope that’s not too gross πŸ™

    @ JuliaJayne…talk about twitchy doctors! My doctor of 30 years NEVER found out what was wrong with me. He gave me all the current diseases…IBS, thyroid issues, peri-menopause, fibromyalgia, Grave’s DIsease and more! I just KNEW that these things were not it. NOT ONCE did he say to modify my diet or test me for allergies! I would go into his office and tell him, “I feel like a walking infection!” and he dismissed me as a hypochondriac. (P.S. my grandmother and mother, and brother have the same problems.) Most doctors that I’ve encountered just want to be right. Anyway, I fired him and have never felt better! πŸ™‚

    @MTNgirl…I’m going to try that saurkraut on pizza thing! πŸ™‚ Never would have though of it!

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    An Uncluttered Diet

    Yikes ArtGal! And congratulations on healing thyself.

    JuliaJayne: I couldn’t find an article so far that talks about melting away the circulatory system but here’s part of one I found:



    “The Side Effects of Statin Drugs!

    Remember the enzyme HMG-CoA reductase that is inhibited by the statin drugs. This enzyme is also critical in the formation of two other life enhancing compounds: ubiquinone and dilochol. Ubiquinone is better know as Co-Enzyme Q 10 or CoQ10.

    CoQ10 plays a critical role in helping the mitochondria of your cells produce ATP which is necessary for energy production. Your heart requires high levels of CoQ10 to function properly. It’s also involved in respiration, helps to maintain membrane integrity critical to nerve conduction, and vital to elastin and collagen formation. The side effects of CoQ10 deficiency include muscular wasting which leads to muscle weakness, severe back pain, heart failure, neuropathy, and both tendon and ligament inflammation.

    Dolichols play a huge role in helping to make sure that the proteins manufactured by the cell’s DNA end up at their proper targets. This helps to ensure that the cells respond correctly to their genetic programming. When interfered with they can allow for some very unpredictable consequences at the cellular level.

    Even though the FDA has deemed statin drugs to be safe, there is no drug that is totally without side effects. For statin drugs, especially now that people have been taking them for longer than required in clinical testing, the side effects are more evident:

    Muscle Pain associated with Rhabdomyolysis. Muscle pain in the shoulders, jaw, legs and back are common. This muscle pain is a symptom of muscle breakdown caused by the statin drugs. When muscle breaks down, the body must eliminate the excess waste. This can overload the kidneys and can lead to a more serious problem. Rhabdomyolysis is the medical term for this muscular breakdown and the subsequent release of the contents of muscle fiber into the bloodstream. When this occurs the person’s urine is usually dark, red, or cola colored. If severe enough it can lead to acute kidney failure and death.
    Muscle Weakness associated with Neuropathy. Neuropathy is a malfunction of the peripheral nervous system which can affect muscle tone and function. There are many types of neuropathy but one is caused by statin drugs. Muscle weakness is frequently a symptom of this form of neuropathy. Other symptoms could include: numbness, tingling, burning sensations, and extreme sensitivity to touch. If left untreated, neuropathy can lead to muscle deterioration and possibly paralysis. This can directly affect swallowing and breathing.
    Memory loss and cognitive function can also be a side effect of statin drugs. This would make sense since cholesterol is critical to proper brain function.
    Congestive heart failure has more than doubled from 1989 to 1997 (with statin drugs being introduced into the market place in 1987.) The current reasoning for this is the interference in the production of CoQ10 which is critical to proper heart function.
    The drug industry downplays these negative side effects. While it is difficult to get an exact estimate of the true problem since there are competing interests, researchers estimate that 1 – 5% of statin users will experience muscle pain and 10% will experience muscle weakness. It’s estimated that 16 million Americans take Lipitor, the most popular of the statin drugs. If the above estimates are correct, then 160,000 to 800,000 thousand American are experiencing some level of muscle pain and 1.6 million are experiencing muscle weakness.”

    Thyroid tests aren’t always accurate (in my opinion) Sonogram would be better if a goiter is involved. Re statins one doc told me the symptoms i’d come to see him about were being caused by a statin (that the prescribing doc didn’t recognize as the problem) and lo and behold i felt better right away and my cholesterol went down to 170 without it. Luckily I’d been taking coQ10 otherwise i think it may have been even worst and may have taken longer to feel better. One person said just one pill gave him a severe reaction. Another person said she got really bad muscle pains and her doc looked at her like she was nuts or something. As a caveat re alternatives, a friend’s relative just got put in the hospital and the doc said he/she thought it was caused by the red rice yeast she was taking.

    I am of the firm belief that we must heal ourselves.

    BTW, fermented things have yeast (sauerkraut) so are off the food plan for anticandida.

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    An Uncluttered Diet

    I have been holding my breath reading the comments! Oh, I love sauerkraut and mushrooms. I have been living on fruit. So no potatoes either=pure starch!? I will check that book out at the library. And googling meal plan ideas. I was going to make mushroom soup for dinner. Oh, well, ha ha!

    Artgal, I have many of the same symptoms! Reading your list was like reading a picture of me! Some symptoms have gone away like the bone pain, some have not. Hopefully clearing up the yeast will eliminate them. Actually, prior to my celiac diagnosis, I was convinced I had yeast overgrowth as many of the symptoms are the same. Well, I guess I was right, and burying my head in the sand about the yeast.

    Funny thing is, the stool test also showed I still have some gluten from somewhere. We thoroughly check labels and email companies for information, don’t buy things in bulk that can be cross-contaminated. I did not buy a new toaster, just cleaned it. Do you think it could be that?

    Sauerkrout on pizza is delicious! So are artichoke hearts!

  • #189939


    An Uncluttered Diet

    I have been gluten free for 13 months. I was not diagnosed by a doctor. I had just started having symptoms of lower back pain that didn’t make sense (I was working out and was quite strong) and also constipation (which was new to me). After a few months of symptoms, I started eating very “healthy” — mostly veggies, fruit, fish. Then one day we had the same exact meal as other times, with the addition of a baguette. I hadn’t had bread in many days, so I ate a lot of it (I love bread!). That night I woke up in pain. I couldn’t sit up because of the pain in my low back. It was a light bulb going off. I was so grateful I connected the dots!

    We were just getting ready to leave on vacation, so I decided to quit eating gluten on the vacation. Immediate relief. Now, whenever I eat some gluten, either because I slip up, or I think “I deserve a piece of cake” I pay a price, sometimes larger, sometimes smaller. Doctors can do tests but we live in our bodies, and we have to pay attention to how our diet affects us.

    I would like to say I dropped pounds, but it has been very slow. The good thing is that I can’t even think about eating most sweets. But there is plenty that I CAN eat. And God is good — red wine, chocolate and nuts are all gluten-free.

    Just weighing in with a few of my comments. I admire all of you for being so proactive in your health pursuits!

  • #189940


    An Uncluttered Diet

    I have been gluten free for 13 months. I was not diagnosed by a doctor. I had just started having symptoms of lower back pain that didn’t make sense (I was working out and was quite strong) and also constipation (which was new to me). After a few months of symptoms, I started eating very “healthy” — mostly veggies, fruit, fish. Then one day we had the same exact meal as other times, with the addition of a baguette. I hadn’t had bread in many days, so I ate a lot of it (I love bread!). That night I woke up in pain. I couldn’t sit up because of the pain in my low back. It was a light bulb going off. I was so grateful I connected the dots!

    We were just getting ready to leave on vacation, so I decided to quit eating gluten on the vacation. Immediate relief. Now, whenever I eat some gluten, either because I slip up, or I think “I deserve a piece of cake” I pay a price, sometimes larger, sometimes smaller. Doctors can do tests but we live in our bodies, and we have to pay attention to how our diet affects us.

    I would like to say I dropped pounds, but it has been very slow. The good thing is that I can’t even think about eating most sweets. But there is plenty that I CAN eat. And God is good — red wine, chocolate and nuts are all gluten-free.

    Just weighing in with a few of my comments. I admire all of you for being so proactive in your health pursuits!

  • #189945


    An Uncluttered Diet

    @JuliaJ – I think all docs get twitchy when you suggest that A. They are clueless. and B. There isn’t a pill that will cure what ails you – it’s all about what you are eating. That’s much too simple of an answer for them!

  • #190000


    An Uncluttered Diet

    @needtocleanhouse…I KNOW! All that snuck up on me slowly over 45 years so it’s kind of a “I know I don’t feel good but it’s normal for me” feeling, and since I watched my grandmother and mother go through it, I just thought it was normal for our family genes and resigned myself to that life. It was actually a fluke that lead me on the path to no wheat or gluten…I was lying in bed one morning (it normally took me 2 hours to get up and about then due to aches and pains) and my husband had turned on the tv before he went to work. When I woke up, there was a doctor show on (and I HATED doctor shows!!!) The remote was across the room. I started balling my eyes out because I couldn’t get up to get the remote and I was mad at my husband for leaving it across the room (irrational anger is one of the symptoms, by the way! πŸ™‚ The doctor was talking about gluten-intolence and had this actress on (who I also did not like) that had this condition. As they read the checklist of symptoms I sat there saying, “Got it, got it got it, got, GOT IT!” I started cold-turkey eating gluten-free that day. In hindsight, I should have been tested first, because you have to re-eat gluten to be tested and that was hard to do. I still don’t care for doctor shows, and I still don’t care for that actress, but I am SOOOOO grateful that my hubs left the remote across the room that day! πŸ™‚

    @MTNgirl…it is sad, but there are certain foods that don’t have to list wheat/gluten as an ingredient. Example…I got “gluti-fied” on jelly beans. It seems that some jelly beans use a wheat-based coating that goes between the jelly part and the candy coating. They don’t have to list it as a food. Also, chips can technically be gluten-free, but if they are fried in the same oil as gluten products then BOOM, you have been got! Same for fries at fast food restaurants…all they have to do is have one employee throw a breaded chicken patty into the “dedicated” fry oil, and again, you are gluted! Another thing, is someone dipping their knife that has touched regular bread into the communal peanut butter jar? That’s one way that I got sick. I can’t even go into Panera for a salad because if I breathe the air (which is full of wheat flour particles) I get sick. It could be so many things. It used to throw me into a panic, this wheat-thing…but, I have decided that all I can do is my best…I won’t eat the wrong things on purpose…and I can’t help accidental ingestion.

  • #190023

    An Uncluttered Diet

    More later but just wanted to add that my friend is doing weight watchers and he notices that if he eats more than 1 slice of bread (made of wheat) then the scale shows a wt gain the next day so he is starting to conclude that wheat causes wt gain for him. I’m experimenting with nonwheat flours and will give him to “test” whether that affects him the same way.

    I’ve been told packed grated cheese has flour on it.

  • #190037


    An Uncluttered Diet

    jbeany & JuliaJ, I really think that doctors are constrained (more so in the US than in Australia) by the money they make from drug companies. There’s no money for them in recommending eating healthy and exercising, but there is in recommending drugs that they get kick backs from. It’s incredibly scary!

    I just flat refuse certain treatments. Maybe it’s stubborn, but it means whomever I’m dealing with knows clearly where my boundaries are, and we can work on an alternative to what drug they might suggest!

  • #190044


    An Uncluttered Diet

    NTCH – I think that packaged grated cheese has cornstarch rather than wheat (I could be wrong). It’s there to keep it from clumping together, but of course it also keeps it from melting as nicely as block cheese you grate yourself. πŸ™‚

  • #190056
  • #190058


    An Uncluttered Diet

    snosie – I actually had a doctor who preferred natural treatments if possible. She radiated good health: her skin, hair, the brightness in her eyes, and a steady calm. Very inspiring. Unfortunately, we can’t go to that clinic anymore because of our insurance. Most doctors these days are just whores for the drug companies. It’s is scary. It isn’t just doctors, it the staff too. I had spent a lot of time at the clinic my parents go to. Dad was having trouble with one of his meds and we ended up at the clinic 2 days before Christmas. There was a huge basket, nearly 5 feet tall, filled with gift baskets with expensive spa products. The whole thing was wrapped in plastic and tied with a gorgeous bow. It must have been recently delivered as it was sitting near the entrance to the reception area. I could see the card – yep, it was from a drug company rep. It was shocking.

  • #190067

    An Uncluttered Diet

    I’ve been surprised and disappointed at my MIL’s medical care. For a 90-year-old she is relatively without symptoms, but she is on medication for high blood pressure, diabetes and relatively minor kidney failure. The only time she was given anything except pills was when she was diagnosed two years ago — a small stack of glossy brochures. No one discussed them with her. No one suggested that any of these conditions could be changed by a different diet.

    I’m not that sure that the failure is caused by “bribes” from the drug industry. My opinion is that our way of paying doctors — for curing rather than preventing disease, and by “procedure” — makes them lazy. A doctor gets paid X amount per office visit whether they spend 30 seconds writing a prescription or 30 minutes discussing more complex dietary changes. They take the easy way out.

  • #190092


    An Uncluttered Diet

    All of you are so right on the medical issues! Sadly, most doctors are not schooled in nutritional healing…just “pills for ills” methods and kick-backs from prescriptions. I recently went through a scary situation with my step-dad. He went into the hospital for a pancreas issue that also resulted in an emergency gall bladder removal. He couldn’t eat for 8 days. When he was able to eat, the nutritionist put him on a no salt, no starch, light diet (but was not allowed to enter it on the chart…doctor had to do it.) His first meal came to the room…mashed potatoes with salty gravy, a greasy hamburger, corn, noodles, and vanilla pudding. I immediately took it away from him and called for his doctor…who showed up 6 hours later (he let us know that he was in the middle of a golf game and how wonderful it was outside!) I asked why my step-dads diet restrictions where not noted on his chart (I had checked at the nurses station prior.) His reply (while looking at my step-dad,) “Oh I guess I forgot…good thing you didn’t eat that stuff…it could have caused you some REAL damage.”

    Two weeks ago my cousin (who is being treated for a brain tumor) received the wrong meds from her doctor, a nurse tried to tell the doctor that it may be the wrong meds and he dismissed her…my cousin developed literally hundreds of blood clots in her legs. One went to her lungs and nearly killed her. It will take at least a year for the clots to dissolve while she is on blood thinners before she can have her brain surgery to remove the tumor…nice, huh?

    The more I know about traditional medicine, the more I run the other way. The more I know about nutritional healing, the more I eat my leafy greens πŸ™‚

    @needtocleanhouse…Thanks SO much for the additional websites…these are ones I have never heard of and will pass on to my “glutie-friends.” Also, I too would gain weight overnight when eating wheat/gluten…sometimes up to 10 pounds! It was scary when I didn’t know what was going on. Now it is an indicator to me that I have eaten something contaminated…I hope your friend will be ok, it’s good for him to have a friend like you! πŸ™‚ You are right, check the cheese…some, but not all, are coated with a wheat-based starch (and it doesn’t have to be listed in ingredients.)

  • #190114

    An Uncluttered Diet

    @ArtGal: your experiences reinforce my belief that we must be proactive and ever vigilant about health care and the treatment we accept. We have the choice to take the meds or not and to do research on them for ourselves. Your cousin should sue, or at least consult a plaintiff’s medical malpractice attorney! Or file a complaint with the med board/licensing group. Who knows, maybe he has a track record of doing things like this and your cousin’s complaint may help stop someone from being killed. If I hear a nurse say it may be the wrong meds I’m going to follow up before I take them. Today with the internet it’s just so quick and easy to do the research that could save our or another’s lives.

    There are lots of other gluten free sites out there – i only listed some. If you google “gluten free blogs” or “celiac” tons of things come up!

    I agree that western medicine deals with treating symptoms rather than prevention.

    Yesterday I ate cake with wheat along with frozen yogurt, lots and both have sugar too, and guess who gained 2 lbs from yesterday’s weighing . . .

    Oh, and i just found out another friend has celiac’s. I think more people are becoming aware of it huh. That’s a good thing.

  • #190122


    An Uncluttered Diet

    @needtocleanhouse…I think more and more people will find that they have food allergies. From what I understand, in the 40’s and 50’s wheat was genetically modified to be “stronger and more disease resistant.” This was sold (as seeds) to farmers and they were offered big money to grow the new strain…this strain was one that the human body cannot tolerate, and like a cold or the flu, it was recognized by the body as a disease and attacked. This results in inflammation and a lifetime of inflammation results in a breakdown of the body due to stress on the system. Which, in turn, allows for other diseases (autoimmune diseases, cancers, etc.) to attack the now weakened body.

    It has all been very fascinating to me…and terribly scary at the same time.

    I suspect that 50 years from now there will be documents “surfacing” that show it was all carefully orchestrated and was absolutely done for financial gain (like cigarettes)…and now the corn is genetically modified…and the soy beans…etc.

    I told my husband yesterday that I’m going to start foraging for berries and fighting the squirrels for nuts pretty soon! πŸ™‚

  • #190138


    An Uncluttered Diet

    I think about the GMO foods, not made by nature but by man and what the long term effects will be. I wish products had to be labeled with what is GMO and what is not. I am avoiding corn products now, but my husband and daughter still eat them, though I tell them I wish they wouldn’t.

    At least now they are not eating as much wheat!

  • #190143


    An Uncluttered Diet

    Here’s the gluten-free recipes section of one of my favorite blogs, Simply Recipes. There are some 300+ gluten-free dishes here:


  • #190190


    An Uncluttered Diet

    @Ella…this looks like a cool site! πŸ™‚ Thanks!

  • #190199

    An Uncluttered Diet

    ArtGal, that information on wheat is stunning! It’s an outrage! No wonder we hear about so many people who have celiacs these days. Like MTNgirl I wonder what the impact of GMO foods will be. I also agree that products should be required to be labeled GMO or not so we have a choice! I think in other countries they have labeling requirements. Let’s contact our representatives and ask for GMO labeling legislation! Proactive. Makes me feel like growing my own non-GMO stuff.

    Ella, thanks for the yummy site link πŸ™‚

    MTNgirl, brown rice is allowed on the food plan, no pot yam other grains

  • #190228


    An Uncluttered Diet

    For corn or soy foods in the US, you can pretty much assume GMO unless the label says certified organic. In order to be certified, organic crops must be grown without pesticides AND without use of genetically modified strains.

    My go-to source for straight-talking US food info is the Environmental Working Group. Each year they research and publish The Dirty Dozen, the top 12 non-organic crops containing the highest levels of pesticides. Seems that apples always lead the list every year, having pesticides not only on the skin but also absorbed into the flesh all the way to the core. Knowing this now, I’ll never put a “poison” apple in my mouth again!


    ntch: Your voice can be heard by signing the petitions of the watchdog group Pesticide Action Network. Here’s the North American group of PAN, with links to other regional PAN groups worldwide:


  • #190229


    An Uncluttered Diet

    @ Ella: I have to give my two cents about organic foods and pesticides. I recently learned that farmers are allowed to use pesticides on organic crops, they just have to be approved by the US Organic Standards. From the article linked below, “turns out that there are over 20 chemicals commonly used in the growing and processing of organic crops that are approved by the US Organic Standards. And, shockingly, the actual volume usage of pesticides on organic farms is not recorded by the government.”

    It was interesting to find out the truth behind common myths:
    1 – Organic farms don’t use pesticides (they do)
    2 – Organic foods are healthier (there is actually no nutritional difference)
    3 – Organic farming is better for the environment (factory farming is factory farming, organic or not)


    That being said, there are definitely certain crops to stay away from that are not organic (i.e. “The Dirty Dozen”); but there are others that are non-organic and are perfectly safe to eat and consumers can save money (opposite “The Dirty Dozen” there is a list with the safe non-organic foods published at the same time).

  • #190242


    An Uncluttered Diet

    Needtocleanhouse: Googled all weekend the candida diet. I have been eating a lot of rice! The hard part is I am trying to gain weight, I lost 20lb between Celiac and Graves=20 pounds I did not have to lose. The appropriate foods for the diet adds a whole other layer of lack of calories for me. But, my blood sugar levels seem to be stabilizing-I am not “crashing” and shaking every two hours anymore! I am starting to feel better though! Is this sort of eating forever or a few months?

    Ella, I did’t realize EWG had whole other levels! I have only gone to the Skin Deep Data Base!

    We buy some organic produce, but haven’t been strict either way. I should take more care about the dirty dozen, but my husband does the grocery shopping (he has weekdays off so can shop with less people-and I always spend more!) so I don’t argue too much or I will be shopping with the rest of humanity on Saturdays!

    Artgal, I am still thinking of the genetically modified wheat in the 40/50’s. My dad started developing celiac symptoms (he has not been diagnosed, only had a bloodtest which was negative, and unwilling to consider gluten-free)when he was around 5-that would have been 1950. Interesting.

  • #190245


    An Uncluttered Diet

    MTNgirl: Are you able to eat avocados? They’re a healthy source of good fats and a whole lotta calories. BTW, avocados are on the EWG’s list of the “Clean 15″… that is, the 15 fruits & vegetables with the lowest levels of pesticides. So EWG says we can safely eat conventionally grown avocados. However, note the caveat at the end of this article:


  • #190300


    An Uncluttered Diet

    @MTNgirl…it IS interesting…my great-grandmother (who lived to be 105) lived and walked the mountains of West Virginia until she was 103! She ate what they grew or foraged. Never had a health problem EVER! Her daughter, my grandmother, also lived in the same mountains until her 20’s…never a health issue for her either. When she had my mom, in the 1940’s, they had moved to a “big, modern” city (in Ohio) and both began having health issues…mostly all of the above symptoms I’ve listed. Neither will try the gluten-free diet (grandmother is 92, mom is 70)…they think I am ridiculous…and neither will my brother (who also has symptoms.) My cousin with the brain tumor also has severe symptoms of the wheat/gluten allergy. They are very miserable health-wise and have been for years, on all kinds of meds for the things listed above, and I just don’t understand why they don’t want to get well or at least try πŸ™

    P.S. You are VERY brave to allow your husband to do the grocery shopping!!! πŸ™‚

  • #190313

    An Uncluttered Diet

    MTNgirl, what are you doing for the parasites? Your symptoms sound serious and in need of competent medical care. It may be the parasites that are [also] causing your loss of weight and inability to gain weight problems. There are parasite cleanses but your case with shaking every 2 hours sounds like it needs some serious attention by competent professional docs/naturalpaths. I don’t know whether there is a food plan to fight parasites and whether this is okay for that condition, but for the anticandida plan brown rice is allowed (lots is okay too) as are many other high calorie foods. The anticandida food plan should help the yeast go away and a byproduct for some = weight loss; but in your case it could very well be weight gain as your body normalizes. Have any of your caregivers mentioned probiotics (Theralac or the one that Duke and the Doctor (radio show) mention?) Probiotics give you good bacteria to push out the bad ones/yeast. But with your serious symptoms I would suggest you run everything by your doctors. And read everything you can on candida and parasites and make the final decision on what is right and working for you. Has the blood stabilized since you changed your food (have you changed your food)? Crook’s food plan was developed a while ago. I think you need to do some research about what foods have yeast/molds/fungus and cut those out too. Crook allowed some dairy, but i think nowadays the thought would be cut it out esp cheeses; and if he mentioned mushrooms, today the thought would be to cut them out as they are fungus, the very thing that is causing the problem.

    ArtGal: How frustrating and also unnecessarily sad! But that is the resistance way finders meet. Think Galileo. I think you need to paint yourself and superimpose Galileo on yourself holding GMO wheat. Can you eat spelt – is that a non-GMO type of wheat? And I’m down the 2 lbs I gained overnight after eating cake . . . amazing that it would cause such sudden wt gain – i think it’s from inflammation and related water retention . . . thankful it wasn’t the 10 lbs you have experienced (wow).

    PS I just learned of a site that someone here may find helpful:


  • #190322


    An Uncluttered Diet

    @needtocleanhouse…nope, no spelt…I can’t even eat oats (even if they say they are gluten-free) because my body won’t tolerant it…rice is ok if it is wild (not white)…and corn is ok, best if not GMO. I have recently found out that I have Native American ancestry, this combined with my somewhat rare blood type, may be the reason I cannot tolerate these foods…it’s been quite an interesting research project! πŸ™‚ My husband, on the other hand, can eat ANYTHING…arrggggggghhhhh!

    “Way-Finder”…I like that! πŸ™‚ Thanks!

  • #190326

    An Uncluttered Diet

    You might find the blood type diet books by dr. d’adamo suit you. I try to fold it in to my food plans.

    Yes, a way finder.

  • #190339


    An Uncluttered Diet

    Needtocleanhouse, I am seeing a Naturopath and taking something for the parasites that will kill them off. I had been taking Theralac, but it wasn’t enough for the yeast! I am just finishing a course of a heavy duty probiotic and will go to another one for maintenance for several months that my naturopath gave me. I started the anti-yeast diet last weekend, and noticed by Tuesday that my blood sugar stabilized and my brain feels less foggy! Yeah! I have gained half my lost weight back since June-so I am on the road to recovery. This was just a bit of a bump, but I think there is now light at the end of the tunnel! I thank you very much for the support and information!

    I read the blood type diet book by the D’Adamo about 12 years ago, and guess what? What my diet has evolved to in the last few months and days is what my blood type says! Go figure! I followed it back then, it is primarily vegetarian but I lost weight then got pregnant so I stopped to be able to gain weight. FUNNY!!

    I think the parasites probably came from getting food from the local farmers market. The naturopath said there is an area of our town that is “known” for having parasites. And that is where some of the local vendors have their gardens, specifically the woman I purchase from. She said most of the time, people’s bodies fight them off, but with my system as stressed as it is they took the opportunity. I ordered some vege wash from Sunrider today from a co-worker. So we will take more care washing our fruits and veges and not with plain water.

    Yes, I LOVE avacados. If you ever research the raw foods diet, they have a divine chocolate “pudding” made from avacado and cacao powder. I am making some of that for a treat for all the time!!

    Artgal, I think my husband now thinks he is brave if he lets me do the grocery shopping. I come home with so much more and so much less money!

    Off to look at those links!

  • #190349
  • #190383

    An Uncluttered Diet

    MTNgirl: what are you taking for the candida? The candex worked for me. See:


    ;and see the below (mentioned in dr. crook’s book):


  • #190438


    An Uncluttered Diet

    Needtocleanhouse, You are a fountain of knowledge! The diet link is exactly the info I have been looking for and haven’t found yet. And I will be using up my digestive enzymes in a week or so and I think I will replace those with the Candex! And Vitacost.com carries it! THANK YOU!!

  • #190451

    An Uncluttered Diet

    MTNgirl: I’d be interested in learning whether and what your naturopath gave or prescribed for your candida in terms of prescription anti-fungals or over the counter supplements. And what you felt helped you.

    Also, what are you taking for the parasites and how is that working for you?

    Re the yeast connection site: my naturopath would differ (stricter), would take off many things on Dr. Crook’s lists, and I think erring on the side of caution is better. No sugar (it has all sorts of names like malodextrin), starch, anything that turns into sugar as soon as you eat it (also called simples carbs), nothing fermented or that has yeast or mold in or on it (including most nuts which have mold on them – almonds are okay, pistachios and cashews are really bad; and including mushrooms, fungi, truffles, sauerkraut, pickles, vinegar, olives). And take off anything that is a common food allergy; you can add them back in later one at a time to see if you are allergic or have a sensitivity to them. Deadly nightshade family (eggplant, tomato, bell peppers), wheat, eggs, soy, milk, dairy etc etc. No artificial sweeteners. And in my opinion the timing Dr. Crook mentions is much too short especially for really bad cases as yours sounds to be. My naturopath would say it’s for life.

    There are also lots of sites Dr. Crook mentions in his book. Get the book/bible. It is invaluable.

  • #190457


    An Uncluttered Diet

    I took this for 7 days: http://www.healthegoods.com/hlc-synbiotic-intensive-7-acidophilis-sachets-pharmax.html

    Now I will be on this for several months: http://www.healthegoods.com/hlc-maintenance-120-capsules-pharmax.html Although she is looking at replacing it with another one.

    I am also taking this for several months: http://www.needs.com/product/Integrative_Therapeutics_Tyler_Para_Gard_120/vspgb_Integrative_Therapeutics

    I am having die-off symptoms, so this is working.

    I am eating no processed food except plain rice cakes. I stopped eating all glutens in February and all dairy in May. I am eating almonds, rice, chicken, veges, and avacados. I haven’t had tomatoes; potatoes; vinegar; sauerkraut; all types of sugar including honey, maple syrup, agave, and processed; bread; and fruit since last weekend.

  • #190458

    An Uncluttered Diet

    Brown rice? My naturopath says brown is okay, but no white rice. His office says for the food plan to work you have to follow it 97%; so white rice would throw you off the plan.

  • #190547

    An Uncluttered Diet

    News: I just spoke to my girlfriend who recently was diagnosed with Celiacs and she said that it can lead to colon and stomach cancer and that it runs in families. She feels good now that she is gluten-free.

  • #191578

    An Uncluttered Diet

    MTNgirl: How are you doing?

  • #191608


    An Uncluttered Diet

    Had a few moments of weakness and ate some candy this week! Ooops! Paid for it!

    But I am overall feeling better! I feel more awake and have more energy! Thank you for asking!

    Wow, that is a lot of exclamation marks! (It’s Friday!!)

  • #191661

    An Uncluttered Diet

    What’s your experience been with vitacost?

  • #191663


    An Uncluttered Diet

    I have decluttered nearly all carbs from my diet this past week, which of course includes all forms of bread/pasta and such. I feel a lot less bloated/blown-up, and I can see the difference as well. I think I will stick to this diet for a while. It seems to be good for me.

  • #191739


    An Uncluttered Diet

    I have had good luck with Vitacost. Sometimes my whole shipment does not arrive in one box, but they email you to tell you that the remaining items will arrive later. I have never had anything problems with any items not arriving. The selection is broad and they have filters so you can search by dietary restrictions, price, etc. The prices are good, sometimes half the cost of purchasing locally. Shipping is flat rate $5.00. Sometimes they have free shipping. I also order soap, hair products,and dental floss as well.

    I sometimes feel guilty not purchasing locally, but it saves me hundreds of dollars a month to order through vitacost.

  • #191744

    An Uncluttered Diet

    MTNgirl. Thank you for that information on Vitacost. I had been wondering about it – the prices are so good. Candex is available on Amazon also for a good price.

    Candy, Goddess, my experience also w/ simple carbs; and I also notice my taste for them is going away the longer I stay away from them. This is amazing because I used to LOVE me my breads! If I stay off simple carbs and then all of a sudden eat some I feel immediate bloating!

  • #194375

    An Uncluttered Diet

    MTNgirl: how are you doing?

  • #194420


    An Uncluttered Diet

    Overall, I am doing better. I think I may need to cut out corn and corn by-products though. I am still having signs of inflammation. I don’t eat gluten, dairy/casein, and soy. The Naturopathy mentioned possibly eggs as well. But I eat them so rarely and have not noticed problems after I do. So, work in progress. I am miles better than I was a year ago though!

  • #194422


    An Uncluttered Diet

    MTNgirl – I worked with a woman who had issues with corn. It’s really insidious. Corn oil is in lots of things, and she couldn’t eat chicken unless she could be assured that it was not fed on chicken (she didn’t eat beef or pork at all). I think corn may be a bigger problem than wheat or dairy. My younger cat also cannot tolerate corn which is used as filler in most pet foods. It’s easier to keep it away from her though. πŸ™‚

  • #194426

    An Uncluttered Diet

    corn is banned from the anticandida diet as are anything else starchy as starch feeds yeast.

  • #194427


    An Uncluttered Diet

    Well, there is the proof in the pudding! We have not been eating corn in its natural form, but I have been eating rice crackers with corn flour in them. I have found a recipe for crackers-they would comply with the candida diet-I just have not made them yet.

    I did not think about corn fed beef and chicken. I don’t eat pork anyway. We eat mostly organic beef and little of it anyway. We primarily eat chicken, though we have been eating primarily vegetarian meals in the last two months.

    I have been dreaming about cheese at night. Cruel! Gluten is the easiest thing to stop eating, but the cheese is killing me! What I wouldn’t give to eat a piece of Dubliner cheese!

  • #194431


    An Uncluttered Diet

    Nearly all corn and corn by-products are genetically modified corn. Scary stuff.

    MTNgirl. You might find Kris Carr’s book ‘Crazy Sexy Diet’ interesting. Her book, and video ‘Crazy Sexy Cancer’ is inspiring for anyone who is trying to achieve better health. She has a website and blog, too.

  • #194517


    An Uncluttered Diet

    Well, I saw the GI doctor today and learned I might have fructose malabsorption. Apparently this affects fruits AND vegetables: http://www.healthhype.com/nutrition-guide-for-fructose-malabsorption.html

    The GI doctor told me I can eat meat and eggs instead of fruit and vegetables (I already don’t eat gluten or dairy).

    This is making trying to get better AND gain weight increasingly difficult.

    I just saw something about “Crazy Sexy Diet” on Amazon the other day, but I did not look at it. A local church is having a showing of “Forks over Knives” this coming weekend. I may go anyway-I still think whole foods are better for you than a lot of animal fats especially feed lot beef and chicken.

  • #195962

    An Uncluttered Diet

    MTNgirl: Hello. I meant to post here earlier then life got in the way. Did you get your results? How are you doing?

    My friend who found out recently that she has Celiac’s told me that it can cause all kinds of gastrointestinal and other problems including colon cancer.

    Another friend was supposed to meet her doctor today for her colonoscopy/biopsy results and she is a very reliable person who if she says she’s calling Weds will call on Weds – she said she would call me Weds afternoon to let me know the results. When I didn’t hear from her I assumed the worst . . . and am feeling very anxious and very worried.

  • #196004


    An Uncluttered Diet

    Doing good! Test results okay. I recently had to declutter (against my will) my cast iron pan, cast iron dutch oven, wooden spoons, and Pampered Chef bamboo spoons. The cast iron and wood/bamboo hold onto gluten and never comes out. So everytime you cook with them, you cross contaminate your food. I replaced my bamboo spoons, but not with Pampered Chef. I really loved those P.C. bamboos. So that should take care of the tiny bits of gluten my labs are showing. Still improving, not 100%, but enough to feel like a normal person. Where last winter I could put two fists in my waistband and had to wear belts, now I am starting to think I need to go pants shopping, some are getting a little tight!

    My celiac was found before there were structural changes in the GI tract, so unless I begin eating gluten again, very little chance of cancer. I hope it is the same with your friend!

    I hope everything goes well with your other friend, I would worry too!

    I was a little astounded by the GI doctor though. When I had my colonscopy and the followup appt, he asked if it is hard to be gluten free. I said no, that’s easy, it’s the dairy that is hard! He was amazed and didn’t really believe me. How can a GI doc be clueless about Gluten free diets. There are so many alternatives. We eat so much better and tastier food now.

    The only problem I am having is coming up with a Thanksgiving and Christmas meal ideas. I don’t like turkey or ham. We usually to have fondue for Thanksgiving to avoid the same meal twice in a moth, but no more more cheese! I have scoured the web for good ideas and am not coming up with much. Avoiding sugar, honey, etc, and soy puts a whole other spin on things as well! There are lots of sugarless pumpkin pie recipes, but many call for tofu and ASPERTAME!

  • #196005


    An Uncluttered Diet

    MTNgirl, are you avoiding sugan just because or is it another allerg/sensitivity? Glutenfree Girl just posted a wonderful looking pumpkin pie this week, but it has a small amount of sugar and maple syrup…..

  • #196007


    An Uncluttered Diet

    What about using Stevia instead of sugar?

  • #196008

    An Uncluttered Diet

    here’s a recipe with no sugar and no dairy: http://www.oprah.com/food/No-Sugar-No-Dairy-Pumpkin-Pie

  • #196065


    An Uncluttered Diet

    No sugar/fructose due to fructose malabsorption.

    We got some stevia this week. I have never used it before, so there will be some experimentation in the future.

    Thanks for the recipe! I added it to my holiday food favorites list! I think coconut milk would be decadent in a pumkin pie! There probably is some fructose in coconut milk-but let’s just celebrate the holiday!

  • #196067


    An Uncluttered Diet

    MTNgirl ~ Different brands of stevia have subtle or not-so-subtle taste variations. So if you buy one that leaves an unpleasant aftertaste, you might want to try another brand.

  • #196073

    An Uncluttered Diet

    I like Sweet Leaf liquid stevia. I especially like the peppermint combined with the english toffee in my coffee:P

    If you are going to include splenda/suclarose there are lots of recipes out there using that sugar substitute. Someone on one of these threads once said they got so used to the substitute that regular sugar tasted funny to them. I can now relate to that!

    A recipe for squash pie from a gluten free food blog:


    My naturalpath’s anticandida diet bans any sugar substitute including stevia.

  • #196149


    An Uncluttered Diet

    My Naturopath told me I don’t have Candida overgrowth. I have been 90% following the diet anyway.

    Funny you posted the Elana’s pantry link, I had it on favorites already!! I have made that pie and it is delicious!

    I purchased the Now brand stevia. I am not sure I really like the idea of Splenda, it is chemically processed. I am only eating whole foods and very little processed. The only processed foods I am eating now are rice crackers and rice milk.

  • #196284

    An Uncluttered Diet

    Do you feel any different cutting out processed foods?

  • #196329

    An Uncluttered Diet

    If you want to “indulge” this might be something to consider (it’s so yummy):


  • #207247

    An Uncluttered Diet

    A list of reader choice blogs for special diets


  • #207388

    An Uncluttered Diet


    A guide to raw foods

  • #207429

    An Uncluttered Diet

    Omega 3

    The modern western diet has too much omega 6 and needs more omega 3

    And this chart was an eye opener for moi (because look what it says about canned tuna, which I think most of us think is good for us, and wow about peanut butter):



  • #207461


    An Uncluttered Diet

    we are doing so well on raw vegan foods that we decided to buy a sprouter and a wheatgrass juicer.
    the sprouter is fully automatic and will give us a constant supply of fresh sprouts, micro-greens and wheatgrass, with minimal effort.
    it is too humid and hot here to sprout in jars or bags….they just go slimy. ick.
    i’ve got a place for the sprouter and cannot wait.
    we eat them in salads, veggie burgers, bibimbap, smoothies and this will be far cheaper than buying punnets of sprouts that may not be at their optimal nutrition when we get them.

  • #207535

    An Uncluttered Diet

    Video on foods that boost your mood


  • #207890

    An Uncluttered Diet


  • #207894


    An Uncluttered Diet

    juicer and sprouter arrived this afternoon.
    i am excited by the prospect of a constant supply of fresh micro greens!

    i have been a bit lax for the last three days: battered fish. skipping salad meals. not enough water. an icecream.
    and i feel worse for it.
    i think i have just been a bit disrupted with the renovation finale, and anticipation over seeing the eye specialist.
    but i am back on track today.

  • #207985
  • #208022


    An Uncluttered Diet

    @ArtGal and @MTNgirl I really, really sympathise with you! I was diagnosed with wheat allergy (among others) in 2008 and I was off wheat for a year (as an adult allergy, I was able to ‘reset’ my system by avoiding any exposition to wheat for a time). I found that the hardest part was the first months, cook every single meal, not having the right to be tired and get a pizza downstairs for dinner (and I was living by myself in Italy at the time!). Strangely, I got slender and saved money, when most of people’s reports on their gluten-free diet told me the opposite . I was eating healthier!

    One thing that helped me to get over the psychological fact that I was sick and on a medical diet (specially when symptoms won’t go away and you question yourself all the time if you’re doing the right thing) was to avoid the gluten-free aisle at the supermarket. All my meals were naturally gluten-free: risotti, rΓΆsti, salads, fruits, roasted vegetables… the things I went for a gluten-free recipe were stuff I’ve never eaten before, so I wouldn’t compare flavours, like buckwheat madeleines and cornflakes florentines (I still bake them, so yummy!).

    All in all, that was a very good year of my life. I didn’t know I could be that strong.

  • #208040

    An Uncluttered Diet

    Dairy Free people –

    Homemade Dairy Free Sour Cream (she says it surprisingly tastes exactly the same in a ranch dressing – surprisingly because it’s made with cashews)


  • #208042


    An Uncluttered Diet

    i make a lot of milky/creamy things with macadamias and cashews, and other nuts.
    the vitamix is the key here…..you need to grind the nuts to atomic flour and beyond, pretty much, and get the oils all emulsified with water for the creaminess factor.
    they don’t taste like dairy to me….they taste terrific, but different.
    sweet cashew cream with vanilla and agave nectar, zomg!

  • #208044

    An Uncluttered Diet

    Yesterday I saw my HP and stayed for a class which included a talk about what each person (the entire program is individualized so that diet programs differ depending on the person) needs to do to select and prepare foods that are good for each person. HP said that changing even 1/10 of 1 percent a day (toward better health) would be a good goal. Then last night I attended a talk given by a speaker promoting eating 60-80% raw and 95% vegetables. The speaker was able to get herself and her family healthy when out of desperation (her child had a health crises) she followed a healthcarer’s advice to eat that way, including … green smoothies (which I love and other people on this site have discovered) – 1 quart a day, under 200 calories. She spoke of cancers and tumors going away because the body becomes alkaline and cancer needs an acidic environment to grow. Then at home I heard on the radio a person talking about the same thing. So with all three things put together yesterday, I was inspired to make a green smoothie this morning. I used revital-x, alkalinized water, ice, black berries, strawberries, banana, beet green, romaine lettuce, cherries, cilantro, ginger. Part of the 1/10 of 1 percent change. HP said a new habit takes 21 days to take, and the speaker said try 30 days of a quart of green smoothies. I didn’t care for the sample she gave out (too much berry and sour pucker) but I already have the one I make that I like. I’ll pick up some kale and fresh ginger and off I’ll go until the kale is gone. I checked the oxalate chart too (http://oxalicacidinfo.com/) and kale is pretty low (esp compared to spinach – no wonder I’m not such a spinach person). Oh, and she lost 45 lbs.

  • #208117


    An Uncluttered Diet

    Just an update…

    It’s been 7 months since I started this thread…weight loss is now at 65lbs lost! I am not big on strenuous exercise, although I do walk because now I CAN walk, (achy joints are GONE!)
    I am not starving…I find my system is nourished for the first time in 47 years, so I am not hungry 24/7. I do like my sweets, but I can eat one and be satisfied instead of a whole package of goodies.
    Migraines, inflammation, heart palpitations, depression, etc. are a thing of the past and I am soooooo grateful πŸ™‚
    I feel like I have been given a second chance and a new body and it is the best feeling EVER!

    P.S. The people that made the movie “Food Matters” are premiering a second one called “Hungry for Change.” Can’t wait!

    Wishing the best to my fellow food allergies buddies…hope you are getting better and feeling better every minute! πŸ™‚

  • #208123

    An Uncluttered Diet

    ArtGal: Congratulations! My girlfriend who recently learned she has Celiac’s and cut out all gluten said she’s never felt better in her life.

    Did you have any special food plan or just cut gluten out?

    I found this great site:


  • #208187


    An Uncluttered Diet

    @ntch…initially I was very scared and thought that the best way to tackle it was to go major cold turkey with my eating; so I ate fruits, veggies, meat, nuts, eggs, salt and pepper and that was it…my hubs called it the “caveman diet” πŸ™‚
    Later I gingerly added in prepared gluten-free goodies (missed them) because I found a dedicated GF bakery near my home.
    Now, I pretty much stick to my “caveman diet,” but I’ve learned where to get GF spices and the like, so it’s not so scary anymore. We occasionally go out and I stick to restaurants that have a GF menu. I never cheat because it’s just not worth the 5-7 days of “ick” that it causes, although I accidentally got the “gluts” from restaurants twice in two years…I think that’s pretty good odds though πŸ™‚

    Recently, we’ve been leaning toward vegetarian (with limited dairy,) and I have found that that has helped as well. My hubs can eat ANYTHING, so he eats what I cook, but when we go out, he has free reign…I am convinced he has the metabolism of a goat! πŸ™‚

    Thanks for the site!

    P.S…@ TatieLie…I am begging you for the recipes for buckwheat Madeleines and cornflake Florentines…please, please, PLEASE!!! πŸ™‚

  • #208191

    An Uncluttered Diet

    ArtGal: Marvelous!

  • #208199


    An Uncluttered Diet


  • #208221

    An Uncluttered Diet

    ArtGal: Thanks for sharing your story! When you save one life you save the world. πŸ™‚

    A vegetarian site I just learned about when I went to that presentation the other night:




    Vegetarian recipes (not all nongluten)



    And if you want to sign up for a weekly news/recipes:


    I second ArtGal’s beg to TatieLie πŸ˜‰

  • #208285


    An Uncluttered Diet

    @ntch…GREAT sites! Many Thanks! One of my goals this year was to learn to cook FANTASTIC vegetarian meals…these sites will most certainly help (and my husband thanks you as well after his dinner last night of VERY bland lima beans and lentils…what can I say, I was in a hurry! πŸ™‚

  • #208337

    An Uncluttered Diet

    One thing I find a life saver when doing no high carbs is a replacement for crunchy stuff like crackers is a terrific cracker made from almond flour:

    1 c almond flour
    1 egg
    optional, salt, spices/herbs like caraway, anise, fresh cilantro, sesame seeds etc etc

    just mix, put parchment paper/wax paper/silpat on a cookie baking sheet, put dough on it, cover with parchment paper or wax paper and roll out thin, score into desired piece shapes, bake at 325 for 10 – 15 mins making sure it doesn’t burn (it becomes bitter) and great crackers.

    now this is a life saver.

    see also:



  • #208499


    An Uncluttered Diet

    those almond crackers look just perfect!
    now and then i want something like that and i like to make things rather than rely on rice cakes.

    artgal…i am so thrilled to hear how your health has improved!
    there is just no arguing with an uncluttered, natural, wholefoods diet.
    decluttering meh health is awesome!

    our dinner tonight was very delicious and very simple.
    i cooked some long grain brown rice….it .has quite a different flavour to the medium grain we have been living on.
    in bowl, i mixed some chopped cabbage (2 colours), a tomato, a shredded carrot, a little red onion, a red capsicum, some fresh fenugreek sprouts (right out of the sprouter and zomg hot and peppery and yum!), a few soaked chopped almonds, and some chopped fresh ginger and garlic.
    i heaped this on top of a couple of big spoonfuls of brown rice and dressed the lot with a mayonnaise i made with tahini, wasabi, tamari, sesame oil flavours.
    the food was just warmed and perfect to eat and apart from the rice cooking and the previously prepared mayo…it took about five minutes to put together.

    i am very happy with my automatic sprouter too.
    every morning, now that i am in the swing of things, i harvest a tray of fresh sprouts and re-load the tray with new seeds.
    i rotate all the trays and fill the water tank.
    a couple of minutes a day for a constant supply of fresh greens…it is even quicker than walking out to the garden to get stuff!
    i am trying lots of different seeds…..some sprouts we prefer to eat as is, some are great in salads, and some get juiced.
    the next step is micro-greens.

  • #208505


    An Uncluttered Diet

    Bandicoot- I’ve seen that you use soaked almonds in smoothies and salads.
    What is the idea behind the soaking?
    Does it make them easier to chop up or is it the taste you like better?
    What do you soak them in? Water?

  • #208511

    An Uncluttered Diet

    irishbell: we’ll wait to read her answer, but in the meantime I’ve heard that sprouts, including ALMOND SEED SPROUTS, are healthier and more nutritious having germinated. See: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sprouting

  • #208529


    An Uncluttered Diet

    soaked nuts and seeds:
    it appears there is some kind of protective coating on nuts and seeds….an inhibitor to protect the tiny thing.
    in nature, it needs a good soaking of rain to dissolve the coating and start the thing growing.
    dissolving the coating makes the nut/seed more digestible.
    plus…it makes for a nice texture.

    macadamias and cashews do not need to be soaked.

  • #208572

    An Uncluttered Diet

    More testimonials on the power of diet and impact food may have on people:


    Please watch this:



  • #208575


    An Uncluttered Diet

    I know that in the past I have rubbed a fine grit sandpaper on seeds and then wrapped them in damp toweling to sprout them before planting- same idea I guess.
    It never occurred to me you were sprouting the almonds!

  • #208584
  • #208634


    An Uncluttered Diet

    Thanks for the great web-sites! πŸ™‚

    I am more and more convinced that diet is the key to health…isn’t it funny, (and scary…and sad,) that the Hippocractic Oath (that doctors take upon becoming a doctor) is based on the wisdom of Hippocrates – “Let food be thy medicine, and medicine be thy food” – and very few of them follow it?

  • #208778

    An Uncluttered Diet

    Primal Substitutes for Non-Primal Foods


  • #209091

    An Uncluttered Diet

    Dr. Robert Lustig talks about sugar and obesity –





  • #209092


    An Uncluttered Diet

    artgal….it is very weird how little time is spent discussing nutrition during regular doctor education.
    so much emphasis on drugs and treatments that suppress symptoms….so little emphasis on a holistic, preventative approach.
    but, silly me! there is very little money to had by merely encouraging people to eat good food and keep moving!
    the simplest approach is usually the least expensive.

  • #209120


    An Uncluttered Diet

    bandicoot…very true, it is MASSIVELY money-motivated with kick-backs from the pharmaceutical companies to medical personnel and institutions!

    I have several people in my family right now that are very sick…if they had chosen a more holistic approach to their diseases (diseases actually caused by poor eating habits and the like) I am convinced that their health would be much better at this time…instead, they are prescribed drug-upon-drug-upon-drug by more doctors than necessary and they look to these doctors as gods…it makes me very sad πŸ™

    One of my relatives started with obesity-induced asthma…she was given steroids and assorted meds for this. The meds caused a reaction in her brain that resulted in a benign tumor…she was given meds for this. These meds caused several blot clots to appear in her legs…one traveled to her lungs…almost killed her. She was given drugs for this. The new drugs induced seizures. The seizures made it impossible for her to work or drive, so she lost her job and can’t go anywhere without assistance…now she is losing her house. Her seizure meds have made her incoherent and she has now had a stroke…she’s 50 years old and is not expected to live much longer πŸ™

    I don’t blame this entirely on the medical community (personally responsibility is also warranted) and I know not every situation can be cured by nutrition, and not all doctors are bad…but if one brave doctor had said to her “Lose 50 pounds, I’ll show you how and help you, and we’ll go from there,” I believe she would have done it and not been in this mess.

    And yes, I tried to help her…but the doctor wanted her on the meds and he “knew better” because he is a DOCTOR…(her words, not mine.)

    Don’t get me wrong…if I were in a major accident I would want trauma doctors right there and be grateful for it…but there MUST be a balance between the holistic approach and the “pills-for-every-ills” approach.

  • #209122


    An Uncluttered Diet

    I think some of what you, ArtGal, describe is typical for the U.S., but unfortunately most Western countries usually follow that example. In my own case, not one doctor has ever asked me about my weight, even though I’ve had problems with it for quite some time now. None of them has asked me “Why?” either; rather sad. That’s what I want to change or at least make an attempt at changing. Just have to pass that darn exam first.

  • #209125


    An Uncluttered Diet

    @ninakk…yes, I should clarify that I am in the U.S. (Don’t want to make it sound like it’s everywhere because I don’t know that to be true πŸ™‚ Just the fact that you are taking matters into your own hands shows that you will be successful at reaching your goals…I BELIEVE IN YOU!!! πŸ™‚ I think my biggest mind-set change was that I decided not to try to lose the weight fast (like on tv reality shows!) I set a goal of a pound a week…sometimes I hit it, sometimes not…either way, it slowly but surely began to come off. I’m not big on exercise, just like to walk in parks…and I found that once I cut out all the “low-fat,” “diet,” and gluten/wheat foods, my cravings for carbs/sugar began to disappear.

    @needtocleanhouse…the videos you are posting have become hubs and my tv watching fair in the evening…keep ’em coming! πŸ™‚

  • #209138


    An Uncluttered Diet

    artgal….i am so sad to read about your relative.
    what a dreadful series of events.
    and yes, one suspects most of it is preventable.

    personally, i don’t pay too much attention to weight.
    i believe in healthy behaviours, and health at every size.
    i see enough thin and unhealthy people and fat, healthy people around to understand the difference between correlation and cause.
    humans all need the same sorts of things for good health, regardless of size.

  • #209160

    An Uncluttered Diet

    @ArtGal: This one is great and might help someone save a life too:


    What’s a hub?

  • #209183


    An Uncluttered Diet

    “Hub” = my sweetie (Husband πŸ™‚

  • #209187
  • #209189

    An Uncluttered Diet

    If interested, sign up for free webinar given by Dr. Wahls at:


    [Excerpt from the site:

    You have an opportunity to participate in TWO FREE WEBINARS that I am doing with Saving Dinner’s Leanne Ely on April 3 and April 5 at 7:00 EST, 6:00 CST, 5:00 MST and 4:00 PST

    You can ask Dr. Wahls questions, once you enter the enrollment process!

    We are partnering to help families restore their health and vitality. Leanne’s passion is helping families have dinner together, and mine is teaching people the link between the foods we eat and the health we have or do not have.

    Our webinars will be a wonderful opportunity to learn simple techniques that will make dinner healthy and enjoyable for your whole family. If you are ready to learn more about how you can, in a matter of weeks, lose weight without being hungry and experience more vitality, more energy and a better mood, sign up for this webinar.

    If I can get out of a tilt-recline wheelchair by changing the food I eat, imagine what learning how to eat for optimal health of your cells could do for you and your family.]

  • #209247


    An Uncluttered Diet

    i have been 100% raw today and i feel terrific!

    i made some nut cheeze, some vegetable-nut patΓ©, a couple of salad dressings, a raw apple pie and stashed it all in the fridge for eating all weekend.
    so easy to throw a meal together…just chop some vegetables, dress, throw onto a bed of greens, scoop some patΓ© or cheeze on the side and it is on the table in five minutes.
    tonight i made a fennel, pear, walnut salad, with a tamari, ginger, sesame, agave dressing, on a bed of baby spinach. it was delicious!

  • #209294


    An Uncluttered Diet

    breakfast: leftover fennel/pear salad on a bed of mung bean sprouts direct fromvthe sprouter, with a scoop of vegetable and nut patΓ© on the side.
    mid-morning plans: carrot, celery, beet, ginger mint juice with a little slice of raw apple pie.

  • #209318


    An Uncluttered Diet

    Bandicoot how do you make raw apple pie?

  • #209319


    An Uncluttered Diet

    i came across a recipe for raw apple pie on one of the raw vegan sites and was in the mood for just the thing.
    i tweaked it a little.
    here is my version:

    2 cups mixed walnuts, sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds.
    1 cup soaked raisins
    1/2 apple
    place in food processor and process to a dough.
    press dough into pie tin.

    3 1/2 large apples
    a small handful of fresh dates to taste
    a big handful of dried apples
    1/2 cup sultanas
    agave syrup
    juice of 1/2 lemon
    pinch of sea salt

    place in food processor:
    1 apple
    the dried apples
    the dates
    cinnamon, sea salt, agave syrup (all to taste….you can add more later. start with 1/2 tsp cinnamon, a splash of agave, a pinch of sea salt).
    lemon juice
    blend until smoothish…..the dried apples will be a bit lumpy.
    scrape out into a big bowl.

    now put the remaining apples and sultanas into the processor and pulse until chopped small.
    mix with the dried apple mix. check the flavour.
    smooth into the pie tin.
    refrigerate for a few hours.

    insanely sweet and rich and gets better as it sits!

  • #209323


    An Uncluttered Diet

    Ooohhh thank you! I might try that over the weekend! I don’t have a food processor but I suspect that using the spice grinder for the dry seeds and a blender for the wet, and combining with some muscle for mixing might work. It sounds wildly yummy!

    I’ll have to alter the name for DH though–I’ll call it apple wedges or something like that:) he’s a crust/dough/wheat/grain lover so when I make a crustless quiche he gets all worked up about the crustless part, if I call it something else he accepts the dish on its own merit mwah ha ha.

  • #209327


    An Uncluttered Diet

    i think chopping, grinding and blending will get you there.
    let me know what you think?
    the dough doesn’t have to be a smooth paste….chunky is fine.

    crustless quiche is….frittata!

  • #209328


    An Uncluttered Diet

    Lol that is exactly what I call it:)

    And shepherds’ pie has mashed cauliflower on top instead of potatoes–and he doesn’t know the difference because he’d never had it before…
    (I’m a bit tricky dicky with these things because he is diabetic–fortunately controlled without injections–but he should be cutting out refined carbs–sugar, flour, etc–but he has no interest in diet change. The good thing is that he loves vegetables and salads and healthy foods too. As I do most of the shopping I make sure the fruit bowl is loaded up and there are plenty of veggies on hand.
    My latest idea is to do all the chopping and washing of vegetables and keeping a plate of colourful ready-to-eat vegetable sticks/cruditΓ©s on the table so he is tempted to snack on them rather than fill up on the blood-sugar spiking bad stuff.

  • #209348


    An Uncluttered Diet

    @ bandicoot…I’m trying that recipe for Easter! Thanks!

    Words I use when trying to get husband to eat something healthy without his knowledge:
    “slathered” (he doesn’t need to know it’s “slathered” with flax seeds πŸ™‚
    “lathed” …or any tool-related word. (I told my husband we were having “lathed” vegetables…he ate it because “lathed” sounded “manly” and “tool-ish”…and no, it’s not a real cooking term.)

    Same goes for words that denote muscles and workouts…For instance, one night we had “Ripped” Rice and Veggies…another night was “Cardio-Beans.”

    Is that too devious?! πŸ˜‰

  • #209355


    An Uncluttered Diet

    Lol Artgirl, that’s genius! What’s in a name, indeed

  • #209448
  • #209555

    An Uncluttered Diet

    Artgirl: What did you do to lose weight? I thought you went gluten free and it “just melted” off but it seems that you had a program or plan you followed in addition to cutting out gluten.

    I’m researching insulin resistance at the moment. It involves how the body reacts to sugar and high carbs (processed white wheat flour).



    I’ll be attending another nutrition thingy and will report back here if I learn anything.

  • #209599

    An Uncluttered Diet

    Some of the things I heard at the presentation:

    1. Cooking tomatoes increases lycopene by 4xs

    2. Cook mushrooms – there is a toxin in raw mushrooms

    3. Button mushrooms (esp the bigger ones) help decrease estrogen and decrease the risk of breast cancer in women

    4. The cholesterol of just 1 egg is off the chart

    5. Don’t worry about goitrogens in cruciferous vegs as long as you have enough iodine (from iodine in salt or sea weeds except dulse and hijiki)

  • #209616

    An Uncluttered Diet

    NTCH: There is approx 186 mg of cholesterol in the yolk of one large egg (none in the white.) The recommended daily limit is 200-300mg. Shrimp, for example, although low in fat, are about 200 mg of cholesterol in 3.5 ounces.

    One study had people eat two eggs a day (the recommendation by most dietitians is no more than four a week) and found that this diet raised the LDL (“bad” cholesterol) by 10% and the HDL (“good” cholesterol) by 7%.

    I think eggs can be part of a healthy diet — just need to be conscious of how many you are eating!

  • #209624

    An Uncluttered Diet

    NTCH, when I had gestational diabetes, I learned quickly that natural was better. I could eat whole grains and honey, but not white bread or jelly. I would eat 3 bites of dessert, with no ill effects. I also noticed ANY type of fast food would wreck my sugar levels for the rest of the day – even if I ordered the healthiest thing on the menu.

    As for eggs, the yolk of the egg actually contains the very things needed to counteract any ill effects. Most doctors now recommend eating the whole egg, and many say one a day is not a bad thing.

  • #209625


    An Uncluttered Diet

    i have eaten raw mushrooms for decades.
    as for eggs = evil, that is very out-moded dietary advice.
    and eating avocado with salsa also increases lycopene absorption fourfold.

  • #209628


    An Uncluttered Diet

    if you eat one egg it does not mean that body “absorbs” the cholesterol. once i read about a scientific study: the participants had to eat 7 eggs a day (SEVEN!) for about a month or so. the conclusion was that and the cholesterol level was the same as before.
    and there is no proved correlation of cholesterol and heart diseases etc. from my point of view the whole cholesterol thing is scaremongering.

  • #209635

    An Uncluttered Diet

    I love, and I mean LOVE, eggs! I even have a cookbook on different ways to cook them. I love things made primarily with eggs like custards tho not so much omettes (I prefer my eggs sunny side up, over easy, soft boiled – love raw yolks). I’ll put them in sukiyaki, raw, any day; and OHM cracked over hot rice with a little soy sauce is heaven. Some like it with grated mountain yam and egg and soy sauce. I like it that way too. If you don’t like the texture of okra tho, you won’t like the texture of the egg or egg/yam over hot rice. I like okra.

    I have always believed eggs are good for me (in moderation, like other things).

    So I was surprised to hear the reports from this speaker who researches medical research, at the cutting edge. The speaker said the egg industry has done a good job of misleading the public. It gave me food for thought. I’ll need to do my own research on it but I do believe in keeping an open mind and independent non judgmental thought.

    Here’s some research on this and a link to a site with lots of health related research reports:


    One thing I need to do (idea reinforced by the speaker) is to increase vegs.

  • #209636
  • #209658


    An Uncluttered Diet

    really funny. if you google for the german words for eggs and cholesterol (eier, cholesterin) the first articles are
    – health: the fairy story of the bad egg-cholesterol
    – myth: eggs increase the cholesterol level
    – cholesterol level: eggs are not the problem
    – cholesterol: the fear of cholesterol in eggs is unsubstatiated

    either itΒ΄s a cultural difference or the german egg industry works pretty well? i have had a cholesterol level of 182 a few weeks ago, so excuse me for eating eggs, butter and enormous heaps of prawns πŸ˜‰

  • #209661


    An Uncluttered Diet

    @ needtocleanhouse…I should clarify; the weight melted off, but it was (and still is) a slooooooooow melt…and I’m making sure of that for a reason.

    When I first went cold-turkey-gluten-free, I lost about 20 pounds VERY quickly. Then I discovered gluten-free goodies…and since I felt deprived…I quickly gained back the weight due to overindulgence πŸ™ BAD!

    I read some research on the dangers of losing weight too quickly…in that fat is a storage for toxins and when you burn it off quickly, a lot of toxins are released rapidly into the body…not good for the liver and other cleansing organs. So I set a goal of one pound of weight loss per week, this fluxes considerably…sometimes it’s nothing…sometimes only a half pound…sometimes I stagnate for a few weeks. So my only true plan was that I wouldn’t concentrate on the weight, but I would concentrate on the new way of eating and cooking for one year and I would heal my “innards.” πŸ™‚

    I was told this would take at least a year. I felt results in the first week, but it did take a year+ to feel totally up to speed.

    I am not a big fan of scheduled exercise (because I am lazy πŸ™‚ but I do walk quite a bit now (because I’m not in pain) and I do yoga occasionally for the stretching benefits. Most of my exercise is just regular people stuff…going up and down stairs for laundry, working in the yard, etc…all things that I couldn’t do for many years…and this has aided my weight loss and allowed me to gain some muscle back…which I had totally lost over the years.

    The hardest part of the whole thing was re-learning what to eat and how to cook it. That is on-going…which is why I am quite enjoying the info you are publishing…more please! πŸ™‚

  • #209664
  • #209689

    An Uncluttered Diet


    Caveat: This is connected with a promotion free gifts offered plus free trial subscription to a newsletter – that becomes a paying membership – the catch

    But watching the video (without signing up for anything) is informative! It was for me anyway!

  • #209708
  • #209732

    An Uncluttered Diet


    Recipe: UltraBroth
    by Dr Mark Hyman

    * May 30th, 2010
    * Recipes

    THE ULTRABROTH IS a wonderful, filling snack that will also provide you with many healing nutrients and alkalinize your system, making it easier to detoxify, lose weight, and feel great. The recipe can be varied according to taste.


    For every three quarts of water add:
    1 large onion, chopped
    2 carrots, sliced
    1 cup of daikon or white radish root and tops (ideal, but optional)
    1 cup of winter squash cut into large cubes
    1 cup of root vegetables: turnips, parsnips, and rutabagas for sweetness
    2 cups of chopped greens: kale, parsley, beet greens, collard greens, chard, dandelion,
    cilantro or other greens
    2 celery stalks
    Β½ cup of sea weed: nori, dulse, wakame, kelp, or kombu
    Β½ cup of cabbage
    4 Β½-inch slices of fresh ginger
    2 cloves of whole garlic (not chopped or crushed)
    Sea salt, to taste
    1 cup fresh or dried shitake or maitake mushrooms (If available; these contain powerful immune boosting properties.)

    Add all the ingredients at once and place on a low boil for approximately 60 minutes. It may take a little longer. Simply continue to boil to taste.

    Cool, strain (throw out the cooked vegetables), and store in a large, tightly-sealed glass container in the fridge.

    Simply heat gently and drink up to 3–4 cups a day.

    Makes: 2 quarts or 8 cups
    Prep time: 30 minutes
    Cook time: 60 minutes

    Nutrition Facts Per Serving:

    STRAINED: Cal: 5 Pro: 0 Fat:0 Carbohydrate: 0

    BLENDED: Cal: 60 Pro: 0 Fat: 0 Carbohydrate: 14

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  • #209735

    An Uncluttered Diet

    From _Ultra Prevention_ by Drs. Hyman and Liponis (p 315):

    The most common sleep disorder (and most underdiagnosed) is sleep apnea. If you experience excessive daytime sleepiness, fatigue, snoring, and have been seen to stop breathing in the middle of the night by a partner, you could be one of the many undiagnosed sufferers of this condition Your risk of increased blood pressure and heart diseaseis hight; diagnosis and treatment are necessary. Get an overnight sleep study done in a sleep lab. It might just save your life!

    I talked to a woman who was going to get tested after we spoke about sleep apnea because she said she was proud that she could sleep anywhere and also realized that in addition to snoring and being tired all the time, she would stumble around when she woke up and thought now that we were talking about it that it might be due to lack of oxygen brought on by sleep apnea.

  • #209760

    An Uncluttered Diet

    Hi ArtGal. I’ve been researching foodstuff because like you I am starting to change the way I eat. I think everyone is different so what’s good for one may not be right for another. Some people can eat gluten, some can’t, as one example of that.

    I’m reading _Ultra Prevention_ by Drs. Hyman and Liponis right now. They have a 6 week plan. Step one of their plan goes for the first 2 weeks and it is to “remove” by clearing the sludge, eliminate the waste, remove the rust, cool the heat, and end the burnout.

    1. Go through the kitchen and throw out all foods that list hydrogenated oil or partially hydrogenated vegetable oil – the most common foods containing these are margarine, crackers, chips, packaged baked goods, and store-bought snacks. Eliminate all refined oils. Reduce saturated animal fat. Eliminate sugar (including white pasta, white bread, white rice, and white potatoes). Eliminate carbonated drinks (including diet) and excess salt. THROW OUT PROCESSED FOODS. Reduce or remove caffeine, excess animal protein, excess alcohol, vitamins/meds with fillers, natural food carcinogens and toxis (including peanut butter (aflatoxin) unless organic brand that screens for it and/or keep refrigerated, hydrazine (a carcinogenic compound that is found in RAW mushrooms – cooking destroys it), charred/grilled meats which contain carcinogens known as heterocyclic amines which cause colorectal cancer, acrylamide (found in baked goods and fried starches).

    There are other steps; some include:

    Cut down or elimnate low nutrient-to-calorie ratios – low-NCR foods have a lot of calories relative to their nutrient content; increase antioxidant-rich foods; redue or elimnate sugar; remove rancid fats (consider keeping nuts and veg oils in the fridge).

    Skipping ahead to step 2 and the second 2 weeks, they talk about eating anti-inflammatory foods and avoiding inflammatory ones. I’ll post those later. But they also mentioned including special anti-inflammatory nutrients: Bromelain (pineapple), capsaicin (cayenne), carnosol and carnosic acid (rosemary), carvacrol (oregano), curcumin (tumeric), gingrol & shagaol (ginger), trans-resveratrol (purple grapes), Thymol (thyme), quercetin (onions, apples, tea).

    Also wanted to mention D’Adamo and this other person who both talk about blood type determining what foods are good/bad/neutral for each blood type; and D’Adamo now talking about foods in connection with genotypes.

    There’s a lot of information out there so it’s confusing, sometimes seemingly contradictory. I also think what is “good” for a specific person changes as we go along in life and as we ourselves change.

    I’ve started a [long] table/chart indicating what different people say about different foods so the ones everyone agrees on I’ll feel are promising.

    So for the first step I’ve started to transfer from my pantry on to storage closet shelving away from the kitchen, processed goods and things with sugar. It’s cleared up my pantry (Yea!) and is a visual reminder of just how much unhealthy stuff I had in my pantry. What a wake up call. Whew! I know I love me my sugar but picking it up and taking it and storing it on the special shelving made me SEE it so clearly!

  • #209767


    An Uncluttered Diet

    i love sugar too, and when i went through my pantry i had several different kinds:
    honey….several types
    maple syrup
    an amazing vanilla sugar sent by a friend….it is pulverised whole pods with sugar and smells amazing

    and now i have added:
    xylitol (don’t think i will buy this one again, purely because it is more processed than i want)
    yacΓ³n syrup (amazing stuff, like a cross between caramel and molasses and is sweet due to inulin content)
    agave syrup…light and dark.

    since going raw vegan, most of that sugar has just been sitting there, unused.
    i will keep it for guests though.

  • #209804

    An Uncluttered Diet

    Sugar Cravings: http://www.womenshealthmag.com/nutrition/how-sugar-harms-you?cm_mmc=Fit_Life-_-Original-_-The%2010%20Most%20Despicable%20Donuts-_-Curb%20Your%20Sweet%20Tooth

    Hidden Food Sensitivities: http://drhyman.com/blog/2012/02/22/how-hidden-food-sensitivities-make-you-fat/

    I am reading Hyman’s _The Ultrasimple Diet_ where he proposes a 7 day program to start. A key component of his program is “The UltraBath.” Take a 20 minute UltraBath just before bed every night by adding 2 cups of Epsom salts 1 cup of baking soda and 10 drops of lavender oil to bathwater as hot as you can tolerate. For an extra powerful detox, wrap yourself in towels immediately after the bath, get in bed under the covers and sweat for 20 minutes, then remove the towels and go to sleep. You can go directly to sleep without rinsing off after the bath. The concoction is supposed to help you get alkaline. I rather liked the UltraBath idea and will try it soon. Sounds heavenly! [In another one of his books, _Ultra-Prevention_, pp 313-314, Hyman uses this formula instead: 1/2 to 1 cup Epsom salts and the same amount of baking soda to give benefits of magnesium absorbed through the skin [something I feel I am low on] and the alkaline balancing effects of baking soda, both of which aid sleep, combined with aromatherapy which can induce relaxation hormones in the brain and reduce cortisol levels (something I’m actually low on but taking supplements for) – 10 drops of a soothing essential oil such as lavender, vanilla, or sandalwood.]

    From _Ultra-Prevention_ pp 299-300:

    Anti-inflammatory foods:

    Starches: nongluten grains including brown rice, millet, quinoa, amaranth, teff, tapioca, and buckwheat

    Fruits: unsweetened fresh fruit

    Fish and meat: fresh fish, including salmon, halibut cod, sole, trout, wild game, lean chicken and [lean] beef

    Legumes: peas, beans, and lentils

    Nuts and seeds: almonds, cashews, walnuts, pecans, hazelnuts, Brazil nuts, sesame seeds (tahini), sunflower and pumpkin seeds, and nut butters made of these

    Dairy products: Only milk alternatives, soy, rice, or almond milk. Or drink low or nonfat varieties, same for solid dairy such as yogurt.

    Vegs: Almost anything- raw, steamed, sauteed, juiced or baked

    Fats: olive oil, flaxseed oil, expeller-pressed sunflower, sesame, walnut, pumpkin, or almond oils

    Beverages: at least 8 glasses of filtered or distilled water a day; herbal teas are also good

    Spices and herbs: cinnamon, cumin, turmeric, garlic, ginger, dill, oregano, parsley, rosemary, coriander, tarragon, and thyme

    Sweeteners: keep to a minimum, but can use fruit sweeteners or brown rice syrup










    From: http://drhyman.com/blog/2012/02/22/how-hidden-food-sensitivities-make-you-fat/
    Three Ways to Identify Food Allergies
    1. Get a blood test. Blood testing for IgG food allergens (www.immunolabs.com and other labs) can help you to identify hidden food allergies. While these tests do have limitations and need to be interpreted in the context of the rest of your health, they can be useful guides to what’s bothering YOU in particular. When considering blood tests for allergens, it’s always a good idea to work with a doctor or nutritionist trained in dealing with food allergies.
    2. Go dairy- and gluten-free for 6 weeks. Dairy and gluten are the most common triggers of food allergies. For patients who have trouble losing weight, I often recommend a short elimination, as part of the The Blood Sugar Solution. Both dairy (milk, cheese, butter, and yogurt) and gluten (most often found in wheat, barley, rye, oats, spelt, triticale, and kamut) are linked to insulin resistance and, therefore, weight gain. Temporarily cutting them out of the diet, allows the inflamed gut to heal. This one move may be the single most important thing most you can do to lose weight.
    3. Avoid the top food allergens. If you don’t feel a sense of relief from nixing dairy and gluten, you may need to take the elimination diet one step further by cutting out the top food allergens: gluten, dairy, corn, eggs, soy, nuts, nightshades (tomatoes, bell peppers, potatoes, and eggplant), citrus, and yeast (baker’s, brewer’s yeast, and fermented products like vinegar). Try this for a full six weeks. That is enough time to feel better and notice a change. When you reintroduce a top food allergen, eat it at least 2-3 times a day for 3 days to see if you notice a reaction. If you do, note the food and eliminate it for 90 days.
    [My sugar/highsugarystuff inventory: granulated cane, 5 types of brown sugars, molasses, honeys (including 2 huge bottles used for baking honey cakes and ginger breads), agave, powdered/confectioner’s, lots of dif types of jams and jellies, mincemeat, choc frosting, caramel syrup, dark choc syrup, 5-10 flavored stevias, sugar-free coffee flavorings (hazelnut and chocolate), cranberry sauces/jellied, mint jelly for lamb, butterscotch chips, dark choc chips, mixed mint/choc chips, semisweet choc chips, homemade ginger sauce, jello/puddings both sugar free and regular, splenda, liquors/liquers for baking scrummy things that I mostly gift away, sweet bbq sauce, ketchup, dates, dates soaking in rum to be used for date rum cake, figs, prune preserves, apricot juice to be used for honey cake, sweet chile sauce, Yoshida’s teriyaki sauce (the best!), sesame salad dressing – EGADS and YIKES!]

  • #209830

    An Uncluttered Diet

    The more I read about insulin and insulin resistance the more I think twice about putting that extra simple carb in my mouth, especially the non-nourishing kinds. Choice for dinner out was half of a Chinese chicken salad and 3 [measly] steamed gau gees with ginger and green onion dip instead of capitol pork chops or sizzling pork or kau yuk with steamed white buns or almond duck (shredded duck pressed, floured, and deep fried then covered with sweet sour sauce and almond silvers) or anything over cake noodles or salted preserved duck eggs πŸ˜‰ I get this image of a ton load of insulin being released overwhelming my system and then turning into fat within 2 or 3 hours because of the insulin overload. That image stopped me from the popcorn, hot dog, drink combo (because you know I hardly ever ever eat that) at the movies as well, and had me stopping instead at a grocery store for watercress and Shanghai cabbage (pak choi?).


  • #209850


    An Uncluttered Diet

    @needtocleanhouse…I was studying your post on anti-inflammatory diet…my diet right now is pretty spot-on to what you wrote…(except for the peanut butter)…so that is good πŸ™‚
    I was, however, noticing that I did have spikes of water-weight gain (7lbs OVERNIGHT!) occasionally…I am wondering if this has more to do with the insulin thing? Hmmmmmmm. My downfall is gluten-free PopChips and good chocolate…not a lot, but apparently enough to cause an issue…will monitor and see if this is the culprit.

    P.S. I have my lovely hubby drinking juiced fruits and veggies at dinner…IT’S GOING TO SNOW!!!
    (Uh no, I didn’t TELL him it was juiced fruits and veggies because if he knew there was kale in it I think he would fall out…he thinks its a smoothie…see, it’s that word thing again…SMOOTHIE sounds way-better than KALE-COCKTAIL! πŸ™‚

  • #210000

    An Uncluttered Diet

    @ArtGal: Very interesting! I’ll look into it! Not enough time now but wanted to note that one book I’m reading on insulin resistance says to balance each unit of simple carb with a unit of protein and no more than 2 units of simple carb per meal (at least 2 hours apart for each 2 units of carbs). can have protein, protein w/ complex carb, or complex carb – but always if you have simple carb to combine with protein. more later.

    found this so far: http://ronjrandall.com/secret-diet-tips-for-a-lean-body/starchy-carbohydrates-discover-when-not-to-eat-those-starchy-carbs-how-it-effects-your-weight/

  • #210021


    An Uncluttered Diet

    i got my first batch of sauerkraut happening this afternoon.
    red cabbage/green cabbage/carrot/apple/ginger/onion, all chopped fine and salted down and immersed in brine in a huge glass jar with an airlock.
    i am so excited about this! it looks gorgeous!
    if it is the best thing ever, i might invest in some pickl-it jars.
    we don’t need huge 4 litre jars of stuff around here and the pickl-its come in smaller sizes.

  • #210039


    An Uncluttered Diet

    Mmmmm….bandicoot sauerkraut is the best thing ever!

  • #210060


    An Uncluttered Diet

    it is bubbling away slowly out there.
    and i have covered the jar with a towel because i read that light kills off the helpful microbes.
    i am interested in making fermented sauces and other things in smaller batches.
    we like variety, not huge quantities of any one thing.
    and the jar needs to be filled up when fermenting.
    solution? a smaller jar.

  • #210153

    An Uncluttered Diet


  • #210200


    An Uncluttered Diet

    and now we are EATING the sauerkraut.
    omg it is soooooo delicious!
    i like a bowlful with a big dollop of fermented mayonnaise on top!
    canned sauerkraut is dead, lifeless, ugly, pointless food.
    this stuff is amazing.

    my next batch….i want kimchi flavours, but sauerkraut crunch.
    i think i will chop up a batch of regular cabbage with carrot/apple/onion/capsicum and prepare it with a hybrid kimchi/kraut style.

  • #210203


    An Uncluttered Diet

    @ bandicoot…could you post your sauerkraut recipe? I googled for a recipe on the internet and they all sound too complicated…yours sounds easy and delicious! πŸ™‚

  • #210231


    An Uncluttered Diet

    i started with this jar and airlock.
    i shredded and chopped carrot/ red cabbage/ green cabbage/ red onion/ green apple/ garlic/ ginger until i had slaw i liked the look and taste of.
    i salted it at a rate of 3 tablespoons sea salt per 2 kilos slaw.
    i worked the salt into every bit of the slaw thoroughly.
    i packed the slaw into the jar, to the neck.
    i put the supplied spare lid on top, to keep the vegetables under the brine that was forming.
    i waited a few minutes, then topped up the jar with a quick salt and water brine i made ( 2 cups water, 1 tsp sea salt), and poured that in until everything was covered in brine.
    i pressed the vegetables own as much as possible, screwed on the lid with airlock, covered the jar with a towel ( to keep light out) and waited four days.
    each day, i tasted the kraut, to check on it.
    when it stopped bubbling, we started eating the kraut!
    changed the airlock to a grommet (supplied) and put the jar in the fridge.

    we are having kraut for breakfast.
    we can’t get enough of it!

  • #210245
  • #210302

    An Uncluttered Diet

    How to make your own nut and seed flours:


    Grow your own celery from the one you purchased from the grocery:


  • #210463


    An Uncluttered Diet

    we had a marvellous dinner this evening!
    i bought some vietnamese rice paper and shredded cukes, celery, carrot, tomato.
    we had fresh basil, chives, parsley, radish sprouts.
    we stuffed rice paper with a bit of everything and rolled them up.
    they looked adorable, and they tasted fantastic with a quick dipping sauce made from peanut butter, sesame oil, fish sauce, palm sugar, garlic, ginger, chilli, vinegar, enough water to thin it out.
    so simple, so fast and so good.

  • #210467


    An Uncluttered Diet

    Sounds absolutely delish, bandicoot! We always keep rice paper on hand–such deliciousness!

  • #210617
  • #210626


    An Uncluttered Diet

    @needtocleanhouse…love the recipes on the “no sugar/no flour” website…will reference often! πŸ™‚

  • #210636

    An Uncluttered Diet

    @ArtGal – thanks for pointing the recipes out. I hadn’t noticed that part but now that I look at it the recipes look yummy and helpful to avoid sugar and flour!

    glycemic index vs glycemic load:


    Office of Dietary Supplements, National Institutes of Health:


  • #211360


    An Uncluttered Diet

    Anita…I LOVE KALE!!!
    Have you ever made kale chips in the oven? Easy to make and oh so healthy! Also, kale freezes well…so i stock up while it’s available and freeze it for soups, etc, later.

    We do “Big Salad Mondays.” Basically I take everything that can be put in a salad (including week-end leftovers) and make a huge salad for dinner and lunches the next day…each week I make a new dressing to test on the big salad. Unusual combinations are the best! πŸ™‚

    Kale-Chips Recipe @

  • #211362


    An Uncluttered Diet

    @ArtGal – I read Katheats regularly, and she has some great recipes/meals! I can’t doctor up my oatmeal the way she does though, just walnuts and raisins for me. πŸ™‚

  • #211378


    An Uncluttered Diet

    @pkilmain…walnuts, raisins, and DARK CHOCOLATE CHIPS!!! (I know, not so healthy, but man is it ever GOOOOOD! πŸ™‚

  • #211391

    An Uncluttered Diet

    @ArtGal: Please share salad dressing success formulas, please πŸ˜›

    Salad dressings make salads and I’m interested in learning how to make some, esp “healthy” ones that compliment greens and make them tastier without adding a whole lot of calories. Under my anti candida food plan (when, if I go to it), no vinegar and dairy and sugar; and then under the diet plan (when I go to it) no sugar (but stevia allowed) and dairy and oil/fat. I usually go with lemon when I am on those plans, but that’s not so tasty just alone like that. Have you found/made any without vinegar and dairy and oil?

    If you go to the Smoothies and recipes threads there’s a picture and link for making kale ice cubes – for smoothies, but would be good for soup stock or sauce base too. I’ve come to like kale. I posted a link for growing kale on the deadline dec 2012 thread too. I’m going to grow some. Maybe I should make a growing your own food challenge link πŸ˜‰ Do you grow things, besides nurturing children? There is also a link for 52 kale recipes on the recipe link. Off to purchase kale seeds …

    Just came across this story on macrobiotics and Madonna:


  • #211401
  • #211437

    An Uncluttered Diet

    I’m reading a book on carb addiction and it’s spot on (for me) and what I’ve described here and noticed about myself. Here’s a test for it from the book:


  • #211778


    An Uncluttered Diet

    @needtocleanhouse…I have this great book called “Salad Makes the Meal” by Wiley Mullins…although he uses oil and vinegar for his dressings, I just sub a citrus juice for the vinegar and applesauce or a pureed vegetable for the oil in his recipes.

    For instance, for his “Carrot-Ginger Dressing:”

    3 carrots, coarsely chopped
    2 shallots, coarsely chopped
    1/2 t dried ginger
    6 T citrus juice of choice (he uses rice wine vinegar)
    6 T water
    3 T applesauce or pureed veggie of choice (this is where he uses the oil)
    salt and pepper
    1 T sesame seeds (preferably roasted)

    Place everything in a blender and puree.

    I have found that I don’t miss the oil or the vinegar and it’s fun to experiment with the combinations. Also, if you make a batch that your really like, you can just freeze it in cubes for later! πŸ™‚

    I WISH I could grow things! I just don’t have a green thumb unless I’m painting! πŸ™‚
    I do have a fantasy me that is living on an organic farm and growing the most wonderful veggies…but alas, it is only a dream.

    I’m checking out that carb addiction thing right now!

  • #211800

    An Uncluttered Diet

    @ArtGal – Thank you for the recipe and book resource!!! I’ll be looking at it later today!

    Just came across this article talking about 1/4 of US teens being prediabetic!


  • #212100
  • #212290


    An Uncluttered Diet

    Read a really interesting book…”Fit for Life” by Harvey and Marilyn Diamond (originally written in 1985 and updated frequently.) In this book they talk about the body’s natural rhythms and the digestion process and how to combine foods for optimal digestion and absorption…pretty interesting concepts so I thought I’d give it a whirl. I’ve been following the program for 2 weeks now and I am finding it works very well for my system. I can incorporate my gluten-free food easily into it too.

    BREAKFAST: All the fruit and fruit juices you like until noon…preferably fresh, not canned. This time of the day is for light and easily digested foods.
    LUNCH: Fresh vegetable juices, salads, steamed veggies, raw nuts and seeds or veggie-based sandwiches.
    DINNER: Grains, breads, potatoes, legumes, meats, dairy (but not ALL of them at once, pick ONE! You don’t combine dairy with meat, for instance πŸ™‚ and add veggies (as much as you want.)

    Basically, fruits are eaten separately from other foods…concentrated foods (meat, dairy, nuts) are combined individually with veggies always…so for dinner, I might have a veggie salad with lemon/oil dressing and cheese OR meat OR nuts on it. I know I’m not explaining it as well as the book, but it has been very easy and I have had WAY more energy!

    The way they explained it was that if you combine the foods correctly, then your system doesn’t have to work as hard to digest (the incorrect combining is what makes you sluggish…think the “after-Thansgiving Day-dinner-blues” πŸ™‚
    These are things our ancestors did naturally, but with the invention of processed/convenience food we kinda lost the concept and the know-how.

    And, after a 4 month long stagnation of my weight loss goals, I’ve kick-started my metabolism and have lost 6 more pounds…71 pounds lost (total)…40 more to go! (Slowly, but surely! πŸ™‚

    P.S. LOT’S of great, simple recipes in the book as well.

  • #212391

    An Uncluttered Diet

    @ArtGal: Congratulations on the wt loss and kick-start on your metabolism! Fantastical!

    I just started reading _The Paleo Solution_ by Robb Wolf and wanted to mention it to you to read before deciding on a vegetarian or vegan diet. It’s very interesting. I’ve been reading a lot of books and all of them finger carbs and sugars (including fruit). I started off wanting to know about insulin resistance and branched off into related areas. They all pointed to high carb and sugar diets as being unhealthy and bringing wt gain, leading to insulin problems including diabetes. They all fit in to my particular blood type diet as well. One blood type, either O or A, does better with veg and no or little meats. I don’t know if the blood type books are true or not. Oh, Wolf says to stay away from all grains and dairy and something else, slips my mind at the moment.

    I ordered the salad book.

  • #212404


    An Uncluttered Diet

    @needtocleanhouse…many thanks!

    Yes, I have heard of the Paleo way of eating and I think it too fits my new eating profile. I am blood type A negative and have found that vegetarian, most of the time, is best on my system. I don’t think I could do TOTAL vegetarianism or veganism but I am enjoying experimenting with recipes of both styles. You’re right about the dairy…I have found that this too causes me major “bloaties” and skin problems.

    I think that combining all the knowledge from all of the sources and seeing what works, while overwhelming at first, actually has resulted in a very simple way of eating…and grocery shopping! Now I avoid 75% of the grocery store because I just can’t eat it without health issues…who needs the temptation!? Added bonus: grocery bill is WAY down from this time last year.

    My husband is convinced that we will soon be sitting down to a dinner of “air and water”…funny, funny little man! πŸ™‚

  • #212433

    An Uncluttered Diet

    My blood type allows dairy and I seem crave and do well with it – I’ll be observant and test dairy. Goat milk is supposed to be good for me and I love it as well as feta cheese.

    I know what you mean about avoiding 75% of the grocery store. So much processed food, sugars, and carbs (in my case). But I don’t avoid it all … yet …

    Air and water next step unsoon …

  • #212549

    An Uncluttered Diet

    @ArtGal – I just read a booklet from my MD’s office, _An Introduction to Toxic Food Syndrome_ by Jeffrey S. Zavik with Jim Thompson, thought you’d be interested and wanted to share it with you. They’ve developed a test to determine an individual person’s food sensitivities and toxicities. I’ll be seeing my doc soon so I’ll ask him about it. I assume he uses or refers people for this testing. It’s called the Immuno I Bloodprint – method of toxic food testing. Referrals to physicians familiar with the testing – in US call toll free 800.231.9197. Outside of US, 954.691.2500. Here’s Zavik’s website:


    (I think you can get a free download of his booklet or other information there)

  • #212719


    An Uncluttered Diet

    @needtocleanhouse…Thank you so much!

    I am finding that the more I know and practice, the better I feel…is that true for you as well? It is very rare for me to have a “sick-day” in the past year+…and I am so grateful! πŸ™‚

    Adding potatoes to my watch list…causes itchy eyes and runny nose for me πŸ˜›

    Found another interesting “Food as Medicine” website (called The Doctor Cooks) with lots of great recipes, etc:

  • #212741

    An Uncluttered Diet

    @ArtGal: thank you too for the link. Looks very good! And I just found this test on the better health site:


    I’m definitely going to talk to my MD about it when I see him (soon)!

    I’m thinking about your question. I’m glad that you found that the more you know and practice the better you feel.

  • #212768

    An Uncluttered Diet

    Paleo links:

    http://everydaypaleo.com/ (she has a bunch of links on this page)





    I have just finished Wolf’s paleo book. I think you, ArtGal, would find it very interesting, especially when he talks about grains.

  • #212818

    An Uncluttered Diet

    Saw a list of things that some are allergic to and it includes potato. (Also eggplant, tomato, dairy, peppers, eggs, soy)

  • #212822


    An Uncluttered Diet

    Good links…Thanks!
    I’m checking out the Paleo diet…not too bad…definitely “uncluttered!” πŸ™‚
    (LOVE the podcasts on the Everyday Paleo site.)

    OOOOOOOOH NOOOOOOOOO…not tomatoes and peppers too! That’s what I had for dinner last night and I woke up with the puffy eyes…thought it was from pollen…maybe not πŸ™

    All I know is that I’d better be able to have an occasional piece of dark chocolate or there is going to be a big, BIG problem!!!

  • #212870

    An Uncluttered Diet

    My girlfriend who recently was diagnosed with Celiac’s has a lot of food allergies and asthma. I’m wondering if it’s related or maybe the food allergies go away once the body heals itself when gluten is avoided.

    Deadly Nightshade plants – some people are sensitive to them. I just googled and found these things about it.

    My naturalpath does an elimination diet to determine food sensitivities. He says allergy tests are only 75 percent accurate. I suspect the Immuno I test is supposed to be more accurate and is it’s claim to fame. I’ll ask my MD about this when I go in (soon).





    PS I just received the salad book and it looks so good (esp the part about the author losing 60 lbs from eating salads!) πŸ˜›

  • #213238

    An Uncluttered Diet

    well, saw the doctor and he felt since i’m going on a restricted food plan anyway soon (HCG diet), that there was no need to do the test. i thought tho i may have misunderstood or mis-extrapolated that after doing HCG diet that I could then test by adding suspect foods one at a time.

    He said his strong suspicion my tiredness after eating pizza was due to wheat rather than an insulin spike … he said wheat and dairy are allergens for many.

  • #213368


    An Uncluttered Diet

    Our refrigerator and cabinets are uncluttered now because of my husband’s temporal arteritis and consequent ingestion of massive doses of Prednisone. He must eat simply for a very long time, possibly indefinitely. I have cleared out certain seasonings and such which will be stale by the time his dosage is reduced enought to try to let some items back into his diet.I am not a foodie–I cook primarily for him, so I am happy–happier than he–to eat simply.
    If you haven’t looked at your spice jars lately, you might be surprised at how old they are.
    When we had two kids at home, I used to do a good clean-outof the fridge before vacations, which kept it in order. The diets were simple then, too, since the kids were picky and preferred plain foods.
    Does anyone have any good ideas for hungry husbands who live to eat but cannot have much sodium, sugar, or “white” carbs?

  • #213370

    An Uncluttered Diet

    What kind of things does he like?

    I’m wondering if the Paleo Diet would work for him? There are links in this thread in a prior post to lots of Paleo sites. No white carbs or sugar on Paleo – not sure about sodium but you can always cut it out.

  • #213371


    An Uncluttered Diet

    Thanks, I’ll look back.
    He likes Mediterranean things,feta and other cheeses (tons of salt, but we compromise with emmanteler-lower sodium ), breads (sodium in almost all except Ezekiel and it is so dry ), sweets of all sorts (no-no), pasta (yes, we use whole wheat now). I am amazed at howmuch sodium is in foods. We switched to unsalted butter and gave up o.j. It is boring, though, and I will check out the Paleo. Thanks again.

  • #213398

    An Uncluttered Diet

    Almond flour recipes (gluten free recipes):


    There was a conversation about gluten free web sites. Elana’s (above link) has a bunch of them. I have her book on almond flour desserts. She used agave.

    Would stevia (natural) or artificial sweeteners work? Splenda has a sugar replacement that works just like sugar. There have been conversations about this somewhere on this site but I don’t remember where.

    yummy almond flour banana pancake using almond flour, egg, mashed very ripe banana, milk or water, baking soda is a satisfying substitution. I have a sweet tooth too (tho less now) and find this almond flour pancake to fill that need. I looked for alternatives to wheat and grains when I was on an anti candida diet and was missing my sweets and baked goods and found almond flour. If you do a search for gluten free food blogs there are lots of recipes and ideas out there. There are a bunch of paleo web sites and books on paleo including paleo recipe books.

    Try the green smoothie thread on this site – green smoothies are yummy, can be sweet if you add sweet fruit, easy and fast. I’ll find the thread and post on it to bring it up to the top for you to see. I’m not sure but having green smoothies on a regular basis might have helped bring my cholesterol down by 30 points. And here’s Dr. Wahl’s information on healthy food plan that can cure illness (she experimented on herself and cured herself):


    Someone on this site is doing raw foods and might that be an alternative for you?

    Brave new world of alternative cooking for us to discover and explore. It’s a bit scary and frustrating and sometimes aggravating at first, but there really are easy simple delicious foods using alternative flours and things.

    Bon chance and bon appetite! Please share yummy recipes with us on the “2012 Recipes to Declutter Your Kitchen By & Other Frolics in the Kitchen” thread on this site. πŸ™‚

    PS I love Genesis 1:29 bread – tho grains are not allowed on the paleo diet.

  • #213401


    An Uncluttered Diet

    @needtocleanhouse…yes, pizza used to put me into a virtual coma…I would guesstimate that at my sickest I slept 16-18 hours out of the day…not fun. I am excited for you because you will experience health like you never thought possible…I was astonished at how quickly the body heals when allowed to.

    @ liag…welcome! I too experienced extreme boredom with my new eating lifestyle…it gets better, and you will find that as you and hubby progress through it you will no longer crave the high-salt/high-sugar foods. At first, everything will taste VERY bland…your tastebuds will adjust though. I used to be able to eat a whole bag of Fritos…I can’t even eat one Frito now because of the salt…don’t crave it and don’t like it! Paleo is working best for me…although I eat more veggies/fruits/nuts than meat.

    P.S. Yes, Stevia is great in recipes…no calories and all natural! You can buy it in granules just like sugar now.

  • #213421


    An Uncluttered Diet

    Thank you, all you wonderful, resourceful people.

  • #213436


    An Uncluttered Diet

    liag, I almost never cook pasta anymore since discovering how much I like cabbage! Shredded cabbage, sauteed with a little olive oil, goes well with tons of other vegetables (my faves: onion and fennel) and tastes incredible with red pasta-type sauces OR with a cream sauce. I make mine the lazy way (no roux) – just add a little sour cream, half & half, and some crumbled gorgonzola and stir it through the hot cabbage.

    If your hubby likes fish and your budget allows, I recommend poke tuna rice. I cook red or purple rice and while it is burbling, dice up a slab of ahi, marinate in lime juice with red chili flakes and a tiny dusting of sea salt. When rice is finished, stir in the fish till it heats through (if you don’t like it rare, just leave the heat on in the rice cooker and it will cook in a flash).

  • #213447


    An Uncluttered Diet

    Oh, that sounds yummy! Wonder how it would work with salmon (of which I have plenty).

  • #213480

    An Uncluttered Diet

    @ArtGal: Really? Slept 16-18 hours out of the day? Wow! Actually, that sounds like something I would like to do – or at least half sleep and half lounge around in bed. I’ll be going on the very low calorie potion of the HCG diet and my wheat will be limited to 2 grissini sticks a day. Do you think even that little might affect me? Would it affect you? It probably would affect my girlfriend who has Celiac’s. I do hope I feel as great as you predict!

  • #213492


    An Uncluttered Diet

    @ntch: Yes…sadly, really…it was a combination of sleeping and lounging (but mostly sleeping)…and a LOT of anger and depression! πŸ™

    I had to limit my teaching to 2 hours one day a week. I didn’t work on my art or do any exhibitions for 3 years because before the breakthrough it was getting REALLY bad. I told my husband that I thought I was dying, but I didn’t know of what, and my not-so-great doctor was of no help.

    And yes, that small amount would affect me…not to the point I was before, however. If I accidentally get “wheated” now what happens is that first I get a queasy stomach and I retain water (inflammation)…then my ears get filled with water (allergy)…then intestinal issues πŸ˜›

    I have found that if I feel “wheated” if I down a lot of water as soon as I notice symptoms it helps speed the process, so that’s good.

    The difference between then and now is a miracle…I feel like I’ve been given a do-over πŸ™‚

  • #213567

    An Uncluttered Diet

    @ArtGal: I’m glad you found such a positive change and cure for yourself in your life, just like Dr. Walsh did for herself by curing her MS, a cure she says may also help cure other neuro-illnesss like Parkinson’s. Lots of doctors are unfamiliar with Celiac’s, food allergies, and the power of diet. Worst still are the misdiagnoses. I found a doctor through my vet who goes to him who understands these things and alternative cutting edge stuff. He’s the one who found my low cortisol. He also does bio identical hormones. He’s the one who said he suspects my tiredness after eating pizza was due to the wheat (and not an insulin spike as I was thinking).

    When you said how you reacted to eating pizza, that really helped and reinforced my doc’s idea. Yes, feeling wiped out after eating pizza (unless w/ a big green salad – much more green than pizza) is a perfect description. But why would pizza have such an impact, so much more than eating a tuna sandwich or something? And why a lesser impact if eaten with a big green salad? Have you tried “diluting” the wheat with lots of green veg or other food (in addition to water) to help?

    Have a nice day and thanks for sharing your story. It IS a do-over miracle! And you found it for yourself! The Way Finder. πŸ™‚

  • #213716


    An Uncluttered Diet

    @ntch…I haven’t found that diluting the wheat with greens, etc. was helpful for me. I can walk into Panera’s (a restaurant that bakes their own bread,) eat nothing, inhale the air, and get “glutie” symptoms…not fun! And it’s too bad because they have SUPER, delicious salads, but because of the cross-contamination I’m screwed! I am hopeful this is not the case for you, but just be aware.

    Thanks for the pseudonym…The Way Finder…I like it! πŸ™‚

    P.S. I think The Dr. Oz Show is doing a program on food allergies today; specifically wheat/gluten allergy.

  • #214429

    An Uncluttered Diet


    and the links look good as well πŸ™‚

    Too bad about Panera’s πŸ™

    I’m not sure if I have Celiacs, intolerance, or allergy or any of the above. I do know how I feel after eating pizza tho and my doc’s suspicion that it’s the wheat that causes how i feel (VERY tired)

    How was the Dr. Oz show?

  • #214453


    An Uncluttered Diet

    Dr. Oz was a re-run…no new info πŸ™

    Spent yesterday in the hospital with my first cousin who has complications due to non-treatment of her celiacs/wheat/gluten issues…(non-treatment/non-participation of her own choice.) She is one that decided that it was all a bunch of “hoo-ee” and opted to continue her poor diet. It was so sad to look at what is happening to her and know that a good portion of it could have been prevented, or may not have happened in the first place. She is only 50 and I am doubtful that she will last the year. The saddest part is that she is on a healthy diet (in the nursing home/hospital) but her kids keep sneaking in bad food (at her request) and everyone thinks it’s funny and oh-so-clever.


    I have already watched one friend die from complications due to this. It always starts with a small thing and escalates because the body is in such a state of ick it just can’t fight all of it.

    I don’t understand a lot of things today…lots of “whys?” πŸ˜›

    Just read a really good book on why we have food allergies and the possible core of the problem:
    “The Unhealthy Truth…How Our Food is Making Us Sick and What You Can Do About it” by Robyn O’Brien with Rachel Kranz

  • #214500

    An Uncluttered Diet

    Gee, don’t blame you for wanting to scream! Unfortunately we can’t make others do stuff they don’t want to even if we feel it would save their lives … πŸ™ I had an experience in that universe and it was frustrating and pained me to no end … You just want to shake them you know.

    Thanks for the book recommendation; I’ll look into it.

  • #214793
  • #214815

    An Uncluttered Diet

    @ArtGal: this may be interesting to you: http://thepaleodiet.com/archives/3939

  • #214866


    An Uncluttered Diet

    Thanks ntch!

    The paleo/tomato article explains a lot…I too can eat ripe, red tomatoes (heirloom varieties are best)…any others give me really bad stomach-aches.

    I read a very interesting article on women who were infertile that gave up wheat/gluten and ate a 50% or more raw diet and got pregnant…some well into their late forties. I have suspected that diet has played a key role in this issue for me as well. Um, not that I want a pregnancy NOW (at 49)…but what if diet were all that was needed to rectify an infertility issue instead of expensive infertility treatments? (If I can re-find the article, I’ll post it.)

    Hmmmmmm. The more you know…. πŸ™‚

  • #214873


    An Uncluttered Diet

    I remember someone here on the board with a husband who buys huge stocks of tinned tomatoes – San Marzano tomatoes. Is it lottielot? Anyway, I decided to buy some and then try them with this super-simple recipe:



  • #215010

    An Uncluttered Diet

    Food remedies for everyday maladies (I just read something else about zinc which is mentioned in this article and want to do some follow up on it. Do you know someone who has or do you have migraines? The article talks about ginger helping to relieve migraines.)


    Aha: Zinc:




    @candy: My girlfriend who is 1/2 Italian says she sautes fresh tomato and uses that to top pasta.

  • #215013


    An Uncluttered Diet

    I had HORRIBLE migraines that went on for days! The kind where you can’t stand light or even the slightest noise.
    Have not had even one since going gluten/wheat and sulfite-free.

    Sulfites can be hidden in all kinds of food…ice cream being one, but not ALL ice creams…just check the labels.

    Sulfites as a Migraine Trigger:

  • #215015

    An Uncluttered Diet

    @ArtGal: I don’t understand your relatives – could not they see the great changes for you when you changed your diet? Seems so miraculous!

    I think I had one migraine in my life and I never want that experience ever again! Whatever it was it happened after a “picnic” in the sun – hot and dehydrating and it was a very stressful place with “strange” people – well strangers to me – who were friends of a person I knew who was unbeknownst to me at the time getting into drugs and alcohol. It could have been the potato salad with mayo – maybe spoiled in the heat? Terrible experience.

  • #215019

    An Uncluttered Diet

    Interesting: http://www.rawfoodblogs.org/

  • #215048

    An Uncluttered Diet

    From http://www.drbriffa.com/2000/11/07/understanding-food-cravings/

    Hmmmmm ….

    Sometimes, food addiction is related to something known as food intolerance. Here, the body can react adversely to a food, and this may give rise to all-manner of symptoms and conditions including weight gain, eczema, arthritis, migraine and fatigue. Interestingly, some people seem to be drawn to eating the very foods which they are sensitive to. For instance, a penchant for bread and pasta can be a sign of a sensitivity to wheat. Children who love milk or cheese are normally sensitive to dairy products. Whilst it may seem strange that we should be drawn to eat the very foods that are worst for us, this type of food craving is really no different to other forms of addiction to agents more readily recognised as β€˜unhealthy’ such as alcohol or nicotine. The good news is that elimination of the offending foodstuff(s) from the diet almost always leads to an end of the craving within three or four weeks.

  • #215072


    An Uncluttered Diet

    All I can say to that is WOW! :O

    It’s VERY true…before diagnosis, I was a major fresh-baked bread addict…every meal…every day…and getting sicker and sicker by the minute.


  • #215351

    An Uncluttered Diet

    Check it out: Youtube.com and search for “Transitioning Your Diet To Alkaline Foods”

    Interesting. They say cancer can’t grow in oxygenated and alkaline environments.

  • #215408

    An Uncluttered Diet

    @ArtGal: I’ve been reading _The Blood Sugar Solution_ by Dr. Mark Hyman (who is recommended by Bill Clinton) and he says whenever he comes across someone with lots of illnesses he always does a check for celiac and gluten intolerance.

    Here’s a link I wanted to share:


    I am putting what I am learning about the connection between blood sugar and related homones (like insulin) and cravings and eventually impossible to resist urges to EAT and am finding ways (for myself) that stop or lessen urges to eat carbs and sugars. This includes supplements from my HP to address serotonin and dopamine – low levels can lead to cravings for carbs. I noticed in the past sometimes feeling hungry all the time even after eating a good and healthy meal; and noticed a correlation with eating sugar and becoming hungrier (the sugar crashes I’d read about that brought on hunger).

    I’m trying to learn all this, besides for good health in general, as a way to maintain weight loss.

  • #215598
  • #215669


    An Uncluttered Diet

    I absolutely believe the alkaline=no cancer theory! The one thing that everyone I know that has cancer has in common (AND THERE ARE TOO MANY OF THEM πŸ™ is a poor diet with high acidic levels. Sugar, I think, is the biggest culprit. The book “Fit for Life” by Harvey and Marilyn Diamond talks about this as well. If doctors touted good eating habits as a preventer of cancer instead of “curing” cancer after the fact I think cancer as we know it would be rare…but if they did this, think of all the money they would lose via treatments, chemo, radiation, surgeries, etc. As I watch my 50-year-old cousin die of brain cancer I am incensed by what they are feeding her at the hospital…jello-o with aspartame, (aspartame has just been linked to CAUSING brain cancer/tumors!)…white bread (wheat gluten…she has celiac’s like me) and cookies (sugar,)…diet soda (again with the aspartame,)…butter and cheeses (she’s lactose intolerant)…corn, (she’s diabetic)…I could go on. NO salads and only an occasional green veggie…from a can, of course. I know her poor eating habits got her to this state, but it just seems that the doctors aren’t helping with educating her about diet.

    I really wish scientist would quit messing around with the genetics of food…it’s also money-motivated and really has nothing to do with “feeding the planet.” Ever notice how whenever western food is introduced to “poor” nations they become sicker and more unhealthy? I’m not talking about starving nations…any food is better than starving, of course…but it just seems to me that growing and eating what is indigenous to your region is so much better than importing crap.

    There is a GREAT book, written in the 60’s and still in print (and updated), that really tackled the starting issues of this food thing…it’s called “Food is Your Best Medicine” by Henry G. Bieler, M.D. He was truly ahead of his time on “food as medicine” and accurately predicted what would be happening at the time we are in now. Scary.

    Thanks for the sites…will check out tonight! πŸ™‚

  • #215682

    An Uncluttered Diet

    Thanks! I’ll read it!

    Terrible re your cousin! And I agree with you re the need to change how we eat and the food industry. The first step is awareness and knowledge.

    I have a friend who just had another operation for cancer. Do you know of any good resources, in addition to the book, re food and eating and cancer? I’m very concerned about him! I think his diet played a part in his developing cancer – very acidic diet. Sugar is acidic and is one of the first things that (some) docs tell people to cut out as soon as cancer is found. I think it would be wise to cut it out period – so that it never develops. I knew a woman who as soon as she was diagnosed with cancer saw an MD who also was a nutritionist and knew about alternative/complementary medicine. He gave her a diet to follow and cut out sugar and things that turned immediately into sugar (white bread etc).

    Finally, I know someone whose dad had stage IV inoperable cancer but was “cured” through an alternative program. I think it was expensive, but it saved his life. If I remember correctly, they oxygenated his body through exercise and diet (the theory being that cancer cannot live in an oxygenated environment) and alkalinized it through food. There was also a heavy spiritual and emotional component to their program.

  • #215773

    An Uncluttered Diet

    I’ve been on a food plan that is even more limited than my naturopath’s anti candida plan (from which he bases his elimination food allergy testing) so much to my surprise last week when I ate off plan I developed a reaction – runny nose, stuffed up, swollen throat/sinus, mucus – and if this was noticeable in my nose and mouth I wonder what was happening in the rest of my GI tract and lungs. I ate more of the same the next day and same thing. Then this weekend I was off my plan and had a similar reaction to off food plan. Tho precisely what it was in what I ate I don’t know since it was a combination of things. On the naturopath’s plan you introduce just one thing at a time so you know what you’re reacting to. I listened to a program yesterday where this person developed vertigo, went on the anti candida diet and got “cured” and then when he introduced foods back in one by one he found he was allergic to wine, white rice but not wheat or oatmeal, and orange juice. So I think after finishing phase II of the food plan I am on (it has 4 phases, the last one being “normal” maintenance) I will try and introduce foods one by one to see if I react to them. The phase I am on is very limited in types of food and I’ll cut out the allowed egg and dairy and tom now that I’ve decided to test myself the elimination diet way. They say that regular allergy tests are only 70% accurate so per my doc the elimination diet is a better way. Per my doc and from what I’ve read over the years, some of the more common foods people react to are wheat, dairy, deadly nightshade family (tom, peppers, eggplant), soy, egg. Then there are those who react to peanuts and seafood. Since I’m doing this thingy, may as well take advantage of the opportunity it offers me to test for food allergies as well. Tho I may not like what I discover hey. I might find as Dr. Biffa said (above), that the very things I like the most are the things I am allergic to! Or maybe it’s that when you consume a lot of something you can develop sensitivity to it? The guy on the program said he ate a lot of white rice and drank a lot of wine and orange juice and they turned out to be the very things he was sensitive or allergic to. Hmmmmmm. I’ll have to check the library for the book you recommend soon!

    PS nope – they don’t have it. I’ll order it. since i’m ordering it anyway, any other book recommendations?

    PPS: http://www.arnoldehret.org/healthclub/Dr_Henry_G_Bieler_Lines_of_Defense_Against_Disease.html

  • #215807


    An Uncluttered Diet

    Check out the documentary “The Gerson Miracle” They have had extraordinary results in healing cancer through nutrition.
    “The Beautiful Truth” and “Dying to Have Known” are also about the Gerson Therapy…AMAZING!

    Here is their home website:

    What you are going through doesn’t sound like much fun, but in the long run you will know precisely what doesn’t work for your body…knowledge is power 4sure! πŸ™‚

    P.S. I am sad as I notice that there is an ad for McDonalds on this site as I am typing this :(…..

  • #216194

    An Uncluttered Diet

    @ArtGal: thank you for the info on gerson.

    the ad is for a book on integrative nutrition and how to be a health coach

  • #216229

    An Uncluttered Diet

    I think in a prior life I was the tribal shaman. This article on migraines is fascinating!


    And it led me to this book:

  • #216235
  • #216302


    An Uncluttered Diet

    Ok…this is getting spooky…I was thinking the other day about how I could motivate other people to help their bodies heal (without pills) and you send me this link about where to start! πŸ™‚

    Good links too! Thanks!

  • #216318


    An Uncluttered Diet

    How interesting. Our public radio news had an article on health or wellness coaches this morning. You can read the transcript here: http://www.alaskapublic.org/2012/03/22/providence-hospital-tests-new-breed-of-medical-professional-health-coaches/

  • #216338


    An Uncluttered Diet

    Many Thanks pkilmain!

    Thought this was a good and true saying…
    “If You Don’t Take Care of Your Body, Where Are You Going To Live?” -Unknown Author

  • #216412

    An Uncluttered Diet


    @ArtGal: did you have any of these symptoms?

  • #216452

    An Uncluttered Diet

    Had some fat-free frozen yogurt yesterday and noticed a reaction. Don’t know if it’s dairy, sugar, flavoring, or combination/all ingredients. Dairy is known to increase congestion (tho that may not necessarily be an allergic reaction – need to do some research on this – I read about it before but have forgotten exactly what dairy does to you). I know when I did atkins before (and was able to get back in small clothing again), that when I ate sugar I would have an immediate reaction.

  • #216456


    An Uncluttered Diet

    @ ntch…yup, I had all of the symptoms (except vomiting, but I did have nausea) and my “doctor” told me I was a hypochondriac (he also told my mom and grandmother that they were hypochondriacs.) You would think he would have noticed the pattern. Funny how it all disappeared when I went gluten-free πŸ™‚

    I also had a lot of weird symptoms…one of the weirdest was I would tell people that my hair “hurt”…I know this is not possible, but it sure felt like it.

    I have recently found out that I have trouble with (cow) dairy…something about the casein mimicking gluten…goat dairy doesn’t seem to bother me, however.

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    An Uncluttered Diet

    @ArtGal: Wow to having the symptoms. Did you switch doctors? How does hurt hair feel?


    My naturopathic doctor has an anti candida food plan combined with elimination diet plan and goat milk is allowed but [cow] dairy is not. I think he later tests to see if cow dairy is okay for each individual. Here are some tests.



    I don’t know if you’d be interested in going on an anti candida food plan. I’ll be starting one shortly. Funny thing about it too, you eat all you want (of the things allowed) and lots of people lose wt on it. My doc says, “It’s not how much you eat, it’s what you eat.”

    It’s all very interesting. Re the ad – it was one of those ads that appear on the side of the posting panel. I’d never heard of it before, but I bet you would be good at it (health coaching). πŸ™‚

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    An Uncluttered Diet

    Yes…quit that doctor as soon as I realized he was KEEPING me sick and of no help at all…he had been my “doctor” for 30 years…sad πŸ™

    I can’t really describe the “hurting hair” feeling, but that is what it felt like…I had several episodes where I was convinced that if I just shaved my head it would stop hurting…I didn’t, but I came close! πŸ™‚

    I will check out the candida websites…interesting…let me know how it goes for you and if it helps with your food issues.

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    An Uncluttered Diet

    life is funny. i have had backaches and went to a physiotherapist and later to an alternative practitioner. from different points of view, they pointed out that my body needs different food because there was something wrong with my connective tissue. aha. to be honest, when the physiotherapist said that i thought… WTH, make my back ache less, thatΒ΄s all want and i ignored the advice generously. when the alternative practitioner also talked about my connective tissue and that different food would help i gave it a try. so this is my new diet. i am allowed to eat anything but
    – milk and all dairy products
    – wheat and stuff made from wheat
    – coffee
    – nuts
    – sugar
    – alcohol
    – raw fruits and vegetables (after 4 p.m., allowed before)
    – meat (fish or chicken is allowed 3 times a week, maximum of 90g per portion)
    – seafood
    – eggs
    – citrus fruits
    – and convenience foods in general.

    i am not successful in avoiding all these things every day but honestly, i feel so different! like… 10 years younger or so. itΒ΄s a bit complicated at first but now i found muesli without wheat and nice grain coffee and i eat a lot of rice and cook the vegetables in the evening instead of eating them as a salat. itΒ΄s not THAT complicated and really worth it. really strange. the only problem is that i still have back aches πŸ™‚

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    An Uncluttered Diet

    @ Mimi…please give it time…it may take a while to detox the bad stuff out of your system and you may continue to have the backaches for a bit…but don’t give up! I had residual, occasional pain for about 6 months…and then none. Wheat was my biggest culprit, then cow dairy, then sugar…ALL THINGS THAT I CRAVED!!!

    My eating-life is SOOO much simpler now and @ the 2 year mark I felt as if I have been given a new body and a “do-over.” I think you may find this to be true as well. Also, I no longer have any cravings for the bad stuff. Keep us posted! πŸ™‚

    P.S. I sub Stevia (a non-chemical herbal sweetener) for sugar in recipes and it does not affect me at all…you get the sweet, but not the sugar-high.

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    An Uncluttered Diet

    @ArtGal, thanks for your answer. thatΒ΄s very very interesting. do you completely forgo wheat, milk and sugar? i mean, forever?? πŸ™‚ sounds horrible to me but it might be the best solution so i am very interested in this topic. i also use stevia, i donΒ΄t really like it very much but itΒ΄s ok, better that no sweets at all ;)but i also use honey, especially for my coffee.

    yesterday, i had 2 glasses of wine and bread and today also bread made from wheat and a coffee (i am working far away from home and it is soooo complicated to get this kind of food while travelling/ working/ being in a hurry) i have a headache, gosh, i feel so bad! if this is the result of wheat and wine and sugar and coffee, i will never ever even touch that stuff again.

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    An Uncluttered Diet

    Yes, I completely (and forever) gave up wheat/gluten and cow-dairy…I do dabble with the sugar a bit…I’ve found that minimal sugar doesn’t affect me…one cookie (occasionally) – ok; BAG ‘o cookies – not so much! πŸ™‚

    I don’t have trouble with goat or sheep dairy…just seems to be cow-dairy.

    It was MASSIVELY hard at first…I was always in tears trying to order things in a restaurant or going to the grocery. I am now at a point that eating is very easy because of the limited things I can have…it really has made my life SOOOOO much simpler.

    Like I said…no more cravings…no more health issues…no more depression/anxiety…no more aches and pains. I cannot stress how WORTH-IT is is further down the road. Your body is trying to tell you something…you CAN do this and you will feel spectacular! πŸ™‚

    The way it was explained to me is that wheat/gluten, dairy, or whatever makes you feel bad is like an infection in every cell of your body…you eat it and your body goes into mass-destruction mode trying to kill the “invaders.” So much energy is put into this process that other areas of your body begin to shut down…the brain is the last area to shut-down and I was at this point…crazy depression/anxiety/anger/”monkey-mind”/fog/etc….my “doctor” said it was peri-menoupause. Funny how it ALL went away when I quit eating wheat and dairy πŸ™‚

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