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    This morning, I was awoken by the complex maintenance man. He let me know that the apartment next door was doing some flooding and wanted to check mine. My bathroom, laundry area, part of my kitchen and my outside-the-apt storage area are flooded. Well, thank goodness that the only things on the floor were: 2 trashcans, pet food bowls, a plastic box of kitty litter and a few bathmats.
    The only regrets I have:
    1) the small pile of clothes that were to be washed today (already in the washer, half the work done by the flood 🙂 )
    2)the pile of junk/cardboard that I have in my storage area!

    Once I got over the initial anger, this minor minor flood has done 2 things for me, as you probably caught from the above. It made me grateful for my already-unclutterer ways and pointed out an obvious area for improvement. All I have to do inside is do the laundry I was planning on, let the bathmats dry and mop the floor. The maintenance guy used the shop vac to pick up most of the water. Outside, there’s a different story. The storage area just turned into my next uncluttering project. The justification that I had been using was that I already plan to move from this place in 1.5 years, so why NOT keep all the moving boxes? Well, now I guess I have a pretty concrete answer. I’ll be cleaning out the storage area to discard all the wet junk and re-evaluate what I have and why it’s there. I only wish I had done this in the summer or fall, before it was too cold to be made into a fun day of trashing stuff.

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    A reason to be happy I'm an Unclutterer

    i think that is pretty awesome.
    us unclutterers are eventually unfazed by fire, flood or other natural disaster of choice! bring it on!
    we’ve already pared it down. pre-pared. hmmm.

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    A reason to be happy I'm an Unclutterer

    LGmed, I’m sorry about your situation but happy for you that you were uncluttered enough that it wasn’t a serious problem!

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