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    Check out this post from Paul Thurrott, describing the execution of his New Year’s Resolution.


    He’s describing almost to a letter what I’m about to embark… going to start diving in this weekend!

    I especially like this line:

    But the big thing that’s differentiated this year’s cleaning is that I’m not setting aside piles of stuff to deal with later. Judgment is immediate, and final.


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    A excellent geek's unclutterer project

    I am in favor of immediate and final judgements. But this guy, as an IT guy, has clearly not been able to apply that where it *most needs* to be applied: to decades’ worth of ancient data that he has probably never had to refer to before and almost certainly will never refer to again.

    Why even queue it up for review and copying? What more use will it be “in the cloud” versus on a dusty old hard drive on the floor in the back corner of the closet?

    I just completed my first online backup with BackBlaze. I actually stopped it at one point, when I saw what it was backing up, to delete the original files. I didn’t need them.

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