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      7 Places to Donate Clutter

      Great find, zchristy. I love Freecycle and feeling that the people who come pick up truly want and need the items I’m getting rid of. Other good options for things like books and movies are to take them to used bookstores and turn them in for cash or credit at the store, or to use a service like Swaptree, where you can trade items you no longer need for others that you do want, you just have to pay for postage.

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      7 Places to Donate Clutter

      Freecycle rocks.

      I have donated basic household supplies (and even a mattress) to our church. They have a donation service at the church called Needs and Seeds – they basically have items on hand for needy people in the community. I would assume most churches have some type of service like this.

      I am guessing that daycare centers, church nurseries, preschools or schools would absolutely love to receive gently used, but clean books and toys. Our school library is always overjoyed to receive children and young adult books.

      Salvation Army will come to your home and pick up used furniture.

      Goodwill accepts tons of different types of items. We have a few Goodwill thrift shops in our community. We love them because you can always find a few treasures at super cheap prices and the store provides people with jobs!

      I bet animal shelters love to receive old linens (towels, blankets) and old newspapers for the animal cages.

      The National Kidney Foundation will take an old clunker car/truck for their “Kidney Cars” program.

      Our local Battered Women’s and Children’s Shelter accepts women’s and children’s clothing and basic household items for families who are relocating.

      There’s no reason to not declutter when there are so many charities, services and programs out there that would LOVE to take your unwanted items off of your hands! 🙂 They win and you win!

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      7 Places to Donate Clutter

      If you live in Houston, Texas, you can recycle books and crafts at the Westpark Recycling Center. They have a room where they keep these donations so others can use them.

      St. Jude’s Ranch is an affiliation of St. Jude’s Hospital that takes in children that have been abandoned, abused or neglected. One of the fund raisers they do is to recylce cards. So, send them your Christmas cards after you have enjoyed them so that they may be recycled next year. Check out the website:


      They are accepting used, all-occasion cards from:
      November 15, 2009 – February 28, 2010

      You can mail your donations to:

      St. Jude’s Ranch for Children
      Recycled Card Program
      100 St. Jude’s Street – Boulder City, NV 89005
      877-977-SJRC (7572)

      Books can also be donated to assisted living and nursing homes as can games.

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      7 Places to Donate Clutter

      pretty much everything that we unclutter goes to the local charity shop.
      it raises money for some home nursing service or other.
      it’s a very small community here and they are a small shop and they always need stuff to sell, and it’s local and handy.

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      Marta Bergen

      If you’re getting rid of old household chemicals, some towns have “hazardous waste drop-off” days. It’s once every two years in my county. You should NEVER throw any of these away OR pour them down the drain. It’s best to save them until you can find a safe way to dispose of them.

      For latex paints you don’t want any more, you can take off the lid and let them dry out, and then throw them out. As long as they are LATEX, acrylic-type paints, not oil-based. And then you can just put them in the trash. This is what the hazardous waste people told me, anyway.

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