Who doesn't love a good pizza? We certainly do! Once upon a time the only way to get an authentic style pizza that will definitely tickle your taste buds was to use an old stone oven. Not anymore! Pizzas cooked in a brick oven are the best, however, it is not very realistic for everyone to have a stone oven in their house. Pizza stones provide an alternative way to get the same delicious outcome. Pizza stones are designed to fit in your oven or on your outdoor or indoor grill, converting it into a temporary pizza oven. The result is a tasty, crisp-crusted pizza, made in your own home, with your perfect combination of ingredients. Just as good as what your local pizzeria serves.

Best Choice: Cuisinart CPS-445 3-Piece Pizza Stone Sset

Best Value: Weber Gourmet BBQ Pizza Stone

Premium Pick: Nerdchef Steel Stone

A baking stone is a heated cooking surface that absorbs excess moisture from food while it is cooking. A pizza stone is a baking stone design specifically for cooking pizzas. The stones both hold and conduct heat, ensuring the temperature of the cooking surface is constant. This temperature will remain the same, even when you add cold ingredients. This is what allows the dough to be heated quickly and consistently. Pizza stones come in various shapes, sizes, and materials and are suitable for different grills or ovens. We take a look at some of the best pizza stones available, offer some tips on how to get the best results when making pizzas, and outline the features to consider before you buy a stone.

The Best Pizza Stone

1. Cuisinart CPS-445 3-Piece Pizza Stone Set


Our best choice for a pizza stone comes from the reputable kitchenware brand Cuisinart. The Cuisinart CPS-445 3-Piece Pizza Stone Set comes complete with a pizza cutter and a pizza peel, meaning you have everything you need for a perfect pizza, apart from the ingredients!

The ceramic pizza stone gets the best results from a grill or barbeque, but it can be used in your kitchen oven at a hot temperature. The Cuisinart is one of the most lightweight stones available, so it is easy to lift in and out of ovens regularly. And as it is made from ceramic and lead-free clay, it rates highly for durability and is unlikely to crack.

The downside of this pizza stone is its compatibility with the included pizza peeler. The pizza pan can hold a pizza of up to 13 inches, however, the pizza peel is only 10 inches wide, so you have to have a bit of skill to remove the pizza from the oven without dropping it or letting the sides droop.

2. CastElegance Thermarite Round Pizza Stone


This Cast Elegance pizza stone is made with Thermarite and fired in a kiln at over 2000 degrees Fahrenheit. This gives it superior heat retention and ensures that it can withstand incredibly hot temperatures without giving off any odor or unpleasant smells. Thermarite is a formulation of cordierite, design to absorb maximum moisture from dough which is what will give you a super crispy crust. It is a robust stone, a little heavy to handle but great if you like very crispy pizza!

The CastElegance Thermarite Round Pizza Stone is one of the best pizza stones for gas or charcoal grills but still works well in gas ovens and electric grills. It doesn’t have a non-stick surface, so ingredients may be challenging to remove, but at least it comes with a scraper to make the clean up slightly better. This stone comes in both 14inch and 16-inch versions – be sure to choose the right one to fit your oven.

3. Pizzacraft Round ThermaBond Pizza Stone


This Pizzacraft Round ThermaBond Pizza Stone ensures that you have an evenly baked crust, as it eliminates any hot spots that may arise when cooking. It is also designed to be resistant to thermal shock, hence low likelihood of cracks appearing. It is easy to maintain and cleaning and retains heat for a long time – it is, therefore, best to switch off your oven before your pizza is fully cooked, or simply remove it from the stone immediately once cooked.

There are some reports of the stone giving off an unpleasant odor, but this may be caused if it is not prepared correctly before you first use it. The manufacturer provides guidance on how to heat it appropriately before use.

4. PentaBeauty Pizza Stone


The PentaBeauty Pizza Stone comes with a 16-inch diameter so that it can accommodate an extra-large size pizza base or multiple bread loaves. The stone is also manufactured and sintered at 2100F so that it can absorb and radiate intense amounts of heat. Once it is heated up, this stone will give you a crispy crust pizza, quickly.

It is thermal shock resistant so won’t crack and has a non-stick surface, so no need to use parchment paper or pre grease or flour the stone before using. This surface also makes it easy to scrape and wipe clean in a matter of seconds.

PentaBeauty has included a plastic scraper in this kit, which can lift up any spilled ingredients from the stone, and also functions as a dough cutter during your preparation. It is a lightweight, good quality pizza stone, great for large batches of baking.

5. Unicook Heavy Duty Ceramic Rectangular Pizza Stone


Our budget pick is the Unicook Heavy Duty Ceramic Rectangular Pizza Stone. Made from cordierite and heated in a kiln at high temperatures, this stone shouldn’t give off any odor when in use. The Unicook can heat up to 787 degrees Celsius, and while it may be a little slower than more expensive pizza stones, it gets the job done and gives you a crispy crust pizza. The rectangular shape may make it even more appropriate for loaves of bread or cookies if you wish and several reviewers find it more compatible with their ovens.

This stone works in ovens and grills and comes with a scraper that can be used as a dough cutter. The Unicook ceramic pizza stone is smaller than some other brands (holds 14-inch dough) so not suitable if you want to make full-size 16-inch pizzas, but useful if you have a smaller oven.

6. Weber Gourmet BBQ Pizza Stone


Our best value choice comes from Weber, better known for their barbecues, which is why this stone is designed for ideal use on a weber BBQ. The Weber Gourmet BBQ Pizza Stone is made from cordierite, so it absorbs excess dough moisture to give you evenly baked pizzas with a crispy crust.

The great feature of this stone is the carry rack, which means you can easily remove the pizza and stone from the grill or barbecue once it is cooked, without having to invest in a separate pizza peeler. The handles detach while cooking, to avoid them getting too hot, and you reattach them when you want to move the stone.

While it is best for use in the Gourmet BBQ system, where the 14 inch round base fits perfectly, you can use this comfortably with any grill.

7. Honey-Can-Do Pizza Stone


This Honey-Can-Do is the best for use as an oven pizza stone. The Honey-Can-Do Pizza Stone has one of the largest surface diameters and has been thoughtfully designed with raised edges on the base, which makes it easier to pick up off a flat surface. This is made to be used in a regular kitchen oven, so a great choice if you don’t have a separate grill or barbecue. If you do have a gas grill, this stone will still perform perfectly well with this appliance.

This Old Stone Oven pizza stone is made from a blend of lead-free clays, constructed to increase durability and reduce cracking, so it is a long-lasting investment. It is also formed with a heat core to ensure even heat distribution to help eliminate any soggy center dough.

There are a few reviews that report an unpleasant odor when heated, but the main challenge with this product is its weight, which will make it difficult to move around.

8. NerdChef Steel Stone


Our premium choice for the best pizza stone is significantly more expensive than the other pizza stones we review, but it does come with a high-quality build and more features. The NerdChef design is more efficient at heating than ceramic stones, therefore reducing your cooking time. You get great results but don’t have to have a blisteringly hot oven or grill to do so. It can serve up a fully cooked pizza in just over 5 minutes.

The NerdChef Steel Stone also retains heat exceptionally well so you can cook pizza after pizza, without waiting for it to heat up again. The design is resistant to cracks, which is why they have given you a lifetime guarantee. Of course, 14 inches of solid baking steel is pretty heavy so you need to make sure you can lift it in and out of an oven, and that your grill racks can support it.

It is the best choice for someone who will make homemade pizza or loaves of bread regularly, as it will last a lifetime but has a high price tag.

9. PentaBeauty Rectangular Heavy Duty Pizza Stone


Thanks to its core convection technology, the PentaBeauty Rectangular Heavy Duty Pizza Stone effectively and evenly cooks your pizza dough and gives you a crispy crust. This stone is made with natural Cordierite which has been molded under 400 tons of pressure and heated for hours at more than 2100 degrees Fahrenheit. This makes it one of the most sturdy stones currently available, and, as the company claims, crackproof. It is also designed to absorb moisture, replicating the features of an old stone oven, hence the great results.

The generous surface area of this heavy-duty stone can accommodate bases of 15 inches by 12 inches so great for feeding the family. It is best suited for oven baking, not grills and should only be cleaned with a dry cloth.

The only drawback with the PentaBeauty pan is that it takes a while to heat up in comparison to other models. This is due to the thickness of the stone.

10. Solido Pizza Baking Stone


The Solido Pizza Baking Stone has a spiral design on its base to encourage airflow and more even heating. This also reduces the pre-heating time. Your pizza will be evenly cooked from crust to the center and ready in no time at all. The pizza stone is made from high-quality cordierite stone, so it can withstand temperatures up to 2000 degrees Fahrenheit and is versatile enough to be used in any oven or grill.

The Solido is a heavy-duty model, with raised feet to make it easier to lift off flat surfaces. The downside of this stone is that it is difficult to move around without oven gloves when hot due to its weight. Cleaning may also cause you a little frustration. It is only recommended to use water and a scraper after use, but the stone does have a tendency to stain easily. This won’t impact the efficiency of the stone but does negatively impact its appearance. Don’t be tempted to use soap or detergent.

Features To Consider With Pizza Stones


If a pizza stone is made from poor quality materials, then this will affect its durability. No one wants to purchase poorly made kitchen equipment that will break in the middle of use. The best pizza stones are designed to withstand exceptionally high temperatures and absorb the heat from the inside of the oven. This durability is achieved by ensuring the stone is exposed to intense pressure and extreme heat during its manufacturing process.

Poorer quality material, or material that is not treated correctly, is subject to cracking, and eventually breakage. For a durable oven stone, you need to select a product that can absorb heat and resist damage from temperature changes. Steel stones or those with Cordierite and Thermarite in their composition are well recognized for their durability.

Ease Of Cleaning

Most pizza stones are very easy to clean, just needing a wipe once it has cooled down. Some stones come with a scraper to help remove baked-on food, but for others, dry cloth is all that is needed. Some materials will be damaged by the chemicals in cleaning products, so you should always check the cleaning instructions from the manufacturer. If you do use a plastic scraper then please ensure the stone is fully cooled first, otherwise, the retained heat will cause it to melt.

the best pizza stone

Heat Distribution

When cooking pizza, it is common for the center of the base to become soggy as this where the ingredients and moisture gathers. The base will also cook more quickly on the edges. To avoid this, and to get even baking throughout, you need even heat distribution. The best pizza stones will have in-built technology to achieve this distribution of extreme heat.


Pizza stones are made from various materials, including steel, cast iron, clay, and cordierite. There are advantages to each. For example, cast iron or steel is a very long-lasting material that is a conductor of heat, known for being very durable; however, it is cumbersome. Cordierite stones are lighter, great for heat retention, and absorb moisture, but it is susceptible to cracks and breakage. Lead-free clay stones will cook more evenly, but the cooking process for pizzas takes longer.

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the best pizza stone


Pizza stones range in size, from 10 to 16 inches. If you are planning on cooking family-sized pizzas (these are usually 14 inches) or using the stone for large quantities of baking, then the bigger size will be better for you. If you don't plan on baking pizzas very often then a smaller version that consumes less space might suit you best.


You can get pizza stones in a square, round, or rectangular shape. The form doesn't affect the taste or consistency of your pizzas, but it is still worth considering. What shaped pizza do you want? And what stone shape will fit best in your oven or grill

the best pizza stone


Regardless of the size and shape of your pizza stone, they need to have a thickness of at least half an inch to prevent cracks and breakages.

Whether the stone is half an inch or a full inch, or somewhere in between, will have very little impact on the quality of your pizzas. What is more important is the material and its heating properties. Be prepared that if you buy a thicker stone, it will be heavier to lift.


If you thought pizzas only came in a round shape, think again. Pizza can be made in any shape you fancy, and with stones available in square, rectangular, or round formats, you can choose the equipment to match.

And if you thought that pizza stones should only be used for your favorite Italian dish, you would also be mistaken. The list of foods that you can prepare on your stone is forever growing. The most common uses are for baking bread or cookies, thanks to the stones' properties to heat dough quickly, but you can also make stone roasted vegetables, potato crisps, or quesadillas. It's not just a one-trick pony!

In terms of versatility, you should also consider how you are going to heat your stone. You can get pizza stones for grills that are not suitable for indoor oven use, and if that style works for you, then there are lots to choose from. If however, you want pizza stones for the grill, oven, and barbecue then the best pizza stone for you will be more versatile.

Pizza Stone FAQ

Q: Should I oil my pizza stone?


Unless the manufacturers' guidelines tell you otherwise (which would be unusual), you should never oil a pizza stone. If you do, you may damage the properties of the stone, or cause it to release an unpleasant odor when heated.

the best pizza stone

Q: Should I flour my pizza stone?


Whether or not you need to put flour on your pizza stone will depend on the material and construction of the stone. Some of the best pizza stones are pre-seasoned so that they are ready to use, meaning you don't need to add any flour to it. Other stones require a specific type of flour to be dusted on when heated, to avoid the dough from sticking. Always check the product guidelines before use.

the best pizza stone

Q: Why do pizza stones crack?


The main reason for a pizza stone or a baking stone cracking is from thermal shock. Thermal shock happens when a cold object meets a hot environment and it can't cope with the sudden change in temperature. For this reason, many stones are fired in exceptional heat as part of their construction, so they can withstand extreme temperatures changes.

You can play your part in minimizing thermal shock - don't overload a hot stone with cold ingredients (like frozen pizzas), or remove a stone from a hot oven and place it directly on a cold surface. Over time this will weaken the stone.

Stones can also become weakened if moisture gets inside their pores. This is one reason why they should not be washed with water or treated with oil.