Lawn Edging isn't just the icing on the cake, something for sticklers; it can add value to your overall property, reduce the time required to do regular lawn mowing and trimming, prevent hostile lawn grasses from taking root in your main lawn and bullying flowerbeds, enhance the overall design of your garden's curves, enforce an unofficial barrier between your lawn and outside sidewalks, as well as say something about you, ie. you're a responsible homeowner who pays attention to detail versus a casual, sloppy neighbor who couldn't care about the finer details.

Lawn edgers come as gas powered edgers, manual edgers, battery-powered edgers, or electric edgers that are connected to your house's power source. They can have an adjustable blade function to allow for a deeper or shallower cut and can have other edger features such as being able to convert into a blower, mower, or trimmer. They will help transform your garden into a professional landscape rather than just a place you'd sooner forget. It can lead to better socializing or hosting a party with real joy rather than mild embarrassment.

There isn't such a thing as an edger for landscaping or a landscape edger per se; however, it is likely that a gas-powered edger would allow you to meet the needs of a bigger property, while most electric edgers are for smaller to medium-sized properties. The best lawn edgers will be easy to use and may come as a cordless wheeled edger, allowing you the freedom of not being attached to a power cord or extension cord.

Manual edgers can be useful in a smaller garden but can be hard work. Gas or oil is another dilemma; the former is often more powerful but less eco-friendly, while the latter allows you to do powered lawn edging but depending on your garden may not be practical. Overall, edging is a great thing to do and really puts the finishing touch on any garden worth sitting in and enjoying.

The Best Lawn Edgers

1. WORX WG896 12 Amp 7.5″ Electric Lawn Edger & Trencher


If you want neatly defined edges to your lawn then this WORX 12 Amp Electric 7.5″ Lawn Edger/Trencher is able to achieve that. It only weighs 14 lbs so won’t strain your back, while it is relatively easy to replace its blades and clean its clogs, which is a common complaint of so many other models. The blade is top quality; heavy-duty steel with serrated edges, so it has no problem cutting through any kind of grass or even weeds, leaving straight lines in its wake. It even has a wear indicator so you will know when it needs to be replaced, while a helpful cutting line indicator will guide you along your way to help you create perfectly straight lines. The shaft and the handle are adjustable so can be tweaked to fit your unique body shape and preference. It also functions as a ‘trencher’, allowing you to create a bit more distancing between your flower-beds and lawn if you wish. It isn’t hard to assemble, so is ideal for anyone, not just those who love to tinker with electrical equipment.

2. WORX WG163 PowerShare 12″ Cordless String Trimmer & Edger


This adaptable model brilliantly morphs from a trimmer into an in-line wheeled edger. Its Command Feed Spool allows you to activate a line at the touch of a button. You even get a free supply of spools for life! Uneven or curved areas of lawn present no problem for the WORX WG163 due to its tilting head (tilts 90 degree), while its wheels are rubberized, giving you that extra traction and grip you need in order to guide the equipment around flower beds and landscaped garden edges. Its spacer guard is adjustable and prevents flowers and plants from being hacked to death. This model only weighs 5.3 lbs, so you won’t strain your back when using it. It comes with two 20V Power Share batteries.

3. Craftsman 4-Cycle Gas Powered Grass Lawn Edger


This 30cc, 4-cycle no mix gas and oil engine is supported by a sturdy steel frame, so you will not have a need to use a trimmer or labor under any extra weight. Craftsman Gas Powered Grass Lawn Edger boasts a steel blade that is dual-tip and 9 inches, which will allow you to cut to a depth of 1.75 inches. Unlike many other models, this one allows for 6 height positions; it is also easy to start with its two-step starting capacity. It has very comfortable handles that allow you to control the idle controls and throttle with ease. The three transport wheels give you that extra sense of control, while it even comes with 4-cycle oil, as well as having a 2-year warranty.

4. Greenworks 12 Amp Electric Corded Lawn Edger


Zero carbon footprint is the big selling point that GreenWorks products strive to emphasize, and is something you can feel good about, as a consumer. They also offer a 4-year warranty, which is longer than the average 2 years offered by most. It’s powerful 12 Amp motor will produce no harmful emissions, while its Spring-assist auxiliary handle will help you maneuver it into the right position for you. Greenworks Electric Corded Lawn Edger works equally well on flower beds, driveways, and sidewalks while its lock feature is embedded within this model’s design, making it ultra-convenient.

5. Craftsman CMEED400 3 Blade Depth Adjustable Lawn Edger


This 12 Amp Electric Edger has a powerful motor that easily slices through solid turf. Craftsman CMEED400 has three blade-depth settings and an adjustable auxiliary handle, so you can achieve maximum precision and retain complete control, adjusting it to suit your unique bodily postures and positioning. It has a very convenient integrated VersaTrack(TM) hook and also VersaTrack(TM) system, for your convenience. This makes it so much easier to hang up and store.

6. BLACK+DECKER String Trimmer and Lawn Edger


BLACK+DECKER String Trimmer and Lawn Edger slices through the thickest of weeds (best weed torch), thanks in part to its 5.0 amp motor which supports its Powerdrive transmission. Its Automated Feed Spool feeds the trimmer line automatically, on demand, while its adjustable handle positions and height make it ideal for any user, regardless of body shape or physical strength. Precise edging is made easier through its edge guide, and a cord retention system stops accidental cord disconnection from happening. No battery is required, and there is no smelly gas or petrol which needs to add, making your overall experience clean and efficient.

7. BLACK+DECKER 3-in-1 String Trimmer, Lawn Edger & Mover


BLACK+DECKER 3-in-1 String Trimmer, Lawn Edger & Mover helps you complete three jobs in one, through the use of just one versatile tool, in yards of as much as 1,200 square feet. This powerful 6.5 Amp motor is robust; although this is the corded version there is also a cordless version, for your convenience. This model’s four wheels make for easy maneuvering around your yard, while its 12-inch cutting swath and 2 height adjustments enable it to get through the thickest of weeds. Simply engage the foot pedal in order to insert or remove the trimmer/edger. A gear-driven transmission ensures that you won’t get bogged down whilst trimming, and its Auto Feed System means you won’t need to bump for more lines to be employed. It has a lightweight comfortable design that provides you with maximum control and ease of use, regardless of age or body shape.

8. Worx GT Revolution PowerShare 12″ Lawn Edger, Trimmer & Mower


Worx GT Revolution PowerShare lawn edger triples up as a trimmer and mower, too, saving you both money and time. It boasts a patented DNA2 Double Helix cutting line is which minimizes ‘drag’ and has 100 lbs of tensile strength! Few trimmers on the market can match this. It has an integrated spool holder that can easily be replaced when empty, saving you the bother of having to fiddle around with it. You even qualify for a Spools for Life program, so you’ll be sent 6 replacement spools as soon as you pay just for the processing and shipping. It weighs a modest 5.5 lbs (including the battery) so can be carried around your garden easily enough. It has a telescopic shaft which is of great benefit to taller users; however, it can also collapse in order to help shorter users. Its 20V battery is identical to the one used on GT impact drivers and chainsaws, so has plenty of edging and trimming power; it can easily be swapped if you own either of those tools.

9. McLane Gas Powered 7″ Wheel Lawn Edger with HP B&S Engine


McLane has been producing high-quality gardening equipment since 1946; its base of operations occupies 75,000 square feet in Paramount, CA, and produces green mowers, reel mowers, edgers, and rotary mowers. Their edgers are composed of heavy-duty steel frames with dual cutterhead bearings; this makes for a very smooth cutting experience. McLane Gas Powered Lawn Edger has replaceable rubberized tires and a chip-resistant paint coating. McLane has many distributors and dealers nationwide, so you should be able to get localized assistance in the unlikely event that you’ll need it.

10. WORX WG162 20V 12” Cordless Lawn Edger with Battery and Charger Included


The WORX 20V Max Lithium Power Share 12” Cordless Grass Trimmer has in-line wheeled edging. At the simple push of the head and a quick 180º rotation it becomes either an edger or a trimmer, so is very versatile. The shaft is telescopic, so gardeners of different heights can be accommodated. It even tilts 90° to help you to trim underneath the deck. Its handle is also adjustable, too, so every hand size and shape can be catered for. Its auto-feed line management systems create the correct length for maximum precision. Its flower guard prevents damage to your precious flowers, while its modest 5 1/2 lbs weight means it can easily be operated without wearying you. Its 20V max Lithium power share battery is rechargeable and interchangeable with any other 20V tool in the WORX power share family.

11. Apollo Exports International AP-88231500 Rolling Lawn Edger


For an old-school yet highly effective edging experience, all you need to do is roll this sharp wheel along the edge of your lawn. The razor-sharp high-quality stainless steel disc is accurate, neat, and user-friendly; no need for plugs, extension leads, or any fuel! Apollo Exports International AP-88231500 has a telescopic steel handle that is able to stretch to 55”, ideal for your particular height and bodily posture. The spherical cutting disc is 6 inches in diameter, and the disc suspension is facilitated by polyamide. It’s a no-frills, traditional yet efficient approach to lawn maintenance.

12. Greenworks 12-Inch 24V Cordless String Trimmer & Edger 2.0


Greenworks 12-Inch Cordless String Trimmer & Edger in the larger G-24 family of tools works on a Lithium-ion battery and is a cordless twelve-inch string trimmer. Its pivoting head allows you to trim and edge, while its edging wheel helps you to deftly steer it round flower-beds and curved parts of your lawn. It boasts an electric start, so no nasty gas-fired pull chains, while its .065 single line spool feed creates a sharp and precise finish. Both battery and charger are included in the purchase, while its drive shaft is telescopic, thus allowing different sized users to operate it without straining their backs. It is easy to assemble, lightweight, does not strongly vibrate (easy on limbs), and its lack of a connecting cord frees you up to go wherever you want in any given space.

Features To Consider With Lawn Edgers

Blade Size

It is important to get a model that allows the easy replacement of blades; blades, often made from hardened steel, don't last forever, so this is especially important, particularly as your edger often has to straddle the line between grass and concrete. The height of the blade should be readily adjustable, while some sort of 'guard' is highly useful, in order to minimize collateral damage when the divots and clods of dirt go flying! A 'guide' around the blade will also prevent the blade from touching the concrete next to the lawn, although will leave a wider gap between grass and path, so bear that in mind.


Manual edgers are essentially just a sharp, spherical blade at the end of a long handle. Traditional, easy, low maintenance, they will need you to put in more effort to get the job done, and the blade will need to be carefully maintained and sharpened over time. You might find a proper sharpening tool in our best electric chainsaw sharpeners buying guide.

Electric models are typically less expensive than their petrol cousins and tend to be quieter and easier to use, although you may need a generous extension cord for a longer garden. Cordless or battery-powered models start up at the touch of a button, won't inconvenience you without a cord dangling off, but will need a fully charged battery to help you complete the job. Some brands will have batteries that are interchangeable with other products under that brand, so if you have a chainsaw or other tools with that brand, it might be a great investment.


If you have a yard that is walled and paved, a pivoting head that allows for both trimming and edging might be a good investment. Some models will include a support wheel and edge guide so will reap the benefits of having just a singular edger, although perhaps a little less control over the depth that it will cut. If you have a split shaft on a petrol line trimmer, you can connect a specific edger attachment. Some models will offer a Blower or Mower function, too, although the quality of multiple functions might be variable; obviously a dedicated Mower or dedicated Blower has been designed to do a more robust, effective job.

For more useful reviews for products to enchance your garden, check out our guides of the best lawn dethatchers, snow blowers, leaf blowerselectric tillers, and grass shears.


lawn edger in use


For smaller yards, a dedicated manual edger might be the best option. This will allow you to serrate the main edges of your lawn. However, if you have a significant amount of concrete walkways, perhaps crisscrossing your lawn, a dedicated power edger (electric or petrol) would be preferable. It could also depend on how much solid bordering and/or flower beds you have around your lawn. If you don't have that much then you could get away with just having a line trimmer.


If weight is a factor, then a manual edger might be best; it is a sturdy yet lightweight option because it carries no battery facility or heavy, the integrated tech inside it. All you need to do is wheel it around the perimeter of your lawn in order to achieve perfectly straight lines. Usually composed of high-quality steel it should last a long time. An electric model will obviously weigh more, but its wheels are there to make this easier. Typically, a guide wheel exists to steer the blade, while the rear wheels existing to move the unit as a whole. Some models have a fourth wheel (curb wheel) to help secure the machine's performance when on an incline.

Wired / Wireless

This is a very similar topic to corded lawn mowers vs cordless lawn mowers. More modest-sized yards will probably be okay with an electric, corded (or wired) edger; they have the advantage of being less expensive and lighter. They also don't use oil or other fuel so are more eco friendly than a gas edger. As well as being lightweight and easy they will also make sure you don't fall out with the neighbors due to their relatively quieter performance. A disadvantage to wired (corded electric) model, however, is that you are limited to the range that a plug socket or extension lead will permit you to go.

Mid-sized lawns might be best tackled using a battery-powered lawn edger is even more eco friendly because it isn't sucking up as much electricity as electric lawn edgers. The lack of a cord is a bonus, and the volt lithium-ion battery is quick to charge up and usually lasts for an adequate amount of time for an average job. However, it might be worth procuring a second one, just in case. Overall, they're cheaper to run than electric edgers and are quietly efficient.

A mid to large-sized yard would do well with a gas-powered edger, due to the more precise and clean-cut you'll likely get from it, powered as it usually is by a two-cycle or four-cycle engine. The latter is for really heavy-duty edging and is less harmful to the environment, whereas the former weighs less, although is a little more thirsty in terms of fuel. The higher amount of noise, fuel, and toxins are a disadvantage, but it might just be that your yard requires it. Certain models are CARB-compliant and are used in California.

using lawn edger

Lawn Edger FAQ

Q: What is the easiest type of lawn edger to use?


If you're new to lawn edging and have a smallish yard, then a lighter, battery-powered edger might be for you. You could even do this even if your yard isn't that small, to gain experience with the whole process. You can eventually work your way up to a multi-wheel edger, after carefully poring over the reviews. A model with two levers or a wider handle will be easier to control and steer. Some models come with left or right-handed assist handles for extra maneuverability; some have adjustable shafts to cater for your particular height and reduce the chances of suffering from aches and pains.

Q: How often should you edge your lawn?


There's no absolute answer, but on average garden owners do their edging once per year, at some point in June. This will maximize the effectiveness of edging because grass grows at a slower rate from July onwards. If you really care for your lawn's overall appearance then you could consider edging your lawn one in early June and then again in August, which should ensure you anticipate the peak growing season and maintain your lawn's sharpness through the Fall.


How Often Should My Lawn Be Edged? - RCPW