If you are struggling for storage space in your home, a kitchen trolley may be the best solution to your problem. This portable item of furniture often comes with a range of drawers, hooks, and cabinets for your bigger items like kitchen appliances and utensils. Essentially, you have an extra storage space that does not require the effort of needing to be permanently installed. It can also be used as a drop-leaf table. At the same time, you can also use it as a serving device in the other rooms of your home. Looking for the perfect kitchen trolley? Check out this selection of the best kitchen carts right here if you want to get one.

Best Choice: Home Styles Liberty Kitchen Cart

Best Value: SONGMICS 3-Tier Metal Rolling Cart

Premium Pick: Giantex Kitchen Island Cart


The Best Kitchen Trolley

1. Home Styles Liberty Kitchen Cart


A hardwood solid kitchen cart, the white finish is designed to fit in with a wide variety of kitchen areas. At the top is a natural solid rubber wood surface, which allows for a stable base. Inside each cabinet door are a pair of adjustable shelves.

You can fit in a whole load of your essential kitchen utensils and equipment in the three storage drawers, plus there is also a towel rack and a spice or wine rack. A pair of locking castors ensures that it stays firmly in place. Essentially, this Home Styles Liberty Kitchen Cart offers the right combination of practicality and style, which puts it in our best choice position.

2. Hodedah Kitchen Island with Spice Rack


As well as a flat surface to put your appliances on, some of the other features of this Hodedah Kitchen Island include a towel rail and spice rack, which gives you easy access to some of the things that you need most while cooking. Utensils and dinnerware can be stored inside the drawer and cupboard.

You can move the carts around the kitchen with ease thanks to the wheels at the bottom. When you need to lock it in place, you can do so with the castors at the bottom. The compressed wood of this kitchen trolley makes for a durable and solid construction.

3. 3-Tier Rolling Cart


Built with practicality in mind, this 3-Tier Rolling Cart has a solid metal frame keeping it all together. Heavy-duty ABS trays provide plenty of storage room and protection for the objects on one side. In fact, they can hold up to 200 lbs and the kitchen trolley will remain mobile.

Easy to move around, the four wheels rotate 360-degrees, which allows you to push it in any direction that you would like. Essentially, this rolling cart can serve all manner of purposes from storage to serving in any room of the house.

4. Mind Reader Charm Wood/Metal Utility Cart


Featuring a simple yet elegant design, you have three shelves of storage on one side that can really play a big part in your kitchen. The Mind Reader Charm Utility Cart glides around the floor thanks to the four smooth wheels, while there are a couple of built-in wheel locks for when you want it to remain in place.

The kitchen trolley has been designed to be easy-to-assemble. In fact, you can do it without requiring any tools at all. The wooden finish of the shelves gives an elegant feel and makes for the perfect bar cart on which to serve drinks.

5. Amazon Basics Kitchen Rolling Microwave Cart


Made with chrome-plated steel, this Amazon Basics Kitchen Rolling Microwave Cart has also a wooden top that you can remove as and when needed. Below this are two shelves that support weights of up to 50 lbs. No tools are required in the assembly, and you can also change the shelf heights by one inch at a time.

Further storage is offered by the four chrome hooks, which support anything in the kitchen from utensils to tea towels. At the base are four wheels that roll smoothly. Plus, two of them lock for the times that you want to secure it in place.

6. VASAGLE ALINRU Kitchen Baker’s Rack


The next option on our list is VASAGLE ALINRU Kitchen Baker’s Rack that offers a combination of both style and practicality. The sturdy wooden shelves vary in size and height, which allows them to accommodate a wide variety of different appliances and kitchen implements.

There is also a baker’s rack and some hooks for hanging up some of your utensils in the kitchen. The total load capacity is 176 lbs, which comfortably accommodates a wide variety of the best kitchen items.

7. Linon Kitchen Island


If you have a smaller kitchen space, this Linon Kitchen Island may prove to be the best addition to your home. At the top is an elegant granite top surface, which stands solidly. One shelf is fixed in place, while there is also a wine rack that slides out.

At the bottom are locking rubber castors, which protect your floor when you are sliding the kitchen trolley around from place to place.

8. Boraam Sonoma Kitchen Cart


Constructed from sturdy rubberwood, this Boraam Sonoma Kitchen Cart has several features that are worth mentioning including a stainless steel top, shelves that hold weights of up to 50 lbs, and locking caster wheels that aid portability.

Three different wood finishes are available, so you can choose the one that best suits your kitchen. This is an all-in-one storage solution and serving station that slips away discreetly into the corner of a kitchen when not in use.

9. Nova Microdermabrasion Rolling Wood Kitchen Island


Made of real solid wood, this Nova Microdermabrasion Rolling Wood Kitchen Island fits in seamlessly all over the house. As well as having a sophisticated look, it also has a host of practical features including two drawers, shelves, and wire hanging baskets.

The shape of the kitchen trolley has been designed to be compact, which means that it is perfect for those who don’t have a huge amount of space at home. The flat surface at the top gives you some much-needed extra counter space.

10. IRONCK Industrial Kitchen Cart


With wheels that are designed not to scratch the floor, you can roll this IRONCK Industrial Kitchen Cart from one room to another with minimal effort. There are three layers of storage here, which makes it perfect for holding pots, pans, and appliances.

Assembly has been designed to be as straightforward as possible, and there are detailed instructions that take you through the step-by-step process that is required to put it together successfully.

11. SONGMICS 3-Tier Metal Rolling Cart


The best kitchen trolley value choice on the list is SONGMICS 3-Tier Metal Rolling Cart that has the flexibility for you to move it from room to room easily. Three wire baskets are available for storage and transportation. Each one holds 22 lbs and you can remove the top and bottom shelves as you like.

Nylon wheels allow the kitchen trolley to keep rolling on different surfaces including hardwood floors and carpets. Assembly has been designed to be straightforward thanks to the labelled parts and a clear set of instructions provided.

12. Sauder North Avenue Cart


This two-tiered Sauder North Avenue Cart features a pair of spacious storage shelves which give you room to put on all your kitchen essentials. The easy-roll castors have been created in a way that allows you to move the kitchen island around with minimal difficulty.

At its heart is a durable, black metal frame. All of the surfaces have been finished in the best Charter Oak, which means that it is attractive as well as practical.

13. Giantex Kitchen Island Cart


The premium pick on the list of the best kitchen trolleys is this Giantex Kitchen Trolley Cart in a classic design. With plenty of internal and external storage options, you have enough room to put a whole host of your common kitchen items. The shelves inside the trolley are made to be adjustable, so that you can choose the height that works best.

As for the castors at the bottom of the kitchen island, they can be rotated 360-degrees, giving you the option of moving it in any direction with ease. Should you need to stop the trolley anywhere, two of the wheels have brakes to allow you to do this with ease. Assembly has been designed to be as clear as possible.

14. Cosco Indoor/Outdoor Serving Cart


Next up, we have a simple Cosco Serving Cart that can be moved inside and outside easily as required. A quartet of durable wheels are on the bottom, and there are also two lockable castors to secure it firmly in place.

While it looks relatively lightweight, each of the kitchen island shelves is ready and able to hold weights of up to 75 lbs. No assembly is required. You can simply unpack it from the box and be ready to start serving very quickly indeed.

15. GOFLAME Portable Kitchen Island Cart


Finally, we have this GOFLAME Portable Kitchen Island Cart, which has been made with perfect movement and style firmly in mind. Two universal wheels and brakes allow for easy mobility and stopping – as and when this is required.

Offering plenty of storage space with the two drawers and cabinets, there is also a smooth and flat rubberwood surface on top of the kitchen cart for you to pile anything you like on top of it.

Features to Consider with Kitchen Trolleys

There are several different features to consider when you are choosing the best kitchen cart. Here is a selection of the best factors to bear in mind if you want to get one.

metal kitchen trolley


Many of the best kitchen carts are made using a combination of metal and wood. Of course, there are many different varieties of both materials, so you need to pay attention to what you are buying carefully. For example, a stainless-steel top is often an attractive type of metal to use as it is strong and not at risk of rusting. As for the wood, if it is too thin and flimsy, this can cause a problem as it will break apart more easily and will not give the level of stability that you are looking for. If you are looking for a more affordable option, plastic may be the perfect material for you to get one.


Next up, you have the best size to take into account. If you have a small kitchen, it can add some useful extra storage in small spaces. Ultimately, it is worth getting out a tape measure to ensure that the kitchen cart will fit comfortably inside your small kitchen, as well as through any doorways. Also, you should think about its function. For some people they simply want it to remain in the kitchen all the time. Others would like to move it from room to room. Whatever the case, you should choose a size that is appropriate. Remember, it is also possible to get one that is too small and could end up being swallowed up by a larger kitchen space. Also, if you have a lot of stuff that needs storing, a kitchen cart that is too small is simply not going to be up to the job. Instead of having to keep things up high, you can put them in the trolley. This is great for shorter people who cannot reach as high.


Many people want a kitchen that looks stylistically uniform, so you don’t want to get one that is going to stick out like a sore thumb! Think about the style and how well the kitchen island will fit in best with your kitchen. If you have a modern kitchen full of ceramic surfaces, a wooden kitchen island may appear totally out of place. On the other hand, this may fit in perfectly with a more classically designed kitchen area.


Storage is a factor to bear in mind unless you want the kitchen cart to be sitting out in the same place all the time. Some of the kitchen carts listed above fold away, whereas others are a more permanent feature once you have put them together. If you want to use the small kitchen cart as a drinks serving unit rather than a permanent storage facility, it may be more important that you are able to store it away from time to time. Think about how high the trolley is too. A kitchen trolley is useful as it prevents you from continually needing to reach up to high shelves.


There are a couple of different best uses for your kitchen carts in your home. The first is an extra storage unit. In this case, you will want to get one that has a range of different drawers and cupboards depending on whether you want to put inside dishware or utensils. You may also use the small kitchen island to put appliances like kettles on microwaves on the top. If this is the case, it needs to have a large, flat surface on which to put these things. Instead of having to put things up high, you can put them in the trolley. This is perfect for people who cannot reach high up. Another possibility is to use it as a drinks serving unit. In this case, you may not need any internal storage options. A couple of shelves to put on your bottles and glasses may well prove to be enough.


The first aspect of kitchen island maintenance is making sure that the kitchen cart is easy to put together, as well as whether or not you will need any tools. Some kitchen carts come already put together, which will make your life an awful lot easier if you are not all that skilled in matters relating to DIY.

Kitchen Trolley FAQ

Q: What is a kitchen trolley?


A kitchen trolley is a moveable island storage or serving unit for your home. Sometimes, it is used to provide extra storage or extra counter space in a small kitchen. It provides useful low storage for those who cannot reach high up. At other times, you may use it at home to serve drinks or meals. While they are mainly designed for use in the kitchen, the majority of them are fitted with wheels which allow them to roll from room to room. Also, many of them have castors on the bottom to prevent them from scratching surfaces like hardwood flooring. Many of them are also lockable to fix them in place as and when needed. While installing kitchen units can be a time-consuming and permanent task, a kitchen cart is easy to put together, and it can also be taken with you should you decide to move house.

Q: What is a kitchen trolley used for?


Kitchen carts can be used for a range of different purposes at home. Often, they have drawers and shelves that allow them to function as an extra storage space unit in a small space, meaning that you don't have to reach too high. Some of them are equipped with hooks, rails, and baskets as well. Many fixed models also have a small space on the top that allows you to put your appliance if you need some extra counter space. You could even use it as a drop leaf table or island. The other main function is as a mobile serving kitchen island. With castors on the bottom, you can move the kitchen trolley from room to room, which saves you from having to make multiple trips back and forth from the kitchen. Another alternative use is to store your cleaning supplies in the cart. This way, if there are any accidents around the house, you can bring in the whole kitchen trolley full of equipment and products, ensuring that you are ready to clean it all up as and when needed.

wooden kitchen cart

Q: How do you maintain a kitchen trolley?


There are several different techniques to maintain your kitchen carts at home. The first point of action is to consider where you are actually keeping the carts to offer extra counter space. You should avoid anywhere near a radiator, direct sunlight, or other heat sources that could lead to warping and discoloring. At the same time, you also want to avoid anywhere that is too damp or cold to ensure that the solid wood is kept as dry as possible. If your kitchen island has moveable features, it is worth keeping them well-oiled. After you have oiled the kitchen trolley, you should not use it for a period of at least 20 minutes, making sure that you dab away any excess oil with a dry cloth. Use a moist cloth to wipe it down from time to time to ensure that the surfaces stay nice and clean.

Once you have the home kitchen island at home in a position that you are happy with, make sure that you lock the wheels. When it comes to moving the kitchen trolley once again, remember to unlock them again. Otherwise, you can end up trying to force it, which could result in damage. Going back to the initial assembly phase, make sure that you follow all of the instructions carefully.

Q: How do I get the rust off my kitchen trolley?


If your home kitchen trolley has parts that are made of metal, they may well be prone to rusting over time. Rust is best removed early, so take the time to inspect your kitchen island and act as early as possible. Before you get to work, make sure that you put on the proper protective equipment. Eye protection will defend you from any stray shards or dust that may fly off during the rust-removing process. Wear a mask to prevent breathing in dust and debris.

Clean away any dirt before getting started on the rust. You will need to scrub your kitchen island down with warm, soapy water, taking extra care that too much doesn’t seep down into hinges as this can lead to additional rust and will have the opposite effect to the one that you were intending. Brush away any larger chunks of rust using a razor blade. However, you should avoid digging in too much as this can result in damage.

Household items like lemon juice and salt can help you to remove any rust in a gentle manner. You may want to take any drawers and doors to make the whole process just a little bit easier. Start by sprinkling salt on the rust and follow this up by squeezing on some fresh lemon juice. The mixture will take a few hours to get to work properly. Alternatively, you could try using a combination of baking soda and water. Simply rub on the paste and wait for a few hours. A soft-bristled brush is best for removing this.

If you are not able to remove the rust using a natural solution at home, some steel wool or sandpaper may be needed to do the job properly. For larger patches, use a coarser type of material. Don’t use anything too rough on the metal that has not rusted. You want to remove the rust without causing any unnecessary scratches to the metal. Once you have finished, you will want to give your kitchen island a thorough clean, taking extra care to remove any moisture that can result in rust developing all over again. A hairdryer is a useful piece of equipment to remove moisture quickly. You may want to finish off the job with a lick of paint.