Every man ought to have his very own collection of tools; after all, a toolbox full of handy objects is a man's most prized possession, and rightly so. Owning your own tools saves you money when it comes to small jobs related to your home, garden, or car. There is a just-right tool for every job: fixing a flat car tire to drilling walls or putting up wall hangings and paintings. And while some tools are for a specific use, others serve multiple functions and serve as multipurpose aids for various home improvement chores. A crowbar tool, also commonly known as a wrecking bar, or pry bar, is one such tool.

It is always a good idea to have a crowbar lying around the house because you never know when you might need one (and trust us, you definitely will!). Most frequently employed for opening nailed wooden boxes instead of a nail puller, as well as crates and prying apart boards, crowbars, or demolition bars make an essential component of every compact toolkit. And if you do not own one yet, you had better start looking. We've scrutinized the best options around to compile today's concise list of the best crowbars for you to choose from. All you have to do is go through the compilation and take your pick!

The Best Crowbars

1. Vaughan 15-Inch Long Original SuperBar


When it comes to reliable and enduring tools, you can always rely on Vaughan & Bushnell to provide you with the very best. This Vaughan 15-Inch Long Original SuperBar is a remarkable creation that is also our Best Choice product for so many reasons. It is an essential tool for everyone, from homeowners to tradespeople. If you are a person who knows and loves his tools, you have to have one of these in your toolbox. Featuring an impressive length of 15 inches, this crowbar is not only super-handy but also extends tremendous leverage. As the best pry bars go, this one has to be right up there.

One of this pry bar’s most attractive features is its durable and robust manufacturing; constructed with spring tempered steel, this tool is ideal for heavy-duty jobs. The “Shepherd’s crook” rocker head is designed to provide maximum prying power with minimum effort. You can use it for a great many purposes, including scraping, prying, molding, and pulling and removing nails. The three beveled nail slots allow you to pull off nails with effortless ease and the sharp glistening blades make for convenient and breezy insertion. The SuperBar is also constructive for removing baseboards without causing any damage to walls and floors. This sturdy product makes sure that you get the job done without any cracks or chips. As a tool for prying it’s hard to beat.

2. TEKTON 7-1/2 Inch Flat Pry Bar


If you are looking to replace your old and worn-out tools with tempting new options that also do not require you to loosen your purse strings drastically, turn towards none other than TEKTON that offers excellent deals at incredible prices. A handy crowbar is a must-have in every home, and this TEKTON 7-1/2 Inch Flat Pry Bar is a wonderful buy that reflects high efficacy and ease of use. This multifunctional crowbar is a handy tool that will make the perfect addition to your set of home tools. Measuring 7.5″ in length, it is the ideal size for use in homes. Moreover, the lightweight designed traditional pry bar is perfect if you need to get into tight spaces.

Just because it is small and lightweight does not, by any means, imply that it is flimsy. On the contrary, the high-strength and heat-treated steel manufacturing adds durability to the product and renders it impact resistant. On top of the robust construction is the enamel coating, which provides resistance against rust and corrosion and thereby makes the crowbar highly enduring. There is a total of three nail slots on the bar, one on each end and one near the middle so that you can access nails from any angle. The contoured bar features a broad flat end and a rocker end for extra leverage. The prying function is facilitated manifold by the thin chisel tips that can easily slip behind molding and trim pieces. It’s an excellent replacement for a pair of nail pullers and a useful model to have in your workshop.

3. Estwing Gooseneck Wrecking Bar


Estwing has been an established and renowned manufacturer of long-lasting and efficient striking tools for over a century. This Gooseneck Wrecking Bar is a product that is in line with the company’s standard of excellence and reliability. It has been crafted with American steel of the finest quality. What is even more interesting is that this wrecking bar is forged using a single piece of steel that ensures enormous strength and durability. Moreover, the top-notch tempering process and the impeccable hand-polished finish add to the product’s overall sustainability while bestowing upon it a touch of sophistication. 

The gooseneck bar can be used for several prying, pulling, and scraping jobs, which are made easy and super-quick with this helpful tool. The high-leverage design has been engineered to produce maximum torque when prying boards or pulling nails to facilitate the user. One end of the bar features an angled chisel end, which is best used for lifting and prying, while on the other extreme is a slotted hook end for removing and pulling nails and spikes with enhanced ease. Last but not least, the crowbar boasts an imposing length of 18 inches long that lets you use the tool without bending too low and risk throwing out your back.

4. Off Grid Tools Trucker’s Friend Demolition & Multitool Pry Bar


Are you tired of handling various tools and fitting them all into your toolbox? Do you wish that there was a single product that could tend to multiple small home improvement jobs? Well, guess what, your prayers just got answered! This Multi-tool Crowbar by Off Grid Tools is a fantastic product that effectively combines an ax, a hammer, and a pry bar in one compact device. Now you do not need three different tools when there is one productive multipurpose tool to take care of your needs. No more clutter in your tool shed, how cool is that?!

This multi-tool has been aptly termed as the “Trucker’s Friend” as it has been designed particularly keeping in mind professional truck drivers who are forever in need of a dependable multi-tool while on the go. This product includes a curved ax, hammer, spanner, tire chain hook, nail puller, lever, and pry bar; it just does not get any better than this, does it?! The ax head has been forged using hardened carbon steel and a blade that can be re-sharpened. On the other hand, the handle is made with Nupla fiberglass and offers a powerful grip that is also shock-absorbing. With its multitude of unique features and uses, this ultimate demolition tool can prove invaluable to a job site or a faithful companion on your outdoor adventures such as camping and hunting. 

5. TEKTON 12-Inch Wrecking Bar


TEKTON is our go-to brand for hand tools that come at a great price without compromising on the quality in the slightest. And if you are on the quest for a dependable yet affordable wrecking bar, you have come to the right spot. The TEKTON 12-Inch Wrecking Bar might look like a simple pry bar, but this tough guy is a powerhouse of performance that is guaranteed to last you a lifetime. Featuring an ergonomic design and a length of 12 inches long that is super-convenient to work with, this sturdy bar will become one of your favorite tools in no time.

One of the most outstanding features of this crowbar is that it is made with forged and heat-treated hex bar stock that provides ultimate strength and sustainability to the tool. This compact crowbar is designed to handle all kinds of demolition work and will not disappoint you. The precisely machined chisel ensures the ends can easily slide into the most challenging crevices to pry apart moldings and deck boards. The angled hook end with a deep V nail slot extends high leverage to yank out the toughest nails and spikes from any surface. Finally, the bar possesses an enamel finish that imparts excellent resistance to rust and corrosion. So if you are looking for a model designed to do the heavy lifting so you don’t have to, this unit is an excellent choice.

6. Performance Tool Flat Utility Pry Bar


Performance Tool has been dedicated to the quality of manufacturing and superiority of performance for several decades now, reflected in all of the brand’s products. Prioritizing its customers’ satisfaction and ease above all else, the brand keeps coming up with useful tools and products at a budget-friendly cost. This Performance Tool Flat Utility Pry Bar is yet another example of the company’s commitment to top-notch manufacturing quality. Sporting a sleek and ergonomic design, this flat crowbar is a treat for any homeowner’s toolbox.

The crowbar boasts a length of 15 inches, which is the optimal measurement for prying open boards and moldings. The sharp ends pave the way to slip into all sorts of tight cracks and crevices with minimal effort. In addition to the features mentioned above, the pry bar is equipped with three nail slots for pulling apart nails, one on each end and one near the bar’s center so you can discard your usual nail pullers. Performance Tool also offers a limited lifetime warranty on your purchase. 

7. Stanley FatMax Xtreme FuBar III Pry Bar


A multi-tool is a real blessing for homeowners and merchants alike, as it allows you to perform multiple tasks using a single product. But finding a dependable multipurpose demolition tool can be quite a challenge. Thanks to our artful compilation, you do not have to look any further than our Premium Pick, which is the FatMax FuBar III by Stanley. This multifunctional bar guarantees a multi-tool experience like none other as it oozes pure class and sheer functionality. This bar is the ultimate workplace essential for any job site to help you make your work easier and fun.

This tool has been forged using a single piece of premium quality stainless steel that renders it ultra-durable and tough. The heat-treated and tempered striking face of the bar aids in preventing chipping the walls or floors while the unit is at work. The bar features a two-tier board-grabbing jaw with the ideal size for 2x lumber and decking. The other end consists of a beveled nail slot for pulling out nails. Prying, pulling, splitting, board bending, or striking, no matter what the job is, the FatMax FuBar is sure to make you proud. The 30-inch long multi-tool also possesses a textured grip for maximum maneuverability and enhanced comfort of its user. It’s a good looking and highly functional unit as you would expect from Stanley.

8. Warner Pry Bar


The next option in our line-up of the best crowbars is a wonderful addition by the prestigious family-owned company Warner Tool Products that has delighted its customers with reliable and enduring tools for over nine decades now. This next best pry bar is a ten-inch long beauty crafted in a bright red color as part of Warner’s “Painter’s Series” by Warner. The shape, size, and design of the product make it a must-have for every painter. It, however, by no means implies that its users are restricted to painters alone. This Warner Crowbar will make a valuable asset to the tool collection of any man who is passionate about his tools.

This model features a unique construction that renders it handy and exceedingly useful at the same time. The blade is forged with hardened high carbon steel that provides excellent strength and sturdiness to the tool, while the handle exhibits a polypropylene core with soft rubber over-mold. The handle is solvent-resistant and provides a soft yet firm and powerful grip. It is lightweight and hence comfortable to use; all these qualities ensure that you can use the pry bar for prolonged periods without any risk of hand fatigue. You can use this bar to efficiently pull nails or remove molding from walls. 

9. Edward Tools Gooseneck Wrecking Bar


This Wrecking Bar by Edward Tools is an excellent combination of strength and performance at a tremendous cost. It has been made with heavy-duty, high-strength drop-forged stainless steel. The crowbar’s sturdy construction ensures it can withstand all sorts of impact, including heavy prying and bending. Therefore, once you get your hands on this crowbar, you would not have to worry about getting a new prying tool ever as it will serve you for ages. Own this model and you won’t have to use a hammer.

Another rather remarkable characteristic of this wrecking bar is its gooseneck form. The gooseneck design facilitates pulling, lifting, and prying and creates excellent leverage for all the jobs a crowbar is supposed to perform. The chisel prying end is suitable for lifting and prying apart boards and molding etc., while the nail puller end can be conveniently employed to remove even the toughest nails. Boasting a length of 18 inches, this pry bar features a rust-proof finish that adds years to the product’s life. 

10. TradeUnderlay Pry Bar Tack & Moulding Lifter Mini Crowbar


Whether you are a self-professed tool enthusiast or not, every man must possess a few essential tools. One of the essential tools every household needs is a crowbar that comes in use more often than one might imagine or anticipate. And as we discussed earlier, it is a sensible decision to keep one at hand. This Pry Bar by TradeUnderlay is a basic yet high-strength tool that is an excellent choice for your tools collection.

The wrecking bar is notched at both ends to swiftly pull nails and tacks with ease. This compact bar is ideal for removing gripper, metals, or timber moldings within no time. No matter how stubborn or challenging the task, this mini crowbar has got it covered. The manufacturing material of the crowbar is superior-quality and high-strength metal to extend longevity to the product. Another plus is the sleek and polished appearance of the tool that makes it a covetable purchase. This mini crowbar is 11″ long, which is the optimal length for users of all ages. No search for pry bars would be complete without taking a look at this model.



At first glance, a crowbar might seem like a simple bar of steel or metal to a layman. However, this magnificent tool’s real value is only appreciated by a person who knows his tools. We all require a sturdy crowbar to perform some minor prying or nail-pulling job at our homes at some point in time, so owning one seems only wise. To start with, this Pry Bar by Craftsman is an excellent choice for home improvement chores. Its lightweight and ergonomic design make it uber-convenient to use, whether you are a pro or a novice at handling tools. The prying end makes short work of all kinds of DIY jobs around the home.

This particular crowbar model has been manufactured with heat-treated spring steel that confers upon its ultimate strength and guarantees powerful performance. Measuring a whopping length of 36 inches, this crowbar is sure to turn your toolbox into the envy of the entire town. The pry bar features a precision ground edge and beveled ends for greater penetration. The prying edge is r 25% wider than conventional crowbars to provide increased leverage. Finally, Craftsman makes sure that your purchase is secured with a full lifetime warranty. It’s an excellent unit and one of the best pry bars around.

12. Vaughan 460-04 222 Mini-Bar


Rightly termed as the Enforcer, the final entry in our compilation of the best crowbars is a marvelous creation by Vaughan. Like with all Vaughan products, this pry bar is bound to exceed all your expectations regarding quality and performance. Use it as a home tool or as essential in the shop or on the field; the choice is yours. This Vaughan 460-04 222 Mini-Bar manifests functionality and durability to provide you with a memorable working experience. The patented curved handle of this unit amplifies the convenience of use by comfortably snugging the bar up against vertical surfaces and leaving ample room for the pulling hand.

The heat-treated carbon steel ensures sustainability, while the extra-wide claw gives you a boost of power while performing prying and lifting jobs. The solid construction also contributes to heavy-duty striking. The 30″ long crowbar features hardened and polished blades along with a tough nail puller to breezily yank out nails from all materials and surfaces. The blue powder coat adds to the visual appeal of the tool and is also a durable finish that lasts ages and is guaranteed to stand the test of time. It’s easy to see why we’re recommending it as one of the best pry bars for your money.

Features To Consider With Crowbars

While out (or online for that matter) shopping for a dependable crowbar, pay special heed to the following features to make the most out of your purchase.

Shape and Sizes

This is a noticeable feature and also one of the foremost to capture your attention. The shape and size of a crowbar are very significant when it comes to determining the tool's uses. Crowbars usually come in all sizes, from as small as seven inches to as long as 35 inches, or even more. While small pry bars are handy for trivial jobs and home use, longer ones can be used for commercial purposes or prying jobs where more significant pressure is required. Similarly, a wide variety of shapes are available, from flat to curved or gooseneck wrecking bars. Gooseneck pry bars and those with a rocker head give you the added advantage of excellent leverage.

Claw Type

The type of claw on a crowbar is also significant. It gives you an idea about the product's overall efficacy and the amount of damage it can cause to the working surface or material. An angled or curved claw works well on many surfaces but can harm surfaces such as wood when pulling nails. On the other hand, a flat claw with a broad head leads to easy wedging while minimizing wood damage. 


The heel, or chisel end of the crowbar, is the part that helps in prying apart boards and moldings, etc. A well-sharpened heel provides greater ease of access for sliding under all kinds of surfaces, and a slight curve at the chisel end makes for better leverage.


This is a paramount and valid concern when handling any tool. Crowbars are made from steel and are, as a result, bound to be heavy. However, there are a great many options in the market that boast a lightweight construction without compromising on the quality and functionality of the product. A lightweight pry bar is a preferred choice as it extends the ease of use and can be handled by people of all sizes.

Type of Work

Yes, that is a rather crucial question you should be asking yourself before venturing out to buy a crowbar: "What type of work do I need to get done using this crowbar?" While a simple crowbar is most commonly employed for pulling out nails or pry apart boards, there are advanced versions of the tool now available that do a lot more than just that. If you require a basic crowbar to add to your toolbox for occasional use at home, you can settle on one with a chisel end and a nail slot. However, if you are looking for a tool that can perform diverse tasks, opt for a multi-tool that combines a hammer, an ax, and a wrecking bar, and is much more than just a crowbar.


This is a feature one should always take into account before settling on a crowbar. After all, no man likes to replace his tools every few years. We want our tools to stand by us through thick and thin and, ideally, forever. Therefore, select a sturdy tool from a trusted manufacturer, so there are minimal chances of getting worn out in a few months or years.