Did you forget about Valentine’s Day?

vday-bearMy wife and I never observe the whole Valentine’s Day thing. Partly because we have an important anniversary date around mid-February and partly because we don’t really find the whole holiday very romantic. That’s just us. To each his own. If you’d like to shower your loved one with romance and terms of endearment go right ahead, but don’t let February 14th give you the excuse to go out and buy anything red just to make it look like you made an effort.

If you don’t put any thought into what you are giving your significant other, then that probably leaves you scrambling to find something at the last minute. That may lead you to purchasing something like the teddy bear pictured with this post. Convenience stores and gas stations love to display this stuff prominently this time of year. If you would like some ideas on what gift to give, check out our Gift Giving Guides. Although most of the posts were intended for the Christmas season, they can still be used for any gift giving occasion.


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  1. posted by Heather on

    In the spirit of uncluttering and organization, my gift to my valentine is to digitize all his old 35mm slides. To him this will be much more meaningful than a typical Valentine’s gift.

  2. posted by Jenn on

    My husband bought me tickets to see Brian Regan for Valentine’s Day and I’m buying him tickets to see Tom Petty. Unfortunately for him, the show isn’t until June…

  3. posted by Josephine on

    All I want is a little bit of chocolate. Not even a whole box. Heck, even a candy bar will do!

  4. posted by teri on

    My significant other was thrilled to discover a case of his fav beer in the frig today! Comsumable, so no clutter… and I thought very romantic!

  5. posted by Tim on

    I don’t have a significant other this year, so no gifts for me ๐Ÿ™ To be honest, though, I’m not very upset because I think Hallmark, er, Valentine’s Day has become way too commercial.

  6. posted by Melissa on

    I’m with you. My husband and I don’t celebrate the day. My thought is: why do I need a special day to tell my husband I love him? Shouldn’t I be doing that all year long?

    I think too many times, people feel they have to buy some silly gift or they are bad spouses/boyfriends/girlfriends. There is a greed aspect to it, too. Last night on the local news, they were posting comments from the messageboard. One woman actually said that flowers or chocolates was too “teenager.” She wants diamonds.

    I’ll stick with giving my husband gifts when I’m struck by something on any day of the year.

  7. posted by Katie on

    We’re going to celebrate with fondue… and that’s it! In addition to the clutter of teddy bears and greeting cards, Valentine’s Day also clutters my evening commute with people rushing around, trying to get to dinner on time. Bah humbug!

  8. posted by Rachel on

    I’m making homemade chocolate covered blueberries! Consumable, something sweet, and no excess packaging!! And I’ll do this with my Unclutterer-friendly multitasking kitchen utensils! I’m the queen of McGuyver-ing something in the kitchen rather than going out and buying something I’ll only use once.

    Other than that, just a quiet, homemade dinner and maybe watching one of our favorite movies. I’m very lucky to have a fella that doesn’t subscribe to the “Stuff” theory of V-Day…. at least, I try to remind myself that I’m “lucky…”

    One year, his romantic idea was to buy me thread. ๐Ÿ™ But then again, I am a stitcher, and the thread was some spendy hand-dyed stuff that I needed to finish a project, so I guess he’s pretty romantic after all!

  9. posted by wesa on

    Our wedding anniversary is in two weeks, so we’re just going to enjoy a great dinner at home. Honestly, I also have a History midterm tomorrow and can’t take any time off for foufery.)

  10. posted by Deb on

    Last year, hubby and I decided to forgo buying each other more stuff in lieu of doing something special together. Last year, we went to the orchestra. This year, we are going to a swanky restaurant that we’ve been eyeing–but on the weekend, not tonight. I hate going out on Valentine’s Day–too crowded. Plus, we have a long weekend coming up to spend together, so that’s a bonus.

  11. posted by phil on

    My wife is a therapist. While she has nothing against celebrations, she’s really suspicious of a couple who only are thoughtful of each other at Valentine’s Day.

    About 10 years ago we tried to put an end to holiday gift giving within the extended family. It’s been a struggle but it’s mostly caught on. All of us have TOO MUCH STUFF; nobody NEEDS anything and it really cuts down on holiday angst. We give $$$ to the ‘kids’ (nobody under 20 any more) who need it but that’s about it.

    It works for us. Standing back from the holiday marketing onslaught is very enlightening. Rather like being the only one sober at an office party. ๐Ÿ™‚

  12. posted by M.R. on

    For Christmas, my boyfriend and I donated to Heifer International. A needy family got a sheep, we did something meaningful, and there was no wrapping paper or clutter involved. This would work for Valentine’s Day, or really ANY day!

  13. posted by Kris on

    My husband and I celebrate Valentine’s Day the day before (meaning we celebrated yesterday). We went out for Thai food and then got tickets to The Pink Floyd Experience.

    Best date we’ve had all year and there were no crowds, no lines and nothing was doubled in price just for the day. I highly recommend it. And The Pink Floyd Experience. WOW.

  14. posted by bonnie on

    @M.R. – I second the Heifer International vote, bigtime. What’s sweeter than sharing your love with the world?

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