Valentine’s day gift ideas

vdayValentine’s day is just around the corner and some of us are probably scrambling to find that perfect gift for their loved one. Don’t let your desperation lead you to your local retailer in search of a gift just for the sake of paying attention to the calendar. We highly recommend consumables as gifts. For example, food, tickets to a performance, or an experience gift.

If you need some ideas, here area few that should make the day a little more memorable:

Dinner for two (prepared by you): If you don’t usually cook, do yourself a favor and figure out how to make one dish very well. You can surprise your significant other with an unexpected meal — freshly made and ready to eat.

Movie night: Find and rent the first movie that you watched together, no matter how bad it was. It will bring back some memories and if it was a really bad film it will probably make you laugh.

Be creative: If you are the creative type, create a collage of photos and mementos or write a poem. If you don’t consider yourself creative, give it a try — you may be surprised at your hidden talent.

Organize: Surprise your loved one by organizing a particular problem area of your home. Try to choose an area that really gets under their skin.

Tickets: Print out a set of redeemable tickets for back rubs, foot rubs, or chores that your partner usually takes upon themselves. Whatever you can think of can be printed onto these redeemable tickets.

These are just a handful of ideas, feel free to add your own in the comments section.


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  1. posted by Joy (from Just Plain Joy) on

    I love the idea of getting organized!

  2. posted by Tracey on

    Why not make the dinner for two with fondue (no rhymes intended)! A cozy, intimate, EASY way to share a meal, and don’t forget the chocolate fondue for dessert!

  3. posted by ryan.t on

    I showed my girlfriend the wonders (and horrors) of LOLcats. So my first Valentine’s gift is the ICanHasCheezburger book.

    We’re an odd couple.

  4. posted by Cynthia on

    I’m planning on making sushi, my other half loves sushi and since I’ve never made it and it’s fairly expensive, I figured I can try to make it and see how it goes. I’ll make some chicken teriyaki as a back up. I’m also planning on making chocolate covered strawberries for dessert. It will be the two of us and our son. It will be a nice Valentine’s Day in.

  5. posted by girlshop75 on

    I made my husband a Valentine’s playlist of love songs on his iPod without him knowing. When he got to the airport on Valentine’s Day on this way to an overseas business trip, I told him to check it out!

  6. posted by Amanda @ on

    I love the iPod playlist idea. The mixtape, revisited 🙂

    A few years ago I made my husband a frame for our favorite wedding picture by collaging real candy conversation hearts onto a picture frame. I coated it with a spray polyurethane and it’s held up amazingly well. I’ll have to post a picture on my blog…

  7. posted by Becca on

    We had toyed around with the idea of going to The Melting Pot, but I’ve decided I’ll make him some cheese and chocolate fondue at home instead! That way we can have it when WE want it, and watch a movie or something, too. Way cheaper, way less crowded, and just as fun!

    Oh yeah, and I’m getting him a gift certificate to get his car cleaned and detailed… I guess that fits in with your “get organized” suggestion!

  8. posted by momofthree on

    I have a large deep dish pizza pan and ever since we were first married, 23 1/2 years ago, I have always made a heart shape pizza in it.
    With the addition of each of the three kids, I have had to make an extra pizza so that we all can celebrate love…
    yea, it’s corny, but I would rather stay in with my family than go out for a fancy dinner with just my hubby. And, since the kids have divergent tastes, I will even make three pizzas to everyones flavor desires. How is that for love from a mom???

  9. posted by Sarah on

    We have tickets to a scavenger hunt! If they’re near you, Watson Adventures put on some really fun scavenger hunts, normally in museums, zoos, and other public places. My husband is super competitive, and this way, it’s Us against Them rather than just him against me. 🙂

  10. posted by Danielle LaPorte on

    i once hired a landscape consultant for my hubby. It was great. She walked with him through the yard and garden and drew a little map and the best stuff to plant where. he loved it.

  11. posted by JustMeJosh on

    Re-watch the first movie we watched together? You’re really asking me to sit through The Scorpion King again?

  12. posted by expat princess on

    In the spirit of uncluttering, I am going to get out our old love letters and share a bottle of wine with my husband over the shredder. There are just some things my children shouldn’t read:)!

  13. posted by Linda on

    Please don’t shred all your old love letters. It was such a delight to find my mother’s after she died. They were rather tame so there was no embarrasment and it was so much fun to see my mother’s heart at 28. Surely you can find some non-R-rated letters for your children to “discover” one of these days.

  14. posted by Leftware on

    I agree, please don’t get rid of your notes… i unfortunately had lost a lot of them, and is very sad, because those notes, papers and that kinda stuff, let us to remember how our love raised up, very helpful for the crisis time; you will value’em when you really need it

  15. posted by myra hirschbert on

    We’ve done several different chocolate tastings for friends over the years – one year, it was comparative high-end chocolate bars, last year it was hot chocolate (comparing various gourmet recipes), this year we’re on the road, but maybe next year we’ll do truffles.

  16. posted by Ruth Hansell on

    I love the idea of watching the first movie we saw – Who Framed Roger Rabbit? It was also our first official ‘date.’ Thanks, I was trying to think of something simple but a little bit out of our ordinary routing.


  17. posted by expat princess on

    Thanks for the replies! I am only shredding the R rated ones, or parts of them. My husband’s forte is love letters and cards, my favorite gifts ever, so I have lots of those too. My children will have plenty to read!

  18. posted by Anne on

    The first movie we saw together was “Campus Man.” I’m just not sure I can do it.

  19. posted by Peregrin on

    Our first movie was “Fatal Attraction”. Think we’ll skip that one…

  20. posted by sm on

    @ryan.t- LOLcats figure pretty prominently in my relationship too. I had no idea there was a book…

  21. posted by Lea on

    All the people that are suggesting fondue at home, what an awesome idea — for some reason my bf and I always gravitate towards the Melting Pot for special occasions, but I wouldn’t mind melting my own cheese if it means I can save a few bucks.

  22. posted by AO on

    American Greetings has a bunch of different printable coupon books:

  23. posted by Deb on

    My idea to my husband was to donate blood through a Red Cross Blood Drive.
    I needed a blood transfusion a few years ago and this was the best gift (and free) he could give met.

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