Unitasker Wednesday: The unitasker debate

After so many years of Unclutterer, you might think we would run out of unitaskers to make fun of but sadly that is not the case. Our Unitasker Wednesday series is still going strong.

In our first unitasker post, we defined a unitasker as something that:

  • It takes up space in your home and your life but does not give much in return.
  • It only does one thing, and usually that thing is really unnecessary or superfluous.

In order to fulfill the definition of unitasker both of the above criteria must be met for the owner/user of the item.

Let’s take the waffle maker as an example, Unclutterer Matt, insists that a waffle maker is a unitasker. It takes up a lot of cupboard space. It only makes waffles. It is used only a few times a year. Unclutterer’s editor-at-large, Erin disagrees because she uses a waffle maker to make other foods and she enjoys using it. Erin gets lots in return for the item that takes up space in her cupboard! Erin also loves her ice-cream maker even though Matt believes that it too, is a unitasker.

The Banana Saver was declared a unitasker, but I heartily disagree. I gladly sacrifice the space a in the cupboard for the Banana Saver because it allows me to avoid cleaning smashed banana in the children’s backpacks and lunchboxes.

Unclutterer Jeri mentioned that some multi-purpose items may not be as effective as unitaskers. We have mentioned that when unitaskers keep you safe, save you time, effort, and money they can be valuable.

Every week readers chime in and declare their love for the unitaskers we feature. Sometimes it is because their children will only eat tacos in the TriceraTaco taco holder, or the 60 second salad maker really does save them time, or the Flying Screaming Monkey brings them joy. Whatever the reason, if you use it and you love it then for you it is not a unitasker.

We plan to continue with our poking fun at items in Unitasker Wednesday posts and we appreciate each and every comment even if they respectfully disagree with us. Diversity enhances innovation and creativity. It is our strength.

7 Comments for “Unitasker Wednesday: The unitasker debate”

  1. posted by Jeanne E Thelwell on

    My only problem with unitaskers is when the selection – or the commentary – reflects either cultural provincialism (like the toast rack, or the recent egg molds), or simple aesthetic preference (the watermelon bowl (frankly, I can’t see how *any* bowl, however ugly, could be a unitasker)). It’s also silly when something that is intended to be a toy, or that is designed for collectors (the watch winder), or for industrial rather than home use (there was a pancake maker, as I remember) is selected.

  2. posted by G. on

    Yes, some items seem like silly unitaskers at first reading. But there are times I learn of ways people use the items in ways, or for reasons, I’d not have thought of. Battery operated items for those with mobility or grip issues, not wanting to clean lunch bag insides of smashed banana, etc. And some unitaskers are unitaskers that can’t be replaced, you can’t make waffles in a frying pan! Those reasons doesn’t usually make me go out and buy the items though. Except for wooden toast tongs, I’m totally going to buy a set of those when I find them. I hope this feature continues for a long time.

  3. posted by Jenn on

    I appreciate unitasker posts and comments because that’s how I learn about items that I didnt know existed; is or isn’t a unitasker and thus whether I can avoid or consider buying; and learning about regional and global cultures. In short, I get to discover with the benefit of multiple opinions.
    But some items are really quite silly and overboard. Not all, just some. 🙂

  4. posted by Deb on

    I love the tone of this blog and the unitasker Wednesday often makes me smile. The civilized discussion about the merits of these items is a reminder that we don’t always understand or appreciate the nuances of everything. Keep up the good work and let us all be happy for a forum that keeps it’s positive outlook even when we disagree. Rare sometimes in today’s online world. Thank you for expanding my personal database with interesting information.

  5. posted by E.T. on

    I too love this blog and the Unitasker Wednesday feature is a favorite part. I wouldn’t change a thing. Some are definitely funnier than others and some, as pointed out, turn out to be useful or they teach me something. Thumbs up to Unitasker Wednesday !!

  6. posted by Paula Johnson on

    I love reading about the Unitaskers and just saw a great candidate. It’s a large machine that folds your laundry.


  7. posted by infmom on

    You really need to give up your unreasonable bias against toaster tongs. 🙂

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