Apartment Therapy’s small space round-up

at-small-spacesApartment Therapy is one of the sites that we enjoy reading here at Unclutterer. Their small space solutions are a helpful resource for those of us who live in tiny apartments and more “compact” homes.

Their budget-friendly tips are great for those just starting out on their own or living in more expensive cities. Read through The Big List to get great ideas on how to maximize space in homes of any size.

There are tons of solutions, photos, resources, and storage ideas. Get inspired by taking a look at some of the ideas and products that they highlight in their year-end review.

(photo courtesy of Apartment Therapy)


This post has been updated since its original publication in 2008.

3 Comments for “Apartment Therapy’s small space round-up”

  1. posted by Nav on

    Thanks for sharing, being a current NYC resident. I know the value of every square inch, and still think there is allot of room for innovation here. I’d love to hear about more companies that cater to such solutions, have the folks at Bo-Concepts worked in this theme?

  2. posted by Vicki on

    I live in a 1947 post WWII boom home which is only 742 sq ft in space. The closets are as small as the rooms. More importantly, my husband and 2 adult sons are major, major pack-rats!! Can you offer any suggestions on taming the clutter? As an added attraction, as it were, my younger son is develop- mentally disabled and NOT good at keeping his room clean. He has the maturity level of a 12-year old, but has an above-average IQ. I need help!! I love your website, but could use some more specific help, please. Thank you. Vicki M.

  3. posted by Sandra on

    Vicki—I work with developmentally disabled kids. Sometimes having a chart/visual
    Schedule with pictures or directions that they may cross off as completed and a chance to earn rewards (such as video game time) can work wonders.
    Sorry I can’t help with yr pack rats—I’m struggling with my own here!

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