Unitasker Wednesday: Chef vs. Gadget

A big thank you to reader Celeste who sent us this video where a chef competes against unitasker gadgets.

The video shows that a chef knife wins spectacularly over the unitaskery avocado cutter and corn cob peeler. There was a tie between the chef knife and herb cutter (only for the green onions). If you already have a knife, sharpen up your cutting skills and skip buying the herb cutter?

The rapid egg cooker and the microwave pasta cooker, both unitaskers, won against the chef. How did they do that? They saved time — and likely saved energy. The rapid egg cooker does not require an entire pot of water to be boiled on the stove. The pasta cooker uses the microwave to boil water which is much faster and more energy efficient than the stove top. Both the pasta cooker and rapid egg cooker might be useful for students living in dorms who only have access to a microwave and an electrical outlet.

Thanks again Celeste! It’s a great video.


Note: Our post links to a microwave pasta cooker with higher Amazon reviews than the one shown in the video.

4 Comments for “Unitasker Wednesday: Chef vs. Gadget”

  1. posted by Maryann Aguilar on

    But the real test should be Gadgets against an UN-TRAINED chef! What normal person can cut stuff as fast a TRAINED chef? Really! But, seriously, most gadgets are not sharp enough to win against a sharp knife.

  2. posted by Fred Kaltreider on

    I had a scissor like herb cutter and it was not only dangerously sharp, but damp leaves stuck to it. Now I use a mezzaluna, and I love it; much faster than a chef’s knife for herbs.

  3. posted by Laura on

    I have a microwave pasta cooker and love it. The only time I’ve cooked pasta on the stove since I’ve had it is the time period between when my microwave died and when I replaced it. At one point I had two as I kept one at work in my desk along with a box of pasta and an unopened jar of sauce which was great for those days when I didn’t bring my lunch but didn’t want the expense of eating out. Imho a lot of things are technically unitaskers. A knife is a unitasker as it’s sole purpose and use is to cut things. A knife just can be used to cut a wider variety of things then say scissors meant for herbs. Actually anything that you only use for one purpose, no matter how many things it can be used for is a unitasker. My Kitchenaid stand mixer is a unitasker because even though I could use it do everything from grate carrots to make ice cream with the right attachments I only use it when I’m going to make baked goods such as cookies.

  4. posted by Lisa Brown on

    another lover of the fasta pasta myself. I mostly use it for pasta, but it is also a great veggie steamer (especially for asparagus) Of course you can do all of that in a pot on the stove, but it is a great time saver for me, and worth the expense and storage space.

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