2018 Gift Giving Guide: Consumable gifts

Consumable gifts when done correctly, can be some of the most appreciated presents we receive. When poorly executed, it can actually lead to more clutter. Here are some tips to choosing the best consumable gifts for the people on your list.

Food is first on the list when people think of consumables. After all, everyone eats — we just don’t all eat the same things. Consider the following:

  • Some food allergies are severe. Your intended recipient may not be allergic but if any of their family members have allergies, the item may never be consumed.
  • Dietary Restrictions. Low salt, low sugar, low fat, gluten-free, vegetarian, vegan… Some are medical restrictions, some are faith-based restrictions, others are by choice. Whatever the reason, respect the limitations in your gift-giving.

Always read the label and the list of ingredients before purchasing and when in doubt, ask!

You might want to opt for specialty foods that your recipients would not normally purchase themselves. I always get my husband imported lemon curd for the holidays. It is something his British granny used to make every year and try as I might, I have never mastered the recipe.

Students starting out on their own may appreciate a spice starter kit with free refills for five years. For the coffee lover, perhaps a three month coffee sampler subscription would be appreciated. The gourmet chef on your list might enjoy pure Spanish saffron. There are many gourmet international food options to choose from.

Although not nearly so glamourous as international gourmet food, other consumables that might be well received include:

Take the time to get to know your recipient’s preferences and use your imagination to create the perfect consumable (and clutter free) gift.

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3 Comments for “2018 Gift Giving Guide: Consumable gifts”

  1. posted by Ruth Hansell on

    Gardeners, a seed starting set, a trip to a local good nursery to browse and buy, hand tools,

    Handywomen & men ~ hand tools they don’t already have, which would take some careful research

    An outing to a place they wouldn’t take themselves

    Look at what your family member/friend does for fun and relaxation, and give some gift related to that. Again, it might take some research, but the gift will be appreciated.

  2. posted by PMcD55 on

    My sister often picks out first class stamps appropriate to someone’s interests, and gives them as stocking stuffers. Useful, and thoughtfully selected for the receiver.

  3. posted by Sandra on

    I always gave my mom flower bulbs. Every year she’d give me a update on which came back, so the gift kept giving.
    Also Trader Joe’s had lemon curd this past summer, so they prbly still have it!

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