Interesting way to hide powercords

Power cords are a necessary evil that ruin the aesthetic of almost any room in your home. Finding ways to hide them and get them into a manageable arrangement is always a struggle. One option is to use the “J” shaped cable organizer but they are only available in white or black which doesn’t always go with the décor. Nail-in cable clips are easy to install and can neatly hold cables against the wall but again, who wants to see that bright orange extension cord?

This rather unique and interesting way to hide your wire clutter I found over at the Boiler design site:

The Picket Fence adapts to older homes and cleanly manages the electrical necessities of the occupants. The baseboards have a certain thickness to them, typically much thicker than an electrical cord. By sticking these pickets onto the baseboard, a space is created between the wall and the picket points. This space serves as a track for routing all of the wires cleanly around the room. They can go wherever they like and double back as much as they need to, all concealed behind a picket fence. Because of the gaps between the individual pickets, a plug can jump out wherever it is needed.

Obviously this design isn’t for everyone, but I think it is creative and lends itself to different interpretations.


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  1. posted by StyckyWycket on

    I think it’s a novel idea, but I think that there is only a few specific design styles that would work in. I could absolutely see it in my basement office, though. It’s really cool, though.

  2. posted by SuperChuck on

    Imagine what you could to with this idea and some basic carpentry skills. 🙂

  3. posted by Stephanie on

    Cute! And, yes, you could eaily make your own design. I’m keeping this in mind for the future…

  4. posted by KathyHowe on

    I haven’t even read the article and I am in love with the idea already!!!

  5. posted by John in Indiana on

    This got me to thinking… I don’t often have to run power cords along the baseboard, but I do run signal wiring (phone, audio, network) along the ceiling.
    Why couldn’t one get some of that Poly-U crown moulding and hide the cables behind it?

  6. posted by Ryan on

    It’s a great idea, but the whole picket fence thing is a bit too tacky for me. Luckily the outlets in my home are well placed and all the wires are tucked away behind the furniture.

    Thank god for wireless routers, though. My place would suck without one.

  7. posted by mercurial scribe on

    I must say, unexpectedly cute!

  8. posted by Kris on

    Great idea. I like the ceiling idea, too. And amen for wireless routers. 😉

  9. posted by Kerry on

    Cute, but imagine the dust that would collect behind there…

  10. posted by Afton on

    Many say they’re cute. Not me. My first thoughts: “Egads, those are ugly. I’d rather the cords show.” Diff’rent strokes….

  11. posted by Megan @ Disorder2order on

    This is great! I love it. It’s quite cute and fun. What a great way to minimize the “ugly” of cords! Awesome idea!

  12. posted by Amanda on

    I saw this and immediately thought- ick- it’s just not my style! BUT- what about a fake baseboard front applied over the original basebord, with a cap to close off the top, and holes placed under outlets. It makes your baseboard more vintage-sized and gives you a way to run the cords around the outside of the room without having to go all Country with your decor or clean dust from behind the pickets.

  13. posted by Josh on

    Amanda–my thoughts exactly…surely there’s someone who makes a fake baseboard for hiding cords…

  14. posted by Laetitia in Australia on

    When we owned a house we had cables everywhere to provide another phone outlet in the second bedroom. We got a cabler friend to run cables through our roof space with phone and data points in the two bedrooms that didn’t have telephone jacks.

    Now that we’re back to renting we just hide the cables behind the shelves.

  15. posted by C. A. Messier on

    crown molding idea works. My husband installed our surround sound system and we hid the cords in our existing crown molding (which he also had taken down, updated and we put back up). In addition he put outlets on three walls that would work for the TV and system. Has a drawing to show it all. Very cool and it worked well. Unfortunately still do have a slew of cords behind the receiver stand. Thinking about some kind of box-like thing, but so far it seemed too clunky/ hokey.

  16. posted by Emily on

    Yeowza, what a cleaning nightmare! All I can see is bundles of kitty fur behind those pickets!

  17. posted by DebF on

    Seriously, wouldn’t it be simpler to run the power cords around the baseboards, and clip them in place with something like this?
    If for no other reason than the dusting would be much easier?

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