Reader inspired charging station

Reader Geek Novice sent us the following photographs:

A detailed explanation can be found on his blog here. His blog is written in Slovene, though, so we were happy that he kindly emailed us a few translations. In short, he purchased two meters (about six and a half feet) of pipe insulation from his local hardware store for about a dollar. He cut the foam tubing to his desired length, inserted a second slice, piled in the cords, and called it an uncluttered day.

We love this innovative, inexpensive, charging station. Thank you, Geek Novice, for sharing it with us!


This post has been updates since its original publication in 2007.

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  1. posted by k8 on

    i’m not sure if he thought of this all on his own…
    take a look at martha stewart – i think it’s in her simple home solutions book. she features this same clutter solution as well, in 2004.

  2. posted by Mike on

    One tip: All those AC adapters are consuming some energy while they’re plugged in, even when not charging the device (feel them, they’ll be warm to the touch). I recommend putting them on a power strip that can be flicked off when you’re not charging anything.

  3. posted by Anne on

    The only things I need to charge regularly are my iPod and my Blackberry Pearl. I kind of feel like this is putting a band-aid on a bigger clutter boo-boo. Unless you’re charging a family’s worth of devices, the easier solution is to pare down.

  4. posted by Morfydd on

    (headdesk) I just bought that stuff to organize my makeup – I have a lot of little circular tins of mineral makeup.

    Now I know what to do with the rest! Thank you!

  5. posted by Ryan on

    Gawd I can’t wait for wireless power.

  6. posted by Jon King on

    I admire the attempt. As a person who has designed offices for the last 20 years, I can tell you the “data & power” is a detail that so often get overlooked but so often ends up creating issues. One of which is code compliance, especially in California, New York & Chicago. For me, the cords travel almost as much as the technology. We need to come up with attrative cords or reasonable ways to “wrap” them (small, fast, attractive).

  7. posted by Mrs. Micah on

    Wow. I love it! Trying to figure out how much I have that needs to be recharged…and the PDA has to be connected to the computer too. But on the bright side, I’m sure this lil’ dude is portable.

    Thanks for sharing.

  8. posted by stephanie on

    I hope you are still reading the comments! If you are, how did you use it to organize your makeup? I use mineral makeup and the containers are cute but kind of annoying to deal with.

  9. posted by Sophie on

    Nice job. I’m a little worried though; could that make a fire hazard? Those adapters get pretty warm sometimes. Combine that with the flammable material… I don’t know.

  10. posted by Nejc (Geek Novice) on

    Hello, Sophie.

    Glad you like it. Those power adapters are at least a feet away (below the stereo). They are hiden behind a book closet (behind books) so they don’t have anything to do with the foam.

  11. posted by Debra on

    Actually, the Martha Stewart idea was different – she suggested using this insulation material to stuff extension cords inside for storage. Here’s the link:

  12. posted by Peter on

    There are commercial versions of this as well. I own the following Brookstone product and like it very much.

  13. posted by Martin on

    Mike: While it’s important to save energy, unplugging chargers has a negligible effect:

  14. posted by keane on

    i dont like cables in general. im waiting for the day when wireless charging becomes a reality for consumers.

    in the mean time, there has to be a way to go even more simplistic and minimalist than even this…i can just feel it.

  15. posted by gadgetmom on

    I bought a simple charging station a week ago and couldn’t be without it anymore. Look at It works like a charm and even has a built-in key hook for your car keys. Now I have a place to put my phone, it doesn’t take up counter space because it’s part of a wallplate, and I never leave home with a cell phone that has a low battery anymore. Has anyone else bought or seen this?

  16. posted by mrsclean on

    The EZmount cell phone charging station, was just what I was looking for. I purchased 1 for each of our kids rooms and 1 for the kitchen. Finally no more messy cords, and the built in key hook is a great feature. I purchased this online at I plan on purchasing more for Christmas gifts.

  17. posted by Julian on

    Hmm, wireless power, wouldn’t that cause cancer?

    I don’t think the idea of transmitting 240v of electricity over the air is very appealing, even if it does mean no more cable clutter

  18. posted by Joe on

    Most gadgets don’t require 240v. More like 5 or 6 which would be transmitted using induction.

    The concept has already been built into tables and such, but requires a charging antenna and magnet setup to be built into the device as well.

    Don’t hold your breath. It will be a while before we see this.

    An even better solution would be to have houses wired with two types of outlets. One for the normal 120/110v AC and one with 12v DC. Then the house could have a single low-loss transformer and we wouldn’t have to rely upon all those transformer bricks to power or charge our devices.

  19. posted by david on

    @ Ryan:
    Gawd I can’t wait for wireless power.

    Here we call it rechargeable batteries.

  20. posted by AinOakPark on

    I see that I am in the minority here, but even though this may be organized, it still looks rather junky to me. Cheap, unattractive, and it screams DIY. Sorry, but you won’t be finding that anywhere in my house. I’m hoping Joe’s idea becomes available.

  21. posted by Fazal Majid on

    I have a 10-port Anker USB charger C-clamped to a side table with a menagerie of cables to feed my entire family’s collection of devices. The trick is to buy short cables (30cm/1 foot) to prevent them from tangling the way standard 2m/6ft cables will.

  22. posted by Jamzm on

    Figure out how to organize the wall warts, then we’ll talk.

  23. posted by Jamzm on

    Best I could do was get a power strip with switched outlets.

  24. posted by Jamzm on


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