Cable clutter

Here’s a quick Unclutterer video tip to help you tackle cable clutter under a media center. All it takes is a simple multi-hook rack and a little imagination.

This post has been updated since its original publication in 2007.

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  1. posted by Jacki Hollywood Brown on

    I’ve managed to pull cables out of electronics and knock them to the floor when the cables get sucked up the vacuum cleaner!
    Thanks for the EXCELLENT IDEA!!

  2. posted by Bill on


    He said, “whatnot”.

  3. posted by Mirko on

    Thanks for the great tip! I’ll have to try that one 🙂

  4. posted by Christy on

    Excellent idea!

  5. posted by Decatur on

    Jerry, Great Idea !! We would love to see more of your home for inspiration.

  6. posted by Michael on

    This is a good idea. I’ve used ‘cable bones’ in the past and love them.

  7. posted by Sal on

    this is truly amazing! i feel one should hide any aspect of life that isn’t sterile or clinical. it is shameful to be seen as being a “normal” person suffering from the “foibles” of life. with this handy tip, sure, the mess is still there, lurking behind the cabinet, but at least on face value one appears to being in control of everything. next we can cure cancer.

  8. posted by Dave on

    Excellent video! I did something similar with the cables behind my computer and it made a HUGE difference. (Some before and after pics for anyone who’s interested)

    Jerry – did you consider putting the rack on the wall instead of the TV stand?

  9. posted by Jerry Brito on

    Thanks to everyone for the positive feedback. Glad to see there’s an interest in videos and I’ll see if I can make some more.

    @Dave- Yes, the thought crossed my mind, but didn’t seem like a good idea to me. First, I wanted avoid holes in the wall. By putting the rack on the cabinet I can now move it to a new place in the apartment or to a new apartment without reinstalling it. Second, if the rack was mounted on the wall, it would be more difficult to wrap the cables around it because they would slack once you moved the cabinet back into place.

  10. posted by Jon on

    Good idea. Or you could just zip-tie or twist-tie each cable.

    Or for the minimalist approach: just get rid of the TV altogether and read a book, or go outside.

  11. posted by jae on

    i’m gonna give a big ‘meh’ to this – all that’s been done is picking the mess up off the floor – the wires still look all tangled, etc.

    why not get some velcro straps and neaten things up back there.

  12. posted by newswede on

    For best ausio/video quality you want to gather each cable up and zip-tie it together individually, keeping them in long rows. Make sure they are laying horizontal. Check out this site to see how a pro does it (this is a good ideal though) so you can blend the 2 concepts.

  13. posted by Dean in Des Moines on

    No! Don’t zip-tie cables! The cables get squished, kinked or cut. Instead, get yourself a roll of velcro and cut off appropriate lengths. Treat your cables well and they will last longer and perform better.

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