Unitasker Wednesday: Half and half cupcake maker

All Unitasker Wednesday posts are jokes — we don’t want you to buy these items, we want you to laugh at their ridiculousness. Enjoy!

Although it is highly rated, I do not see the usefulness of this half and half cupcake maker.

It has dividers for all twelve cupcake cups in one unit. It is large and difficult to store. You would not want it to get bent or warped because then it wouldn’t fit into the pan correctly. Since it comes with its own cupcake pan, I suspect they work together as one unit and the divider portion may not work in other cupcake pans.

I’m still not sure why people want two flavours in one cupcake. Personally, if I want two different flavours, I’d eat two different cupcakes (not necessarily the same day — it is cake after all).

If you really feel you need a unitasker to make half and half cupcakes. Batter Babies cupcake dividers take up much less space and are likely easier to clean. You could also make your own using cardboard covered in waxed paper.


4 Comments for “Unitasker Wednesday: Half and half cupcake maker”

  1. posted by J on

    This reminded me of making “marble” cakes way back when. Make the white cake batter, fill the pans (or cupcake tins) half way or so, mix the chocolate flavoring in the remaining batter, then pour that in and swirl it. Nothing additional is need – and the results are a lot more fun – IMHO

  2. posted by Minnie on

    I’m with J…marble cakes are easier and more interesting. You can even buy marble cake mix!

  3. posted by G. on

    Marbled cupcakes and cakes are so much more fun to make. Or just make horizontally layered cupcakes. Divided vertically, you still don’t get both flavours in one bite, except in the middle. Or are these cupcakes so small they are one-bite?

  4. posted by rose on

    The cupcake is perfect. It doesn’t need to be fixed or made any better.
    I suspect this item will not sell well.

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