George Carlin’s stuff routine

This post originally appeared on Unclutterer 10 years ago to commemorate the passing of comedian George Carlin.

In 1986, George Carlin first performed his “stuff” routine for Comic Relief, a charity dedicated eradicating poverty. In this routine, Mr. Carlin humorously tells us the hard truth about the things in our homes. There are some choice words in the video clip, so if you are sensitive to harsh language or at work where other people can hear sounds from your speakers, you may not want to click on the link. However, if you’re up for some Friday humor, here is George Carlin on “stuff.”

Thank you to The Excellent Adventure for reminding us of this great sketch.

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  1. posted by Hannah on

    Brilliant! Thanks so much for posting, I saw this in the original broadcast and have always remembered it. Funy because it’s true… :O)

  2. posted by Jack Cheng on

    I’ve read quotes from this bit but this is the first time I’ve watched it. Thanks!

  3. posted by molly on

    My husband and I often quote this bit when we look at the couple of boxes that haven’t been unpacked in the last THREE moves.

  4. posted by Yazmin on

    I love this routine. It so rings true. Actually, I even have it on my MP3 player. Just never get tired of it. 🙂

  5. posted by kara on

    Thanks for the laugh – I needed that!

  6. posted by Sandy on

    I love George Carlin! (and he’s right about the “stuff”)

  7. posted by Genie on

    I saw this at it’s original broadcast, and I have never forgotten it. I’ve wanted to search for it, but never had the time, too much stuff to do! As has been mentioned already, it’s so damn funny, because it’s so damn true. Thanks, I needed that!

  8. posted by Gerja on

    I just watched it and I love it! I want to watch more of him… 🙂

  9. posted by Why I prefer real books | Isotropic on

    […] probably thought they owned something permanent, only to discover that use of ‘their’ stuff was at the whim of some entity that couldn’t care […]

  10. posted by Cassie on

    Gosh, thank you for reminding me that George Carlin didn’t leave us completely, because we still have him out there on the Internet. Actually, I think he’s become part of the emotional ‘stuff’ of many of us who have heard him. And we sure need him now.

    I’d even move my Afrin to make room for you, George :’).

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