Unitasker Wednesday: Automatic hands-free sauce stirrer

All Unitasker Wednesday posts are jokes — we don’t want you to buy these items, we want you to laugh at their ridiculousness. Enjoy!

Safe for non-stick pans and able to be used in boiling liquids, this automatic hands-free sauce stirrer is says it is able to stir for up to four hours on one set of AA batteries (not included).

Just think, for the ability to save some energy in your arm, you can create more dead batteries for the local landfill. According to the comments, most of the time this device doesn’t even stir, it just vibrates against the side of the pot which means the device ends up in the landfill too.

Save your money. Keep non-recyclable junk out of our landfills. Use a multi-purpose spoon or whisk.

NOTE: This device, should you purchase one that actually works, may be of value if you have reduced mobility in your hands, arms, or shoulders. Proceed with caution though.

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  1. posted by Lise on

    I DID get my husband a similar pot stirrer for his extra large soup pot. He makes his own pomodoro sauce, chilli, chicken noodle soup….all things that need to simmer for hours at a time. This device has greatly cut down on food burning at the bottom of the pot, increased how often he makes large batches, and reduced stress all the way around. Because he is making more from scratch, we are eating better and spending less. Definitely a uni-tasker, but in our household, an absolute favorite item.

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