Keep your gardening tools together

Since we moved to our new home, there are still things that aren’t organized the way I want them. I’m not a huge gardener, but I do have a handful of tools that I use to keep my yard in order. Those tools are scattered throughout a few locations and tracking them down is rather annoying. I then remembered seeing a couple of gardening tool organizers that would probably solve this problem.

As a very novice gardener I don’t need anything too extensive so this Bucket Caddy is probably the right thing for me. It is a simple solution that will keep all of my tools in one place for easy access.

For those of you who have a larger garden or spend more time gardening, check out the Sunnydaze Rolling Cart. It has a lovely seat so you don’t have to kneel all the time, two spaces for tool storage, and it is easy to move around due to the wheels.

I will most likely go with the Bucket Caddy. It will take up less space when not in use and I can hang it on a hook or place it on a shelf. Although, if I were a gardening enthusiast, it would be nice to have a seat on the Sunnydaze Rolling Cart.


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  1. posted by Craig on

    Has anyone considered what happens when you tip out the weeds, water or what have you from the bucket?

  2. posted by Sheryl on

    Craig – Since it fastens with velcro, I would imagine that it wouldn’t be too big a deal to unfasten and remove it to empty the bucket. It got a lot of good reviews on Amazon, so I don’t think it would be too much of a problem.

    I do think it’s a clever idea; a five gallon bucket is one of my must-have garden tools (I have several.) This just makes it even handier.

  3. posted by Erin Doland on

    @Craig — Like Sheryl said, the organizer easily comes off by loosening the velcro. I’ve seen this in action and it’s really handy.

  4. posted by Greg on

    I have no idea where my mother got it for me (I’ll have to look at the name on it when I get home), but I have a bucket caddy that is a collapsible bucket. It’s made of a firm canvas-like material and has the same style tool carrier around the outside. It’s really quite well designed.

  5. posted by whits2u on

    AND if you get a lid for the bucket, you also have a convenient gardening stool.

  6. posted by Dream Mom DBA on

    The bucket caddy is really nice. It stores the tools well.

    I store mine in an old wooden medicine cabinet. I got it at an architectural salvage place years ago (I paid $125 gulp.)and I just love it. Inside, I store my garden tools and have a flower pot I painted white to store my scissors and garden knife in there. I have my pruning shears hung in there and my garden gloves as well. Because the shelves are adjustable, I am able to store a small box of fertilizer in there too. When it’s closed, it reflects the pretty flowers and makes the whole patio look pretty and keeps it from looking too new/sterile. It’s my favorite garden piece.

  7. posted by STL Mom on

    I just throw my tools directly into an old bucket. The weeds go directly into one of those huge paper bags. And in the fall, I rake my leaves onto an old sheet and drag that across the lawn. Nothing like recycling.
    However, if it made me happy to use that cute caddy (like it makes me happy to use my nice clippers) then I could easily justify adding that to my garden lineup.

  8. posted by Karen on

    I have a similar bucket caddy that I use for my regular tools, and I love it. It’s a very convenient way to organize everything. I’m not sure if this would work for gardening, but I found a set of wheels that fit on the bottom of the bucket. Evidently contractors use these, because they were fairly cheap, and it makes the whole thing even easier to move around.

  9. posted by Rachel on

    This product came out as the “bucket buddy” quite a few years ago from Home Depot. The caddy and lid are a great way to organize and utilize an everyday item in a convenient and personalized way. We purchased one for my father more than a decade ago and it still gets used for household chores (he kept a hammer, assorted screwdrivers, etc) and other random projects. This is a great multi-purpose tool!

  10. posted by Elaine on

    I have a Michael Graves shower caddy from Target that I keep most of my gardening hand tools in — sharp stuff (clippers etc) on one side, digging tools (including a random fork & spoon) on the other. It works pretty well.

  11. posted by Sarah on

    I have a similar contraption. It’s wonderful for beginning gardeners, like me. 🙂

  12. posted by G. on

    An old golf bag and cart work well also. The long items like hoe and rake fit in the section that clubs go, and small hand tools fit in the pockets. A bucket could probably be hung on it somewhere to hold the pulled weeds.

  13. posted by Anne Stockwell on

    I really like the look of the Sunnydaze wheelie, but it is no longer available according to the link. 🙁

  14. posted by Elaine on

    I’m with Crsig on this. I received one as a gift, but found it a pain when I wanted to dump out the weeds in the bucket. It fills up quickly and taking the thing off when it’s full of tools is not as easy as it seems.

  15. posted by Jacki Hollywood Brown on

    The link for the Sunnydazy wheelie is fixed now. Sorry for the inconvenience.

  16. posted by wwaxwork on

    I have something similar on a bucket for lugging my gardening tools around. I don’t put weeds in the bucket, for the reasons mentioned above by others, but it is a great place to put bigger tools like loppers etc. The wrap I use has pockets on the inside so I tuck small things that might fall out in those & then put my pruning saw & loppers in the bucket bit. Super handy.

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