Switch purses often? Don’t miss a thing

Occasionally, I’ll look for something I keep in my bag, and inevitably it’s in my other purse. This can be frustrating. Over ten years ago, the now-expired website Paperclippy.com brought purse organizers to our attention. At that time, they wrote:

Switch purses often? Then you have no doubt been faced with the problem of missing items that results from switching the contents of your handbag in a hurry. Well, here’s the solution. The very clever Purse Organizer has pockets large enough for cell phones, a notepad, sunglasses, lipstick, or just about anything else. Just switch out the organizer and you’re good to go.

Now, there are so many sizes and styles of purse organizers. They have a place for everything and allow you to keep everything in its place. They are great for backpacks, suitcases, briefcases, and diaper bags.


This post has been updated since its original publication in 2007.

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  1. posted by Jaclyn on

    I have multiple pursekets for different size purses. I ordered directly from them:

  2. posted by Dr. Ragan, www.psychologyofclutter.com on

    These little gizmos are fabulous!

  3. posted by Lisa S. on

    Alternately, could you just skip the problem by:

    A. Not relying on your girlfriend to carry things around, or
    B. Not switching purses that often.

    I guess this is useful if you change bags frequently, and if you’re hauling around all the recommended items in the purse-decluttering post, but this actually seems like a product that should be getting a skeptical look from people committed to streamline their material possessions and lives.

  4. posted by maya on

    well i think it would be great to have in a diaper bag, instead of a purse.

  5. posted by STL Mom on

    If you sew, you can make your own purse organizer out of stashed fabric:
    and declutter your sewing supplies.

  6. posted by Andamom on

    Cute idea… Although I don’t switch purses… I do though switch between taking my computer bag and my purse… As a result, I always feel like I am missing something. I don’t know whether this would help me — I actually think that I would benefit from just getting rid of more toy clutter from around my house. Then, I’d be able to find the few things I do carry with me daily: my Metrocard, wallet, cell phone, pen, and keys! I don’t think that I actually need anything else.

  7. posted by Michele on

    The think this is a wonderful idea, especially for women on the go. I have to say, I’m going to get this myself. Thanks for the tip.

  8. posted by Martin on

    I assume the clickserve link to The Container Store means that paperclippy.com gets a cut on purchases of this gizmo? I’d feel happier if that sort of thing was made clear when something is recommended on unclutterer…

  9. posted by Monica Ricci on

    For some folks, this might be great but I’m partial to the Butler Bag myself. Yowza.

  10. posted by Rick Taylor on

    Um. Why would you have more than one purse? It’s not like I have seven wallets sitting around. And really, if you have more than one purse, I have a really great suggestion for “uncluttering”…. GET RID OF THE REDUNDANT PURSES.

  11. posted by rositta on

    The pattern for this item has been making the rounds of my knitter and sewing craft buddies for months now. I made my own 6 months ago and it’s pretty cool. Very easy to sew if your a little handy.

  12. posted by amanda lee anderson on

    I agree with what some others have said above–get rid of your extra purses. I have three really nice messenger-size bags that I’ve alternated carrying over the past couple of years–compared with most of my girlfriends seven or eight bags that they purchase each year.

  13. posted by SpiKe on

    Or alternatively cut down all the stuff you carry around with you… nah, just get rid of all those purses 🙂
    Organize IT

  14. posted by m on

    I am with you Rick Taylor! I found this post to be a tad on the absurd side. Owning multiple purses creates a lot of clutter.

  15. posted by Groovymarlin on

    LOL the people saying they can’t understand why you’d have multiple purses are men, right? Or are you fashion-impaired? I have purses for each season and sometimes to go with certain outfits or occasions. As far as this purse organizer goes, it IS a nice idea. I just looked at it at the Container Store last week though, and be warned that it won’t fit in many smaller bags (my friend was carrying a small Coach hobo and it wouldn’t fit in there at all).

  16. posted by Simon Rumble on

    I’m a man and I reckon this is a brilliant idea and something I’ve been thinking of making for years. My problem is that I switch between bicycle panniers and a courier bag, and I’m always leaving something. My security pass for work, my medication, the book I’m reading.

    Love this idea and it’s better than the designs I was considering. I’ll make this shortly I think!

  17. posted by Mary Anne on

    I have something along the same lines that I got at Bed Bath & Beyond that included a little light (helpful when digging for keys in the dark). I love it, but my friends laugh and call it my “tool belt.”

    As for the need for multiple purses, I have dozens and change as often my whim strikes – sometimes I use the same one for weeks, and sometimes I use two different ones in the same day! But because I love and use them, I don’t consider them clutter. I have those over-the-door thingies to clip them up out of the way (also, coincidentally from Bed Bath & Beyond, and no I don’t work for them or profit in any way by mentioning them) so they don’t get in the way all that much.

  18. posted by Pamela on

    My primary requirement for a purse is that it is big enough for the three things I *always* have with me – small wallet, cell phone, and digital camera – plus my keys and occasionally my sunglasses, but not much else. This restricts how much extra crap ends up weighing down my bag. It also makes it easy to switch the contents from one purse to another, and when I’m out with my daughter, I can move my primary items into the outside pockets of her make-shift diaper bag so that I only have to carry one bag.

    I wish the rest of my life was so uncluttered and easy to manage!

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