Guest room clothing storage

If you have a small guest bedroom in which you host friends and family, storage for your guests’ clothing may be an issue if they are staying for an extended period of time. Rather than have a dresser that takes up so much space and hardly ever gets used, hang a 6-Shelf Canvas Sweater Organizer in the closet.

The shelves have ample storage space for the shirts, sweaters, and trousers a guest might bring with them. Consider adding a couple of matching drawers to the hanging organizer. It will help keep your guests’ smaller items (i.e. socks and underwear) tidy.

The bonus part of this system is that when it is not being used it collapses down into a fraction of its size for easy storage.


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  1. posted by Nicole on

    Those are actually pretty handy for “normal” closets. I use a small dresser for PJs, undergarments, socks, etc., and the larger hanging shelves for my other clothes that don’t get hung up. Just make sure you get ones with larger spaces and stiff bottoms.

    The hanging shoe storage shelves work well, too — I prefer them to the behind the door pocket things.

  2. posted by Meg on

    You can get these from Ikea too for a bit cheaper. I have a really wide deep closet that takes up one whole wall in my apartment bedroom. I got 3 of these hanging things instead of a dressor so I could make better use of the actual space in the bedroom.

  3. posted by Hayley on

    I have one of these in my closet, but I’ve never been that impressed by it actually. What I find works a bit better because it’s sturdier are those shelves that are about the same time that can be purchased at Lowe’s hardware for about $15 if i recall. It’s a little more but 2 of them will stack up and it’s still way more affordable than a nice dresser. Having an actual *firm* plywood square instead of a fabric one also stores hats and other not quite stackable items a LOT better.

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