Unitasker Wednesday: Clean Step shoe wrapping machine

All Unitasker Wednesday posts are jokes — we don’t want you to buy these items, we want you to laugh at their ridiculousness. Enjoy!

I’m Canadian and have spent most of my life living in Canada. When you visit a Canadian’s home, you’ll be expected to remove your outer footwear at the door unless you are specifically told not to. This is not unique to Canada. Many cultures have a tradition of removing outside shoes at the door. Soles of shoes are a potential vector for pathogen transmission and removing them keeps the inside of your home cleaner.

It was very surprising to me, living in other countries, to find that people do not take off their shoes at the door. I guess this is why the Clean Step shoe wrapping machine was invented. It shrink-wraps the soles of your shoes in one-time use, non-biodegradable plastic to keep the floors clean while walking around your home or office.

Maybe in the parts of the world where the climate is mostly dry the shoe wrapping machine would work. I doubt the plastic would stick over a layer of ice and snow or mud and slush typical in many climates.

Maybe you’re thinking this would be useful in an area that required a high level of hygiene. Probably not. In the food and pharmaceutical industries, only super-clean indoor shoes are worn. When going into the production area, workers are required to walk through a shoe sanitation station that further cleans and reduces the germ load on the shoes.

In hospital and other medical settings, there are several types of automatic shoe cover dispensers that cover almost the entire shoe to prevent germ transfer. The Clean Step shoe wrapping machine only covers the sole.

Maybe you’re thinking this would be useful if you already had your boots on but forgot an item in another part of the home. Not really. We prefer to use babouche — felt indoor overshoes. They slip on and off easily over any size boot. They are re-usable and washable. They take up much less space than the shoe wrapping machine and do not require electricity to use. Even contractors that come to your home to repair something will often bring their own set of babouche to wear indoors.

Avoid the shoe wrapping unitasker and just take your shoes off.

3 Comments for “Unitasker Wednesday: Clean Step shoe wrapping machine”

  1. posted by Ruth Hansell on

    Jacki THANK YOU! I have to wear a foot/ankle brace on my right foot due to some long-ago injuries. Some organizing clients prefer shoes be left at the door, but I need the brace, so I use the disposable shoe covers. Discovering sturdy and very re-useable covers is a real gift! Thanks again for this one.

  2. posted by Amphasis on

    I wondering how easy it is to take off the wrapping, if it is difficult then there is really not much use for this machine.

  3. posted by Mary Anne in Kentucky on

    Babouche! Thank goodness I never skip Unitasker Wednesdays even if I don’t get to them on time! I needed to know this!
    Thanks to arthritis in one foot (the other hasn’t caught up yet) I am FAR more comfortable in my shoes than barefoot or in slippers. I don’t wear sandals any more. No one in my social circle has a shoeless house, but if they did I would just not go there.

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