Unitasker Wednesday: Stircle

All Unitasker Wednesday posts are jokes — we don’t want you to buy these items, we want you to laugh at their ridiculousness. Enjoy!

Single-use plastic items such as plastic coffee stir sticks damage our environment. But, if we choose to be eco-friendly, how will we stir our coffee? I bet most of you are thinking, “Hey, I could use this multi-purpose, reusable spoon I already own just sitting here in my kitchen.”

But wait! You have to wash and dry the spoon. It’s hard and time consuming. And what happens if you lose your spoon?

You need the Stircle — it stirs your coffee and it is round like a circle — STIR CLE!

The Stircle should stir 50,000 cups on about $0.10 of electricity. The video doesn’t show how the Stircle is powered. It may have to be built into a countertop with the electric cord underneath or it might be powered by rechargeable batteries. Either way the Stircle is made from plastic and electronics — neither of which is environmentally friendly.

Also, if you watch the video, you’ll notice that the Stircle only stirs disposable cups. Not one reusable drink container is shown. Even these light-weight biodegradable mugs would not fit on the Stircle because of their handle design.

In summary, the Stircle is a non-eco-friendly automatic stirring machine that only stirs drinks in non-eco-friendly cups claiming to “save the environment” from non-recyclable stir sticks. With a price tag of $345, I’ll skip this unitasker and purchase reusable teaspoons.

Thanks goes out to Jeri Dansky for bringing this unitasker to our attention!

6 Comments for “Unitasker Wednesday: Stircle”

  1. posted by Audrey Johnson on

    Wow. Seriously. Some people don’t think things through.

  2. posted by DrCassie8 on

    By golly, ’60 Minutes’ could not have done this better! Thank you for continuing to provide in-depth inquiry, thoughtful commentary and oh yes, the wry component. Please, never stop?!!

  3. posted by Pat on

    I love the fact that one of the drinks that they show is cold coffee with a straw. Like you couldn’t use the straw to stir the coffee. I have a hard time imagining that many coffee bars will be installing this thing!

  4. posted by Marion on

    I put my creamer in my cup first, and then pour in the coffee. No need to stir! It mixes on impact of the coffee and I’ve saved thousands of stir sticks over the years.

  5. posted by Kathy on

    Love Unitasker Wed, but I have to support this product for one reason… if you read the comments under the video it says ” Have Scott send you a Stircle or three for your coffee shop, office, hotel, cafeteria, convenience store or restaurant. ”

    This product was not intended for home use.

    I got that impression when I watched the video as well. It didn’t look like a home kitchen but rather an establishment beverage area.

  6. posted by PJ on

    I thought the same thing as Kathy. But then I realized how long it took to actually use this thing, and how long the line would be waiting to stir your drink. Or… grab a stick, and stir as you walk away.

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