The Tupperware is everywhere!

One of my pet peeves in my kitchen has been the Tupperware drawer. Most food storage containers aren’t that easy to stow away in an organized manner. In my kitchen, we had a plastic tub that barely contained the clutter of all the bowls and lids. They just didn’t fit together nicely and the overflow began to make me see red every time I reached for a container.

Our solution was fairly simple. We purchased a set of Tupperware FlatOut containers and happily dumped our old set into the recycle bin. The FlatOut containers are collapsible and flatten down to a half an inch which makes storage so much easier. Now when I reach for Tupperware, my blood pressure doesn’t rise and the clutter in that drawer is completely gone. I highly recommend these containers, which are dishwasher safe and also very durable.

Since the original publication of this post in 2007, Tupperware has ceased manufacturing FlatOut containers. However, Thin Bins are an ideal alternative. These containers are made from food-grade silicone. The lids have an airtight seal plus a vent so that steam can escape during microwave heating. They are microwave and dishwasher-safe.


This post has been updated since its original publication in 2007.

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  1. posted by Kim on

    I have these at home and I adore them. They’re great for small kitchens. and they don’t topple everywhere like leftover sour cream cartons and the like do.

    I love your site, BTW and have featured it on my blog. Find it at:

  2. posted by lantzilla on

    I took a similar approach. Instead of buying the collapsable tupperwares, I bought a brand new set of the ZipLoc disposables. The key here being illuminating “drawer rage” when you can’t find matching tops. Getting a standard set eliminated the mismatching. Also, instead of trashing the old ones, I transferred those out into the garage for “Garage Duty.” I also put old ZipLoc bags that are not longer fit for food use out in Garage Duty.

  3. posted by Marilyn on

    I received these as a christmas gift from a coworker a couple of years back and they’re awesome!

  4. posted by TT on

    I don’t like these things. They are not durable. You will find they crack along the collapse line in very short order. This is not a defect as defined by their warranty but normal wear and tear. The crevices can be very difficult to get clean as well.

  5. posted by Carly on

    A simple solution to tupperware clutter I stole from my uber-organized father-in-law is magazine file folders. The tupperware bottoms go in dollar store plastic baskets, while the lids fit snuggly in cardboard magazine folders. Plastic ones work, too, but I like the cardboard ones because they can be cut to fit on shelves.

    I’ve never used the collapsible containers, but have also heard about the cracking problem.

  6. posted by Jan on

    We bought one of those as-seen-on-tv sets–3 sizes of containers and one size of lids, all stacked in sections of a square foot, revolving, pull-out holder.

    The containers are big enough for almost everything we use plastic containers for, meaning fewer visits to the plastic bin that holds the bigger sizes. And therefore, less frustration with wrangling with this kind of stuff.

    The containers and lids are of good quality, go through the dishwasher without warping, and have stood up to constant use for the last year with no visible signs of wear.

    I’ve seen them on sale in housewares stores lately, including in a couple of different brands.

  7. posted by christa on

    I don’t like these things either as they are not microwave safe. Besides that, it’s bad to microwave plastic and then eat the food that was in it while microwaved! I have created a different solution for myself…I have purchased a small assorted collection of glass storage containers with plastic lids. Pyrex has a great collection of small sizes. microwave, dishwasher, oven (not the plastic lid) AND freezer safe, durable, ultimately recyclable and reusable. I keep just a few durable plastic ones for occasions when the food does not have to be microwaved (chicken or fruit salad for example). They are stacked neatly on a cabinet shelf each with it’s own lid attached. No more messy drawer or bin full of random tupperwares with mismatched lids!

  8. posted by Pennywise on

    congrats! you’ve just added more plastic crap to your local landfill.

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