No more wire hangers!

The next time you head to your dry cleaner, take all of your unused wire hangers with you. Most dry cleaners recycle hangers and actually appreciate you returning them because it saves them money. You get rid of clutter in your closet and help keep landfills free of hangers.

Also, unless you have a need for the plastic bags they wrap around your clothing, you can ask for the dry cleaner to keep the bags off of your clothes. It keeps you from having to toss the bag when you get home, and again saves the dry cleaner money. Men’s dress shirts also can be folded instead of put on a hanger so that you don’t have to take a hanger home with you at all.

When you go to pick up your clothes at the dry cleaners, take reusable high quality hangers and garment bags with you just like taking reusable shopping bags with you when grocery shopping. That way you don’t even need to take their wire hangers and plastic bags home.


This post has been updated since its original publication in 2007.

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  1. posted by cassius on

    The way I see it, you wasted a really good chance to include a “Mommie Dearest” comment in the article. Too bad . . .

  2. posted by PJ Doland on

    How did you miss it? The reference was in the title.

  3. posted by Metrozing on

    In addition to hangers:
    Plastic stadium cups
    Sweaters with fuzz balls
    Dried-up cans of paint
    Broken VCRs
    Shoes that hurt your feet
    Trophies from your childhood
    Clothes with stains
    Expired coupons, warranties, contracts
    Expired vitamins and medications
    Out-of-date take-out menus
    Junk mail, old greeting cards and notes
    Receipts from the grocery store and restaurants
    Schedules and invitations to past events
    Instructions, manuals, and guides for items you don’t own anymore
    Business cards from people whose names you don’t recognize
    Photos that you don’t love
    Charity solicitations
    Recipes that are too difficult, too time-consuming or too expensive to prepare
    Tourist brochures
    Broken costume jewelry
    Plastic containers/landscaping pots
    Broken toys that can’t be fixed
    School work sheets

  4. posted by Too many hangers? Send them packing - Simpler Living - - Albany NY on

    […] they’d accept wire and plastic hangers. They will. It’s common practice, according to Unclutterer: Most dry cleaners recycle hangers and actually appreciate you returning them because it saves them […]

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