Collapsible gardening container

Collapsible Garden ContainerFor those of you who have spring fever and are itching to get outside and clean up your yard, here is a nice 30 gallon gardening container that may interest you. It is completely collapsible, and when it is not in use it can be stored nicely out of the way.

It is a great time of the year to get a jump on getting your yard in order. The winter weather is behind us (fingers crossed), so get all those branches, leaves, and dead plants out of your yard. Feel welcome to explore our different strategies to keep yard maintenance to minimum so you aren’t spending too much time with upkeep during the warmer seasons.


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  1. posted by Phil on

    For the cost conscious, a similar item is available at Harbor Freight, and it looks to be of good quality.

  2. posted by Kate on

    I picked up a collapsible container from Bed, Bath, and Beyond and we LOVE it! Highly recommend.

  3. posted by At Home with Kim Vallee on

    Collapsible items are a must. I adore the space saving they provide, especially for items that you do not use most of the time.

  4. posted by Rejin on

    Leaves and dead plants sound like a great start to a compost pile. How about raking them into a corner and leaving them there? Much better for your yard, less stuff to the landfill, too.

  5. posted by jeff-nhn on

    Another good example of how we have so much to choose from in way of tools to make our gardening easier and our current storage space suffice. I use a smaller size and I would recommend to anyone considering such a product.

  6. posted by Kris on

    We have several of these. Two large ones for collecting and taking our yard refuse to our composter; a medium one for all the boys toys; and a smaller one for collecting seeds, pine cones, berries, cool rocks, etc out of the yard for the boys to use for art projects.

  7. posted by Darren Meyer on

    These are great, but a word of warning — don’t use these to set your yard waste out for collection. Once empty, they are *very* light and tend to blow away easily.

    Also, since they are typically canvas or nylon, beware dragging them about.

  8. posted by SaveChange on

    Shrink this down and throw in a little recycling and you get paper tube seed starters. We took this direction for this year’s garden. You Grow Girl has instructions here:

    Thanks for the tip and I vote more garden solutions since it’s that time of year!

  9. posted by SaveChange on

    I forgot to mention that if you have any gnarly-looking collapsible laundry sorters that look similar to the yard containers shown above, take them outdoors and “use them into the ground” before you toss them out. We take our mesh pop-up hampers outdoors for leaves and debris until they are so dilapidated we recycle the frame and toss the rest.

  10. posted by Jasi on

    My friend bought this for me for a housewarming and much like my crock pot it’s value was not immediately evident. But it’s a fabulous thing for hauling or storing anything from leaves to laundry. A great item.

  11. posted by Mags on

    For the cost-conscious UK readers, try Argos. They do two of these for less than £7. I use them for clearing up garden waste before putting it in the biodegradeable sacks the local council supplies for their garden waste recycling scheme. Alternatively, a friend gives me a lift to the tip, where the council have a garden waste section. If you don’t have space to compost, you should check if the council will take it off your hands rather than put it in landfill. My trick to ensure they don’t blow away when outside is to put a half-brick in the bottom!

    *The sacks start to degrade as soon as they get damp, so you can’t leave them outside or filled.

  12. posted by Julia on

    Big blue IKEA bags are great for yard work.

  13. posted by Dream Mom DBA on

    Great idea! Thanks for sharing.

  14. posted by Nat on

    We’ve been using the smaller size bin for years carrying debris from the yard to the composting bins. There’s a small hole in the bottom, but on the whole, it can really take a beating.

  15. posted by make art every day on

    we have two of these type containers and have used them for five or six years. it’s not just the collapsiblility — they just make the process of bagging leaves 100 times easier (our town composts leaves left in bags on the curb).

  16. posted by JB Rogers on

    THESE are great for man-gifts. Father-in-law, husband, brother, brother-in-law. We have given them and they are both practical and clever.

  17. posted by Foot on

    Blue Ikea bags work well… but so do the collapsible gardening containers that Ikea sells. In fact, I believe I currently have my laundry in one right now. Ikea sells the same thing except they don’t have the green coloring.

  18. posted by Emily on

    I echo SaveChange and Foot. It seems sort of clutter-y and unfrugal to me to spend extra money on a bag that is marketed as a garden tool, when you can buy a collapsible nylon laundry basket (made cheap for college kids) and use it, instead. Or – as Foot said – Ikea bags (if you are near an ikea 🙂

  19. posted by Diane H on

    I have worn one out and starting on the second! Love them. They hold a lot but are light weight so I can tote around by myself.

  20. posted by Arthur K on

    Great that you can easily hide it once you have finished using it.

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