Functional furniture: Sobro coffee and side tables

We’ve talked about multi-purpose functional furniture in several other posts. The most recent piece I’ve seen is the Sobro Coffee Table. It has a refrigerated drawer perfect for keeping cool beverages handy. It has built-in Bluetooth speakers, LED lighting, and outlets to charge your devices. It has two other drawers where you can stash all of your charging cables and the remote controls for your television. Plus, it’s sleek modern design will make you think you’re on a live-action movie set for The Jetsons!

The Sobro Side Table is currently in development. It has many of the same features as the coffee table — fridge drawer, charging station, and built-in Bluetooth speakers. However, the LED light can be set to automatically turn on when you walk past so you can use it as a nightlight. The non-refrigerated drawer is lockable which is ideal for dorm rooms or shared living spaces.

Both of these pieces are rather expensive but in urban centres like Vancouver and New York City where living space is at a premium, multi-functional furniture is more a necessity than a luxury.

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  1. posted by Lisa on

    There are large intercoms from 1990 built into all the walls in our home. To use them, one must go to the room in question and turn on the intercom, or yell at the person in the room to turn it on, and then if that works, you sound like a fast food drive-through voice while speaking.
    I am also the proud owner of several “iHome” clock radio/charging stations that don’t fit new iPhones, and wired-in surround sound in our old house that always needed rewiring as different items were added.
    I worry when technology of the day is incorporated into larger items that those larger items will become white elephants.

  2. posted by Suzanne on

    Maybe they should call it the Lazybro. ;D

  3. posted by infmom on

    What is the purpose of a coffee table, other than to take up a big chunk of the room’s floor space and bruise people’s shins? Somehow I’ve managed to live without one for over 45 years.

  4. posted by Zilla on

    In order for the coffee table towork, it will rrequire an electrical floor outlet underneath it. That’s an added expense and, if the floor is concrete or on-grade, impossible.

  5. posted by Sarah on

    Fridge drawer, really? How lazy are people?

  6. posted by Sarah on

    PS: In order to cool all the beverages shown in that drawer, the unit must be putting out a lot of heat INTO the room it’s in, and I’d bet that drawer fridge isn’t nearly as well insulated as a real refrigerator.

    So, for the “convenience” of having cold drinks in a drawer in the living room, first you”ll be spending $$$ to buy this item. Then you’ll be spending MORE money on electricity, and adding heat to the room (which may not matter in the winter) – but WHY would you want to be pumping heat into a room during the summer when you’re paying for AIR CONDITIONING?

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