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One of the things I love about working with Mac is that I can use colour-coded tags to identify specific folders and files. For example, I have various income streams and I prefer to keep all documents related to each income stream together in their own folder. However, I use a grey tag to identify all of the receipts and documents I need to complete my income taxes. When it’s time to gather all of those items, I simply search for all of the files with the grey tag and upload them to my accountant’s secure server.

I like colour-coding. It helps keeps me organized. This is why I find it frustrating to work on a Windows computer because I do not have the ability to colour-code or tag files and folders.

However, a software program called Folder Marker was recently brought to my attention. It easily integrates into Windows Explorer allowing users to right-click on any folder to change its colour. Folder Marker also allows users to mark files (and folders) by priority (high, normal, low), by degree of work complete (done, half-done, planned), by work status (approved, rejected, pending). You can also integrate your own icons to assign to folders and files.

Folder Marker has a free version that is likely all basic computer users would ever need. Families and home business users could upgrade to the Home Version which provides more options. for would need. Small businesses sharing a common hard drive or server should upgrade to the Pro Version to have access to all the options. Compare the options here.

Would you benefit from colour-coding your digital files folders? Do you do it now? Are there any pros and cons you would like to share with other readers? Chime in with a comment below.

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  1. posted by Audrey Johnson on

    I am not a MAC user but I do use Note and you can make your workbook sections different colors. I have always thought that it would be cool if I could make my other file folders coordinate with those notes. I wonder if this will work for them.
    I am going to check it out.

    Thanks for sharing your experience with Folder Marker.

  2. posted by Jo kuhl on

    FYI, I tried the free version today and had a problem I’ve reported on a support ticket. One of the folders I marked was renamed by Folder Marker without input from me, though there’s no indication of that “feature” being intended. The only way to undo the change was select Restore Default from the Mark Folder context menu as Properties for the folder didn’t work.

    This will be a good test of the support team anyway.

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