Clutter in the comics

Cartoonist Lynn Johnston tackled the issue of inherited clutter in her comic For Better or For Worse.

In addition to it not creating clutter, one of my favorite things about reading this strip online is that some of the characters blink. Don’t believe me? Click through to Wednesday’s strip and watch the third frame for about fifteen seconds. A “thank you” to reader Katie for bringing this one to our attention.

Reader Alex also let us know about clutter being discussed in the cartoon Opus. Cartoonist Berkeley Breathed, in a full-color Sunday strip, shows the political pressures Opus the penguin feels to spend, spend, spend! Maybe simple living is “trendy” after all


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11 Comments for “Clutter in the comics”

  1. posted by falnfenix on

    holy crud, that’s CREEPY. i never realized they blinked!!

  2. posted by Red on

    Damn, you totally got me. I stared at that frame for the better part of a minute.

    I blinked, but nobody else did.

  3. posted by Erin Doland on

    @Red — I’m not joking. They actually do blink. Maybe it’s a browser setting? I’m accessing it in Firefox.

  4. posted by Jeff on

    Red, took me a minute too, i’m pretty sure its because i missed the suggestion to “click through to wednesday’s strip”

  5. posted by Shannon on

    I’ve been reading FBOFW for years online. It’s my favorite. The blinking started a year or two back. I kept thinking that my eyes were deceiving me because I would catch it out of the corner of my eye and not straight on. But they really do blink.

  6. posted by The UnMighty on

    Son of a butt-monkey! They Blink?!

  7. posted by Miss Lisa on

    They do blink. If you miss it the first time it sometimes takes a while to start up again. That’s a great comic. Lynn Johnson is semi-retired now which is why the strips are often in re-runs. But the re-runs usually start up after someone pulls a photo album out of a closet or starts looking through some old junk in a box. So don’t discount the power of family memories through accumulated stuff–at least not in this comic-strip world.

  8. posted by Josephine on

    Check out the fourth frame, too. That guy blinks as well. C-O-O-L ! ! !

  9. posted by Red on

    Ah, I see the it now!

    The problem is I went to the wednesday before the linked comic, not the wednesday after.

  10. posted by H... on

    kewl… i wonder they could blink in newspaper??? lol

  11. posted by hila on

    omggggg I forgot about for better for worse. AMAZING comic!!!!!!!! especially the coloured ones

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