Storage ideas for bathrooms

We’ve rented several different houses that had bathrooms with no storage space — just a pedestal sink, a toilet, and bathtub. Here are some storage solutions I’ve used over the past.

We thought it was odd that one older house we lived in did not have a toilet roll holder already installed. Nor did it have a place to hang a towel by the sink. Rather than drill into the plaster/concrete walls, we opted for an over-the-tank toilet roll holder. We also installed a Command towel bar. Command, the experts in damage-free hanging items, has a large selection of products for bathrooms such as a wall and cabinet organizer, hair dryer holder, accessory organizer, and soap dish. They are amazing products, especially for renters who may not want to drill holes in walls when moving in or fill holes and repaint when moving out.

While we opted for a plastic rolling cart (similar to this one) for storage under our pedestal sink, a neighbour used pedestal sink shelves with a collection of little baskets to keep her things in order. I like this narrow cabinet with pull out shelves. It would be handy in a small space, but being made of wood, it would easily suffer from water damage if a toilet or sink overflowed. A standing corner shelf might be better option.

I’m not a fan of storage over the toilet. I’ve had the misfortune of smacking my head on cupboard doors left open and losing my hairbrush and cosmetics in the toilet. Also, some cabinets are installed so low that they must be removed if the toilet has to be repaired. That being said, storage over the toilet can be a great space for items not accessed frequently such as extra towels, toilet paper, tissues, etc. Perhaps a cabinet with sliding doors would be a better option for this space.

For more tips on bathroom organizing, check out our posts on towel management and storage as well as how to corral bath toys.

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  1. posted by infmom on

    Our house was built in 1930 and came with only one towel bar in the bathroom and no wall space to hang more bars. We bought one of those folding wooden drying racks and put it in the space under the one towel bar. Now we can hang up plenty of towels plus lay clothes flat to dry.

    It does block access to a set of drawers on the wall, but (a) the drying rack is light and easily moved and (b) we seldom use the drawers anyway.

    I would like to get one of those back-of-the-door towel holders sold at The Container Store, but my husband remains unconvinced.

  2. posted by Kenneth in Virginia on

    Although I appreciate the utility of additional racks and carts in the bathroom when built-in space is lacking, that little cart under the pedestal sink just looks like a clutter magnet to me. But I can’t suggest any better alternatives.

    Clutter expands to fill the available space, as they say.

  3. posted by Derek Hines on

    Great article. At our house, the problem in our bathroom is the shower. With 4 people using this shower, the number of product bottles is overwhelming. We’ve put up a hanging caddy that hooks onto the shower head. The problem is that it only holds a certain amount of product and it can be a pain to get stuff out of. Not sure what the solution is!

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