Unitasker Wednesday: TriceraTaco Taco Holder

All Unitasker Wednesday posts are jokes — we don’t want you to buy these items, we want you to laugh at their ridiculousness. Enjoy!

We’ve written about taco holders on prior Wednesdays: the Taco Truck and the TacoProper. But I just came across the TriceraTaco taco holder, and couldn’t resist revisiting this subject.

There’s no doubt this is a unitasker, but it also made me grin. So if all of the following statements are true, maybe buying a unitasker wouldn’t be so horrible:

  • You make tacos often.
  • You don’t use the flat-bottomed taco shells that stand up fine on their own (and wouldn’t fit in this holder).
  • You have plenty of space to store this taco holder.
  • You (or your family members) would be delighted every time you used it.

However, it’s also worth remembering that what seems cute at first glance will sometimes wear thin in repeated uses. Would you still like the TriceraTaco on the 20th use?

5 Comments for “Unitasker Wednesday: TriceraTaco Taco Holder”

  1. posted by Joy on

    As cute, fun, and silly as it is, dragging this guy out from the back of the very top shelf of the upper kitchen cabinet just to hold a couple tacos would get very old, very quickly. TBH, I doubt we’d make it to the 20th use…we’d probably totally forget about it after the first (when we put it way in the back of that upper cabinet). Looks like a pain to clean, too. $12.68?!?! Not gonna pay that for a unitasker, no matter how cute & fun it might be 😉

  2. posted by John on

    Kids love tacos, but young kids eating tacos = MESS. That is something a parent just accepts but I think this bad boy would reduce it. I see it catching the runny red sauce, holding its shape and contents when the kid eventually squeezes too hard. But since the kid is squeezing our friend here even that’s reduced. I would go so far as clipping Mr. Tri-tops tail so a child could more easily access eating from his (ah, ur, uhm) butt.
    Uni tasker?
    This is a multi task toy.
    Forget storing it with your dishes, store it with their other toy dinos. When taco Tuesday arrives, let them run and go get their toy, wash it, use it, wash it amd put it back in the toy bin where it belongs.

  3. posted by David Dove on

    Have you never read “Dragons Love Tacos”? … and the sequel? Or Robosauce? (same author)
    My grandson loves those books and is a messy taco eater at (almost) five.
    This wonderful toy is sitting on my shelf as my birthday gift for him next week. After all, a dino is an ancient dragon. Same thing to a five year old.

  4. posted by Barb on

    Ha! I actually gave this to my 53 year old husband for Christmas. He loves tacos and Triceratops. It passes all “grin” test (makes him laugh every time he uses it) and it’s on display with a small collection of cute dinosaurs.

  5. posted by Melanie on

    I have a friend who got something similar (it has 2 slots for tacos) as a gift from a colleague. They all live together at an outdoor education center. She is a huge dino lover and she loves it! She makes sure to bring it to the dining hall whenever tacos are served (once or twice a week) so she can use it. It’s quite the conversation piece. It’s not something I would enjoy, but for the right person, it can be a hit.

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