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When I set goals for myself, I start by writing them down and then imagining how I want things to look in the future. I often have done this activity by writing myself a letter that I schedule to open on a future date — sometimes two weeks, two months, or even two years in the future.

The other day I stumbled upon a link to the website FutureMe is similar to what I was describing above, but instead of writing a tangible letter you create an email. I really like the idea of a future email because you can’t lose it and you don’t have to worry about a physical letter cluttering up your desk. You can set the letter as “private” so that only you receive the message, or “public but anonymous” for all to view.

Consider writing yourself a future email through as a way to help you keep on track with your uncluttering goals.


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  1. posted by Jez on

    you may also find useful.

  2. posted by t4toby on

    Alright! Erin’s a blogger too!

    Except where you help people with tips, I fling poo like a monkey at the zoo.

  3. posted by mercurial scribe on

    There’s a similar tool on 43 Things (see my my 43 Things as an example) where you can have 43 Things remind you of your goal either once a day/week/month/few months/year with a little template that says (example from my #5 goal email)…

    “Dear future self,

    I’m reminding you about your stated goal on 43 things, to
    “go to church or synagogue every week”.

    How’s it going?

    Your past self”

    You can customize it to say what you want and I’ve found it a great tool to remind myself to focus on my priorities/goals!

  4. posted by Dallee on is a free email service, permitting you to send scheduled emails to yourself or others.

    I love it!

  5. posted by Richard Friese on

    I just write a note on paper, lose it in a pile and find it months later, SUPRISE!

  6. posted by Neha Shah on

    I usually use sticky notes but I’m a bit forgetful so this tool works perfectly for me.

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