Keep kids’ POV in mind

In February 2007, Arizona Republic had some great organization tips for parents. My favorites are the kitchen tips which keep in mind the children’s point of view.

Establish a pantry snack shelf at the hand level of little tykes.
Why it works: Children and their friends can serve themselves without having to climb on chairs or interrupt parents to ask. What you need: Matching clear, stackable containers.

Arrange a continental breakfast nook.
Why it works: Little ones can serve themselves in an expedited fashion since bowls, cereal, sugar, fruit, muffins and any other breakfast foods and utensils are kept in the same space. What you need: An hour to rearrange the pantry and cabinets and possibly resize shelving to accommodate cereal boxes.

Are there any tips you can share with other readers on how to make things easier for children?


This post has been updated since its original publication in 2007.

3 Comments for “Keep kids’ POV in mind”

  1. posted by Courtney M on

    We bought those Monday-Friday hanging bins for our boys’ closets to eliminate the what-to-wear scramble every school morning. We decide on outfits for the week and stuff each cubby with clothes, socks, underwear + whatever else they may need that particular day.

  2. posted by Dorothy Young on

    Talk to your children. Consult them on uncluttering, rather than just taking away their stuff. Consult them on how to organize their stuff. If they’re invested they’re more likely to keep things tidy.

  3. posted by Kris on

    As a kid who was never consulted about my belongings before they were discarded, I can tell you that uncluttering things you think they will “never notice” can have lasting, negative consequences. I noticed every missing thing and it gave me anxiety as a kid and I was deeply distrustful. As an adult, I have to fight the urge not to compulsively keep things. So, like Dorothy suggested, PLEASE talk to your children.

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