Gadget ‘gas station’

Anthro, an office furniture company, has a product for sale that appeals to both my techie and minimalist sensibilities. The eNook is a “gas station for your gadgets that has channels for you to plug in and charge all your gear.”

Not only does this look like a fantastic docking station, but could easily be used as a fold-away desk. In its compact state, it sticks out only 7″ from the wall. In my mind, this would be perfect in a studio apartment for a traveling consultant or in a busy family’s kitchen.


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  1. posted by spark on

    Ooooo! I love that!

  2. posted by HandsFreeHeart on

    Wow! Very cool. Would love to get one. I’m definitely bookmarking this one for future reference!

  3. posted by anonymous on

    I’m in love!

  4. posted by Jasi on

    I like the concept. But I think I’ll wait for the folks at Ikea Hacker to make it affordable.

    This is a step in the right direction:

  5. posted by melissa on

    Yea but that thing-ama-jigger on that Ikea Hacker is awful ugly and cluttery.

  6. posted by Aisha on

    Oooh, if I could figure out how to get that built in Pakistan, I would be SO happy. No more worrying about my toddler grabbing my work…

  7. posted by green your apartment on

    I’m seriously thinking of creating something off of this design. Seriously smart!

  8. posted by Kris on

    When I lived in a very tiny apartment in Chicago many years ago, my grandfather made something similar to this for me to use in my galley kitchen. It folded up when I didn’t need it and folded down when I did. Great contraption, no matter the use.

  9. posted by Mike626 on


    At $400.00, I think I’ll just keep charging my iTouch and cell phone from the PC at work where the electricity is deliciously free.

  10. posted by LD on

    http://www.Here's a nice metal one for $129. It didn’t list size but it looks like it could hold a laptop.

  11. posted by LD on

    Oops,let’s try again…

    Here’s a nice metal one for $129. It didn’t list size but it looks like it could hold a laptop.

  12. posted by 5 Things I Love for Friday #100 Double-Double Edition! | denyingphoenix on

    […] Anthro’s eNook – I’ll pardon them for using eSomething on the name because it’s a great idea. I’m lucky enough to have eNough countertop space in the kitchen to host my laptop, but this is a great space-saving solution. [via] […]

  13. posted by Susan on

    Great item but I hope knockoffs will show up, 400 USD is too much to spend for something like this.

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