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CI DeskIf you are strapped for space and you need a workspace for your house or apartment, you may want to check out the CI Desk from Creative Industrial Objects. Its small design and compact storage drawers offer a welcome alternative to a space-hogging desk.

The CI Desk looks a bit like a storage unit on wheels, but it is more than just a way to store your office supplies. The top flips out to supply you with a solid place for your laptop to rest, instead of using your lap. From Creative Industrial Objects:

A multi-functional home office on wheels, in its handy size and elegant shape, adapting to the flexible working habits of the individual at home or in the office. Through a 180-degree turn of its top, it unfolds into a small workstation for laptop users. The smooth contours of the desk cube in fact reveal the delicately inbuilt wooden drawers that open to the front and sides. CI desk provides mobility and a practical working space for any busy individual.

If one was to go this route in a home office, you would more than likely have to keep all clutter out of your streamlined desk. There just isn’t enough room for a junk drawer or desk top toys and trinkets … which is probably a good thing.

(via Apartment Therapy)

This post has been updated since its original publication in 2008.

13 Comments for “Home office in a box”

  1. posted by Timo on

    Wow, that’s ugly.

  2. posted by Mike on

    I like it but can you even buy it and for how much?

  3. posted by Erin Doland on

    @Mike — To find out purchasing information, you can e-mail the design group at office[at]creativeindustrialobjects[dot]com

  4. posted by Nicholas Frota on

    this is beautiful. an entire desk, collapsible.

  5. posted by Michael on

    All of the pictures look like they’re computer renders, I don’t think this actually exists. Plus, I think my laptop would tip that over.

  6. posted by Steve on

    I think the photos are real – it looks kind of ugly-beautiful. I’d like one, but man – if you have e-mail about the price, be prepared to pay some big bucks.

  7. posted by Wendy on

    I’m not sure this is an alternative to a desk – more like a file cabinet with spot for a laptop. I’m all for creative ideas, but why not have the drawers go all the way down for more storage?

  8. posted by h... on

    omg what an ugly thingy

  9. posted by alphasqix on

    I really want to play with it. Open all the drawers. Swivel the swivelly bits. Ride it around in my hallway.

  10. posted by twosandalz on

    This looks great for crafting too, if the table would lock into a level position.

  11. posted by Yvonne on

    Great idea, but I see two potential design flaws.

    1) With the desktop extended – necessary for leg room – how does the thing not tip over with a heavy laptop placed on it?

    2) The wheels don’t look like they have a braking mechanism. The point of the piece is to be able to move it easily then use it in a stationery position. That requires a foot press brake to not be totally annoying.

    Here’s hoping this is still in the design phase.

  12. posted by Evelyn on

    This item and the company that made it do not seem to exist any more in 2018.

  13. posted by Jacki Hollywood Brown on

    That is interesting because the website was active last week when I checked.

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