More little changes that make a big difference

In his post about simple living and labour-saving devices, Unclutterer PJ stated that technology in the service of simple living can help us save time. Unclutterer Jeri showed us that certain tools can help make organizing a little bit easier and how little changes in your home can make a big difference.

Here are a few changes we have made around our house that have helped us save time and effort.

We added wheels to a large, heavy computer cabinet. It took some effort to install the them but it was oh-so-effortless when we needed to move the cabinet to adjust the computer cables behind it, or to retrieve toy cars that had rolled underneath, or even just clean!

Our kitchen garbage pail is inside a cupboard so the dog cannot use it as a luncheon buffet. While it is now safe for the dog, it is a little inconvenient for humans. To solve this problem, I attached a small metal joining plate to the bottom of the cupboard door so that hangs down below the edge. I covered the end with Sugru so it wouldn’t be sharp. This allows me to open the door with my foot — instant hands-free access!


Most non-Canadians probably are not familiar with Robertson (square head) screws but I use them exclusively. Robertson screws, do not slip or strip. You can get maximum torque with even if your hands are not very strong (like mine). When I buy something like a curtain rod and the hardware is included, I’ll swap out the screws provided for Robertsons. As a bonus, Robertson screwdrivers are colour-coded — screw size is indicated by handle colour. No longer do I waste time rummaging through my toolbox trying to read worn writing on handles or examining tips to get the proper screwdriver. And because I only need to have one type of screw and screwdriver handy, I have an uncluttered toolbox.

Have you made any simple changes like these that have made your routine tasks easier? Share them with our readers in the comments.

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  1. posted by Kevin Miller on

    It wasn’t my idea, but one of the few lifehacks that really does work is hanging a curtain rod inside the kitchen sink cupboard, then hanging my squirt bottles from that. It’s just the right height to let me use the cupboard for other things and quickly find and grab the bottle I want at a glance.

  2. posted by SkiptheBS on

    I add wheels to anything I can’t pick up easily: armoires, chests, shelves. I’ve been known to strip them off garbage pile furniture to save a few bucks. That multi-tool in the purse organizer is a big help with salvaging.

    I glue felt pads to my under-bed storage foot lockers. Some day I’ll strip them off and replace them with magic movers.

    If I can replace any half a dozen tools with a multi-tool, I will. Bullnose wrenches, combo hammers, and screwdrivers with interchangeable tips ( regular plus computer sizes) save space and temper.
    Little pentagonal plastic Chinese sewing kit is another great organizer. It has compartments large enough to hold several bobbins, rolls of mending thread which can be refilled, and a central space big enough to hold iron-on patches, Velcro, and a small retractable tape measure.

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