Post-holiday cleanup, part 2

Ornament StorageStoring ornaments throughout the year is a bit of a pain, but it is necessary if you own them. Ornament sets usually come in flimsy and not very user-friendly boxes.

A couple years ago, we finally ended up purchasing a few Christmas ornament storage boxes, very similar to the ones pictured at right. The boxes are easy to store and protect the ornaments well. The boxes are not fool proof. If you drop them, you will most likely shatter quite a few of your ornaments. So, if you have antique ornaments or fragile ones that you do not want to lose, you may want to upgrade to a container that has some padding that will protect your keepsakes a bit better.

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10 Comments for “Post-holiday cleanup, part 2”

  1. posted by Christine on

    I have those same ornament boxes and they’re fantastic. They stack so neatly in the closet, and it only takes two to hold all my ornaments.

    I also highly recommend picking them up right after Christmas since they’re all on sale.

  2. posted by Chris on

    I use a cardboard box with shredded wrapping paper to act as a cushion for the ornaments. Seems to work pretty well.

  3. posted by dagmag on

    not to be a scrooge, but wouldn’t it be more uncluttered to just decorate a tree with simple popcorn strings and paper chains? The birds appreciate the popcorn and the chains are recyclable after xmas…just sayin’.

  4. posted by Jack on

    Dagmag: On that subject, wouldn’t it be more uncluttered not to have a tree at all? I think this is meant to be more along the lines of “here’s what to do with what you have”.

  5. posted by Sandra on

    We have some we got on after-Christmas sale at Target that are shallower with only two shelves. They’re nice because you can open the lid, take the top layer out and set it inside the lid, and then you can see all the ornaments at once very easily.

    Also, they’re red and green. Pretty. 🙂

  6. posted by jmanna on

    If you drink beer (mmmmMmmm beer) the dozen bottle cases of many brands make great storage boxes for this kind of stuff with a little used wrapping paper for tissue paper for extra cushion. They have cardboard seperators and some even have lids that lock back down then you close the case.

    Besides, it’s fun to empty a case with the excuse that you’re organizing.

  7. posted by Gloria on

    I buy a lot of apples from Costco. The clear plastic containers are perfect for ornaments. They are clear so you can see the ornaments perfectly. They also fit tiny snow globes and other knick knacks. I moved twice while my ornaments were packed in these containers and nothing broke (one was a cross country move and the other a local move). I can’t take credit for the idea – my husband was the person that discovered the use.

  8. posted by Yvonne on

    Has anyone found plastic ornament storage containers that will hold oversize Christmas balls? Mine are mostly from Italy and are just a bit too big to fit in the standard cubbies. I have looked for years but have found nothing so far.

  9. posted by Andrea on

    Has anyone seen a pattern for making your own cardboard seperators? It really doesn’t look that hard, just a matter of cutting slats in strips of sturdy cardboard and fixing them together I’d think…

    The ball solution featured above looks great too, but I’m interested in finding a DIY solution to xmas deco storage.

  10. posted by Beth on

    Costco apple containers! Eureka! I’ve used those as craft paint trays and sorters for buttons, beads and toys … but the ornament packaway has to be the best idea yet. Thank you, Gloria’s hubs.

    Except that in my pre-holiday recycle-a-thon, I think moved ours out.

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