How to organize holiday gift bags

Holiday gift bags are more popular now then when I was young, and unlike wrapping paper, they’re reusable. This year we received quite a few of them and I’ve been thinking about good ways to store them. Here are a few ways to store holiday gift bags to keep them in good condition for reuse.

Magazine holders are my favorite method of organizing gift bags. You can get about two dozen bags into a single magazine holder, and the write-on label makes it easy to categorize and retrieve the one you want.

You can also use a large, handled gift bag and put the smaller gift bags inside. Once folded, sort them by size or occasion. The larger bag becomes a sort of mobile filing cabinet that you can pull out at the next gift-giving occasion. It’s easy to store, simply hang it on a hook in a closet.

An expandable accordion-style file folder is another great method, provided that your bags are relatively small. Don’t expect larger bags to fit without protruding from the top of the folder.

A hanging organizer might be useful. However if hung on a door, it may prevent it from opening all the way or bang against the door whenever it’s opened or closed. It would be great if hung on a rod in a closet though.

If the bags are not suitable for re-use, you can cut them into gift tags, use them for arts-and-crafts projects, donate them to an elementary school teacher, after-school club, or toss them into the recycling bin. In any case, have fun organizing — or saying goodbye — your holiday gift bags.

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  1. posted by Teq on

    I put them on a shelf in my craft closet. My neighbor just gave me a gift and the gift bag was a from a relatives baby shower. That bag will be reused for another occasion and not babyshower.

  2. posted by shris on

    I dunno, all my bags are too huge for stuff like accordion files and magazine holders. I use an underbed box so they can all lay flat. Truly I’d like to cull the herd. With twins who are now 13 I have amassed a gift bag collection so enormous I will never have to buy one again. I don’t even like the things, I prefer furoshiki (japanese fabric wraps) and fabric bags that I’ve made from Christmas fabric.

  3. posted by Dorothy on

    @shris: donate ‘em!

    Your local rummage sale or thrift store can sell them, or simply use them to package customer purchases.

  4. posted by Karen on

    I’ve had good luck in storing my gift bags in large, plastic tubs that I keep on a shelf in my closet. I found these containers available this time of year (January through March) when the stores are selling them for organizing needs after the holidays and before spring cleaning. Basically, these containers are about 2 feet by 18 inches by 6 inches in height. They are white in color and have snap-on lids. They are made by Sterilite or Rubbermaid or other manufacturers who make plastic containers. I have one container for Christmas bags and another one for birthdays and general all-occasions. I also buy very large packages of white tissue paper that I use for all the bags.

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